FCMB Online Account Opening Process and How To Check FCMB Balance

With a few clicks on any device, in any comfort space, and at any time, First City Monumental Bank (FCMB) customers can access some banking services. Customers can, among other things, open FCMB online accounts, check their balance, and make other transactions. This is one of the reasons why it lives little for an argument to say FCMB is a financial institution in the front rank in Nigeria.

Here is an outline of the processes a customer can follow to open an account with FCMB and check one’s account balance.

What Type of Account Can I Open At FCMB?

Generally, customers of FCMB can operate two types of accounts, namely, the personal account and the business account. As the names suggest, a personal account refers to an account opened for personal use. On the other hand, a business account is opened for business purposes and opened in the name of a business, company, or brand.

However, stepping it down to specifics, the personal and the business accounts each have several types of accounts categorized under savings or current accounts. That is, the personal account is subdivided into savings and currents and further divided into several other accounts. This also applies to the business account. This is to offer customers a wide range of options to serve their needs. Customers are, however, not limited in the number of accounts they can open.

Savings Account Types For FCMB and What You Need To Open Those Accounts 

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FCMB Easy Account and How to Open it Online

The designation ‘Easy’ indicates that this type of account does not require much effort to open. One is not required to visit any branch of the bank and to meet multiple requirements. The only requirement is for the prospective customer to have a phone number to open the account.

Once opened, the customer’s telephone number without the first zero becomes the account number. The FCMB Easy Account could be opened using any of the GSM networks operating in Nigeria. This means that a customer can operate this account from any part of the country if network signals are available.

Although it can be opened remotely, the FCMB Easy Account is no less an account than any other accounts since the customer can send money to others and receive money from others across all banks in Nigeria. However, to pay into the FCMB Easy Account, a customer is expected to visit any of their branches or to make a transfer from another bank account.

What You Need To Open This Account Online

  • To open the FCMB Easy Account, no document or BVN is required.
  • Scanned copy of passport photograph
  • Scanned copy of a signature

What is Kids Account (0-17 Years), and What Do I Need to Open This Account?

FCMB caters to people of different age range. It provides Kid’s Account to encourage kids to make a habit of saving even at that stage of life. This account is a savings account for kids between ages 0 to 17. An opening balance of ₦5,000 and a minimum operating balance of ₦2,000 are required to open this account and keep it running.

Kids who open this account enjoy such benefits as Free E-mail transaction notifications, a Free ATM money box, and Free birthday cakes. Also, to encourage the kids to save, certain promotions allow the kids who own an account with the bank to win N10,000 monthly for 10 years in Kids Account pocket money promotion.

What You Need To Open The Kids Account

  • Completed account opening form
  • 1 passport photograph of parent/guardian
  • 1 passport photograph of the child
  • Birth certificate of the child.

Other documents may be required if the customer opts for payment for clearing cheques. These documents include an

  • International Passport or Driver’s License or National ID card, Voter’s Card, or Resident Permit (for immigrants).
  • Also required are address verification (utility bill, recent bank statement, local authority tax bill, etc.).
  • All these must be presented by the parent/guardian.

What is Flexx Account (18-30 Years) and How to Open It

With almost a similar intention with the idea of the Kids account, FCMB rolls out the Flexx account to provide for the needs of youths to help them save and plan for their future. This savings account targets youths between the ages of 18 to 30. In this regard, it privileges students, Corp members, and young professionals.

It offers attractive packages like zero minimum operating balance, free E-mail transaction notifications, and free monthly electronic statements. It makes it possible for qualified Flexx customers to obtain loans and awards customers an annual interest of 3.75%.

Since its immediate concern is the youth population and their future, Flexx customers can attend workshops and other fora on entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

What do I need to Open a Flexx Account?

  • To open a Flexx Account, customers must provide the following:
  • A completed copy of the account opening form.
  • One passport photograph.
  • A valid Student ID or any other document issued by the institution for the current session or academic year.
  • National ID or international passport.

Classic Savings Account

The FCMB Classic Savings Account offers banking services that meet different components of their customers in their respective circumstances. One can open with as low as ₦ 5,000, and once opened, the customer enjoys, among other benefits, the possibility of a third-party withdrawal over the counter of any FCMB branch, provided one reference is presented. In addition, the customer enjoys a zero Commission on Turnover (COT) and free monthly electronic statements by e-mail.

All you need to open an FCMB Classic Savings Account

  • A completed copy of the Classic savings Account form
  • Two (2) passport photographs of each authorized signatory
  • Proof of identification (such as an Original copy of International passport, Driver’s Licence, National ID card, military, and police ID cards). This is for sighting purposes.
  • A copy of a residence or work permit for foreign account holders is required.

Premium Savings Account

Customers who opt for this type of savings account go for something bigger. It can be operated as an individual or joint account. The opening balance for this account is ₦100,000. This account allows third-party over-the-counter withdrawals and four free domestic bank drafts or manager’s cheques allowed on the account per month. This account also gives the customer the opportunity for unlimited withdrawals allowed. However, for more than four withdrawals in a month, the customer will have to forfeit interest for that month.

