Best MTN Tariff Plan for Data and Calls

Among all the MTN tariff plans, MTN Pulse (formerly known as iPulse prepaid) is currently considered the best tariff plan for both data and calls. This is because it offers the cheapest call rates and low data prices for browsing.

Being the biggest telecommunication company in Africa, MTN has several tariff plans for its customers. But, in this article, we will only discuss the one that is considered the best for both data and calls. By choosing the right plan for yourself, you can spend hours on the phone talking to your friends and loved ones and browsing your best internet sites.

Which MTN Tariff Plan Has the Cheapest Call Rate?

It is actually challenging to select one out of the numerous MTN tariff plans as the outright best. This is because of the diversity of customers’ tastes and other available tariff plans that also has good offers. However, MTN Pulse is probably the most well-rounded tariff plan among them all.

The tariff plan is primarily designed for the younger generation and offers interesting benefits with the aim to attract young people who are either still undergraduates or in learning fields. It allows you to make calls to all MTN lines at a flat rate of 11k/sec after spending 25k per sec for the first 50 seconds.

Besides its numerous benefits, MTN Pulse has a unique event known as MTN Pulse Campus Invasion. The team visits several Nigerian University campuses and hosts various activities such as movie nights, games, and talk shows. At the end of the program, a winner emerges, and The MTN Pulse Home Invasion throws a surprise party at their home. This has remained a very interesting event that is unique to MTN Pulse, which is one of the reasons the plan is recommended for all trendy and young individuals.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

If you wish to migrate to MTN Pulse plans, you simply have to use the MTN Pulse migration code which is *406*1# or *123*2*2#. Alternatively, you can also text 406 to 131, and you will promptly receive an SMS confirming that your migration is successful.

Migration into MTN Pulse is free for the first time. But, if you are doing a subsequent migration within a period of 30 days, you will be charged N100. That is to say, you must have stayed in your previous plan for a minimum of 30 days for you not to incur any charge.

Which MTN Tariff is Best for Data?

Every single day, millions of people are engaged on the internet and as such, have the need to know the best tariff plan that will have both the lowest data rates and extra bonuses. In addition to being the plan with the cheapest call rates, MTN Pulse is also the best for data. Only MTN Pulse offers equally excellent call rates and low data services, while also not charging any daily or monthly access fee

Available Data Plans on MTN Pulse, Prices, and Activation Codes

As we have mentioned earlier, there are so many interesting data plans on the MTN Pulse plan. Below are the various plans, their costs, and the validity period

Data Plans Data Amount Price Validity Activation code
750 MB data plan 750MB N300 3 days *406*6#
1.5 GB data plan 1.5GB N500 7 days *406*2#
Pulse Nightlife bundle 250MB N25 Overnight *406*3*1#
Pulse Nightlife bundle 500MB N500 Overnight *406*3*1#
Special Instagram and TikTok bundle 350MB N100 1 day *406*4*4#
Special Instagram and TikTok bundle 1GB N200 2 days *406*4*4#

Other MTN Pulse Data Packages

MTN Pulse is unarguably the most popular tariff plan among MTN subscribers. Below is information regarding other exciting data bundles under MTN Pulse

  • MTN Pulse Goodybag: This package gives you access to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, and Opera Mini at the price of N25. You can activate this amazing offer by dialing *406# and selecting option 6.
  • MTN Pulse InstaBinge: MTN specially made this plan for Instagram to help you conserve your regular data. To get on this plan, dial *406# and then select option 5 for InstaBinge and select the best choice that suits you.
  • MTN Pulse Music: Music lovers are not left out as MTN Pulse also has something special for them. You can stream your best music for just N10 naira per day at MTN Pulse music. Dial *406# and select 3 to start enjoying this package.

MTN Pulse Night Data Plans

If you like to stay up at night to browse the internet, then, this MTN tariff plan is all for you. The MTN midnight bundle is a very affordable bundle that is exclusively designed for those on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. This plan can be used only from 11 pm to 6 am every day, after which any remaining data automatically expires. Also, customers can accumulate up to 2GB of data with this bundle but cant exceed 2GB.

Benefits of MTN Pulse

If you are a university undergraduate or a young professional, know that MTN Pulse is the tariff plan for you. Below are the benefits it comes with

  • Cheap call rates of 11k per second for all calls across all local networks in Nigeria after the first 1-minute call of 25.6k per second.
  • Customers can stream music at music+ for a meager sum of N10 per day
  • 1GB TikTok and Instagram bundle for N200, valid for one week
  • MTN Pulse is the only tariff plan that entertains nightlife plan
  • Customers get a 10MB data bonus on the first recharge of every month
  • Pulse Tuesday Offer which enables you to purchase special discounted data plans only on Tuesdays.
  • Offers Pulse points when you activate a selected data bundle which you can exchange for free data.
  • Special data bundles of 750MB for 3 days at N300, and 1.5GB for 1 week at N500
  • Plus many other life-enriching products and services from MTN

Why MTN Pulse is the Best MTN Tariff Plan

From all angles, MTN Pulse remains the best and cheapest MTN tariff plan so far. The factors that are put into consideration are call rates, available data bundles, and the presence/absence of daily, weekly, or monthly access fees.

While other tariff plans may offer excellent call rates and others, low data costs, MTN Pulse offers both, alongside its night plans that are incredibly at discount prices. Hence, it is not far-fetched why it is not just the best but also the most popular tariff plan among MTN customers.


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