Funmi Awelewa Biography: A Reveal of Her Age and Why She Is Called ‘Morili Omo Ibadan’

Funmi Awelewa Babalola, also known as “Morili Omo Ibadan” or “Morili Sneh,” is a prolific Nigerian actress, model, television personality, fashion designer, writer, brand influencer, and film producer. She is popularly known for her entertaining roles in Yoruba films. She was born and bred in Ayeye, Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria. Her date of birth is guided like nuclear secrets that are thoroughly censored, thereby making her true age a mystery. However, she celebrates her birthday on 12th October every year, albeit she is estimated to be in her early 30s.

Funmi Awelewa Hails From Osun State, Nigeria

Funmi is an indigene of Iwo town in Osun State, Southwestern Nigeria, but she was born in Oyo State. She is Yoruba by tribe, and she spent most of her early life in Ibadan, Oyo State. She attended Francis M Nursery and Primary School Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State. Thereafter, she proceeded to Orogun Grammar School in Akinleye Local Government Area of Oyo State, where she obtained her West African Senior Secondary School Certificate (WASSCE).

She has a Diploma in Library Archival and Information Studies from the University of Ibadan, Oyo State. Funmi got admitted into the same institution for a degree course to study the same course and graduated with flying colors. The course she studied helped shape her career as it allowed her to study various literary materials, enabling her to be a writer.

She inculcated that into scriptwriting, which propelled her producing prowess. It made her versed and outspoken, which has helped her acting career. She is funny, multi-talented, beautiful, and an easy-going person who is ready to learn and work to move up the ladder of success in the movie industry.

She Had A Decent Upbringing

She grew up in an average Christian family. Her parents were not wealthy, but that is not the case anymore because she is rich and famous. She was well disciplined as a child, and she remembers playing the game Kelegbe while growing up. The mother of the fast-rising comic star, Mrs. Awelewa, used to sell traditional herbal medication, popularly known as “agbo.”

Mrs. Awelewa is a staunch supporter of her daughter’s acting career. Funmi Awelewa did not have the opportunity to share her success with her father, who passed away before her career as an actress kicked off. How many siblings she has is currently unknown. However, she is said to be the second to last born among them.

Funmi has a younger sister who looks like her, and some even confuse them to be twins. Her real name is unknown, but she goes by the alias ORIADE, and her Instagram handle is “iambablow.” On Instagram, her bio says she’s a brand influencer, an amazing Chef, and a cat lover. The sisters dress and act alike, which is why her fans confuse them to be twins. However, little is known about her other siblings, and she prefers to keep their identity private.

How Funmi Awelewa Got The Nickname Morili Omo Ibadan

Her nickname “Morili Omo Ibadan” means “I see an Ibadan person,” which means she is a well-recognized personality in Ibadan. It goes to show that she has attained fame in the region. Funmi started as a comic actor, and she became an internet sensation for posting witty and funny skits via her Instagram handle, which goes by the alias Morili.

In 2016, Funmi released the film titled “Omo Ibadan,” which was a sensation and got the endorsement of the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Oba Saliu Adetunji, Aje Ogunguniso 1, making the movie go viral. This earned her the nickname “Omo Ibadan,” which literally means “ Child of Ibadan,” her Instagram handle goes under the pseudonym “Morili,” which can be translated as “I See,” put together you get “ I See a Child of Ibadan.”

This has made her a household name in the Yoruba-speaking western region of Nigeria, thereby increasing her popularity and fame as an actress and a media personality. This has skyrocketed her to the high echelon of society. She enjoys stardom while smiling to the bank. Her story is about a humble girl with ambitions who has made it to the top through hard work. There are speculations that she bleached her skin. She also owns an organic beauty skin lightning products business, which she uses and showcases on her Instagram page.

The Actress Has Had A Successful Journey So Far

During her mid-20s, Funmi was introduced into Nollywood, the Yoruba genre, by veteran Nollywood actress Sola Kosoko in 2013. She made her debut in the movie titled “So So Kenke.” However, Funmi graced the limelight in 2014 following her role in Aromimawe, which was her second personal movie as a producer.

Funmi was also tutored by veteran Nollywood actor, writer, and director Antar Laniyan. Her success paved the way for her to star in other Yoruba films. She knows how to effectively interpret the roles given to her. In 2017, she was featured as “Moriyeba” in the Yoruba drama movie titled “Asotele,” directed by Yoruba movie writer and director Muydeen Ayinde, produced by actress, writer, and producer Kikelomo Ayoola.

Funmi’s movies include but are not restricted to the following;

  • Wosi Kenke
  • Pepeye
  • Ebu Ika
  • Aderopo Ijogbon
  • Ikoko
  • Ere-Ola
  • Adalute
  • Asotele

She has also produced a couple of movies, including;

  • Omo Ibadan
  • Morili Bilisi
  • Natasha
  • Gbakoje

The Talented Morili Omo Ibadan Might Be Married

Although pictures of her supposed marriage were gotten from those on set while shooting a film, the actress is said to have secretly tied the knot. She revealed that her ex-boyfriend called it quit because he could not stand her being an actress. Funmi also revealed that she broke up with a certain boyfriend of hers because he could have sex with virtually anything (inasmuch as it wore a skirt).

According to reports, she is happily married to Oluwatosin Adexteecy, her long-term fiance. They had a secret traditional wedding away from the prying eyes of the media and paparazzi. Funmi officially shared pictures of her secret marriage on 13th April 2021, after which she received a pool of congratulatory and well-wishing messages.

Her husband, Oluwatosin, is a Nigerian Fashion entrepreneur, who hails from Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria, and is an ardent Chelsea fan. The couple is yet to be blessed with children, but she adopted a 5 years old boy, Taju, who was on the streets. She took him and cleaned him up. However, the Oyo State government joined the actress in taking care of the Taju.


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