All You Need To Open The Premium Savings Account

  • A copy of a letter of reference.
  • Proof of identification, such as International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID card, or Voter’s Card.
  • A copy of a receipt from any public utilities or private telephone operator dated no later than three months.
  • One passport photograph of each authorized signatory.
    For non-Nigerian applicants, a copy of Resident or Work Permit.

Salary Savings Account

For salary earners, the FCMB Salary Savings Account provides an account that will serve their needs. The customer usually opens with his salary and can access the money in all FCMB branches and ATMs nationwide. Each month, customers receive free electronic statements by e-mail.

Requirements to Open a Salary Savings Account

  • One passport photograph of the authorized signatory (the name of the authorized signatory should be written on the reverse side).
  • A letter of introduction from the company whose employee is the authorized signatory.
  • Valid Identification card (International Passport, Voters Card, Drivers License, National ID Card, military or Police ID Card).
  • Company’s Identification card.
  • A completed copy of the form for account opening.

Domiciliary Savings Account

The Domiciliary account considers customers who regularly receive or make payments in foreign denominations like British Pound Sterling (GBP), European Euro, and the United States Dollar (USD). It encourages customers to cultivate savings habits for their foreign currency. The account starts with an opening balance of 10 GBP, 10 USD, 10 EUROS and can be operated either as an individual or a joint account.

The account allows for foreign currency salary payments, and customers enjoy no cash charge on cash withdrawal, free E-mail transaction notifications, and free monthly electronic statements.

What do I need to open Domiciliary Savings Account?

  • Completed account opening form
  • 1 passport photograph
  • Minimum of 18 years old and provide the following:
  • International passport or Driver’s License or National ID card or Voters Card or Resident Permit (for immigrants)
  • Address verification, e.g., Utility bill, recent bank statement or local authority tax bill, etc.

FCM Current Accounts Online Opening and What You Should Know 

Classic Current Account

The FCMB classic current account can be operated with an account opening balance of ₦10,000, with zero minimum operating balance. The customer is entitled to a personalized cheque book and a debit card (Mastercard, Visa, or Verve), which allows the customer to access ATMs nationwide. The customer also receives Email and SMS alerts and free monthly E-Statements. Upon request, the print of such statements can also be made available. However, a monthly service charge of ₦105 only applies.

Premium Current Account

Among other things, the FCMB Premium current account rewards customers with amazing benefits. These benefits include discounts in air travel (with airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Etihad, Delta, and Lufthansa), health insurance, education, and even advisory service. Customers are required to maintain an average balance of ₦200,000 monthly to enjoy these benefits and discounts.

The account opening balance for the FCMB premium current account is ₦100,000 with no minimum operating balance and zero account maintenance. Customers receive a free personalized cheque book, a Platinum/Gold Debit card to access ATMs nationwide and can make unlimited withdrawals.

Personal Business Account

For the convenience of those who prefer to pay a fixed flat fee per month than account maintenance, FCMB gives this option with the Personal Business Account, which is also a current account. The account can be opened with an opening balance is ₦5,000 and maintains a Maximum monthly fee of ₦1,500 only, irrespective of turnover. This account can be operated as either an individual or a joint account.

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As a benefit, customers stand a chance to secure well over ₦1,000,000 insurance

Documents required to open an FCMB Business Account

  • Proof of identification, such as an original passport, driver’s licence, national ID cards, or Voter’s card.
  • A copy of a recent receipt from any public utilities or private telephone operator not later than three months.
  • A copy of residence or work permit for foreign customers.
  • Two passport photographs of each authorized signatory (stating the name on the reverse side)
  • 2 reference forms

Domiciliary Current Account

Just as in the case of the FCMB Domiciliary savings accounts, the FCMB Domiciliary current account offers the opportunity to customers to maintain accounts in foreign currencies and enable customers to carry out foreign currency transactions irrespective of where they are with many conveniences.

Customers can open this account with 60 GBP, 100 USD, 70 EURO, with no minimum operating balance. The account places no limit on the frequency of monthly withdrawals and takes no account maintenance charge. Customers can enjoy an interest of 0.05% per annum for $4,000. Customers can also access internet banking and are entitled to a personalized non-clearing Cheque book for counters withdrawals. They need not panic over losses from verse movements in exchange rates.

Other Available Channels To Open An FCMB Account

How to Open an FCMB Account using USSD

To open an FCMB Easy Account, all that is required is a mobile phone. No internet connection is needed. All that it takes is to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1. Dial *329# using the phone number you wish to open the account with.
    Upon dialing the code, the prospective customer will receive a message reading, ‘Welcome to FCMB. To open FCMB Easy Account, enter your First name.’
  • Step 2. Enter your First name and click on Send.
    Once sent, the customer will be required to follow the subsequent instructions to complete account opening. The customer should remember that the mobile phone number, without the initial zero, becomes the account number. With this, the customer can make transfers and withdrawals using the account. For other transactions, the customer may obtain a debit card for the purpose.

How to open an FCMB account online

To open an FCBM account online, the customer will need access to an internet connection. A mobile phone or a computer can be used for this purpose. The customer will be required to provide scanned copies of a passport photograph and signature. The customer can then follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the FCMB account opening portal using this link
  • Step 2: Select the account type you wish to open, that is, a personal or business account.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Get Started’
  • Step 4: Complete the ‘Online Account Opening Request Form’
    After completing the form, you’ll need to agree to terms and click on ‘Continue.’
  • Step 5: Complete the next form and upload every necessary document.
    To complete the process, the customer will attach to the forms, supposedly filled by now, an application letter requesting for a new account with FCMB before submitting them online.

The customer will then wait for the application will be reviewed by an FCMB staff. Within hours or days, the customer will receive a response from the FCMB staff.

Different Ways Customers Can Check Their FCMB Balance

Customers of FCMB have different options to choose from when checking their balance. Some of these include:

How to check your Account Balance with FCMB Mobile Plus

With this package, which is also referred to as FCMB online, customers can carry out various transactions, like transfer of funds, payment of bills (Electricity bills, Cable Network subscription), pay for internet services, airtime top-up, request for a statement of Account and to request to know the balance of the account.

To check your FCMB account number, the following steps are to be followed:

  • Step 1: Download and install the application on your Mobile Phone. The FCMB Mobile plus operates on both Android and IOS smartphones. Android users can download the application from the Google Play store, while IOS users can download it from iTunes.
  • Step 2: Login (and fill in details for first-time users), then proceed to the section for an account. Here, your account details will be displayed.

How to check your Account Balance using the Social Media page

Customers can also check FCMB account balance on the social media platforms like the Facebook page and Twitter page of FCMB.

  • Step 1: Log in to your social media platforms, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Step 2: Access the social media pages of the Bank
  • Step 3: Type an enquiry requesting to check your account and post.
    The enquiry will be responded to by the personnel of the bank who will investigate the enquiry. The personnel may request personal data such as full name, date of birth, next of kin, and the Branch of FCMB, where the account was opened. You may be asked for some other information on the social media page to confirm your account.

Satisfied with the investigation, the Personnel will forward the account statement via email or private message on social media.

How to check your account balance via FCMB Customer Service

With the help of FCMB customer care services, which works 24 hours all year round, including during public holidays, customers can enjoy many benefits, including:

ATM Card re-issuance, ATM blocking, stopping cheque orders, customer feedback management, lodging of complaints, and making recommendations and suggestions. Others include information on products and services, transaction reset.

Customers can also check their account balance, request and receive their statement via email. Customers can check for account balance using the customer service portal through any of these means.

  • Through WhatsApp: (+234)09099999814 or (+234) 09099999315
  • Telephone call: 01-2798800 or 07003290000.
  • email address: [email protected]

How to check account balance at the Bank

In addition to the above-mentioned means, customers can also check their account balance at any FCMB branch. To use this means, customers will provide their account number to the FCMB Bank personnel. The personnel will help you check your Account Balance.

How to check account balance using the ATM

FCMB account balance can also be checked using the ATM. Customers can walk up to any nearby ATM belonging to any FCMB branch or other financial institution. At the ATM, the customer takes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Slot in your ATM card.
    Step 2: The customer will be requested to enter a pin (several options will display on the screen).
  • Step 3: Proceed to click on the account balance.
    The ATM will show the account balance. The statement can be printed from the ATM. To print the statement, the customer is expected to click on ‘Print.’
    Step 4: Remove the ATM Card.

How to Check FCMB Account Balance Using The USSD Code

To check their account balance using FCMB USSD Code, customers should know that a service charge of N6 applies. To proceed, customers are expected to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Dial *322*214*0# on the mobile phone using any network.
  • Step 2: Enter PIN or the last four numbers on the debit card in the space provided ( for security purposes, it is always advised that both the PIN or the numbers on the debit card must not be disclosed to a third party). The account balance will then be displayed on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About FCMB Online Account Opening

How can you get to the online account opening platform?

What type of FCMB account can I open?

  • An FCMB Savings account

Who is eligible to open an account?

  • The account is available to anyone resident in Nigeria and Nigerians resident abroad.

Can I open a business account?

  • No. The service is available only for personal accounts. You can visit any branch of the bank for a business account or contact the bank’s customer care service for more information.

Is the account restricted by age?

  • No, anyone, regardless of age, can open a savings account.

How many accounts can I open using the online account opening platform?

  • The FCMB online account opening allows for a customer to open only 1 account.

Can accounts be opened on the portal if I already have an account with FCMB?

  • No, existing customers will be redirected to FCMB Online, where additional accounts can be opened.

How do I get a debit card?

  • You will be contacted once your account is opened if you reside abroad. Or, you can visit any branch of the bank to pick up your card.

Will my account be opened if I do not have/provide my BVN when filling out an application?

  • Yes, your account will be opened, and you will receive your account number instantly. However, the account will not be fully operational until you provide your BVN. When you have your BVN ready, you can visit the bank to get it linked, or if you don’t have any, the bank can register you.

Can I open a joint account online?

  • No, joint accounts can’t be opened on the online account opening platform

What should I do if I have completed the application form but have not received my account number?

  • You can call the bank Contact Centre on 012798800 or send an email to [email protected] This is a 24/7 service.


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