Etinosa Idemudia Biography, Age, and Family

Etinosa Idemudia (born on 9th March 1991) is a Nigerian actress, skit maker, filmmaker, and social media influencer who is currently 33 years old. Etinosa is best known for her comic skits and for the role she played as Akugbe in Blood of Enogie, a TV series by ROK television channel. 

The actress started her career in comedy, then engineering, and later in 2016, joined the Nollywood movie industry. She started her career as a comedian in 2013 with short comedy skits that she posted on her social media handles. Upon her graduation in 2011, she worked as an engineer until 2016 when she officially joined the Nigerian movie industry.

Today, Etinosa is not just an actor but also a movie producer. Find out more about this talented actress, her achievements, and how she got to where she is today.

Summary of Etinosa Idemudia’s Biography

  • Full name: Etinosa Idemudia
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 9th March 1991
  • Etinosa Idemudia’s Age: 33 years old
  • Ethnicity: Benin
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Etinosa Idemudia’s Husband: Babatunde Solomon (2013-2019); Ighorosa (2020-2021)
  • Etinosa Idemudia’s Children: A girl
  • Etinosa Idemudia’s Parents: Mr. Sylvester Idemudia and Rev Patricia Idemudia
  • Etinosa Idemudia’s Net worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Comedy skits, comic movie roles
  • Etinosa Idemudia’s Instagram: @etinosaofficial
  • Twitter: @Idemudia Etinosa
  • Facebook: @Etinosa Idemudia

How Old Is Etinosa Idemudia and Where Was She Born?

Actress Idemudia was born on 9th March 1991 to her parents Sylvester Idemudia and Rev. Patricia Idemudia. She is currently 33 years old. Etinosa was born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, however, she is a native of Edo State, Nigeria.

Etinosa had a decent childhood and was raised in a Christian background, judging by the fact that she has a Reverend as her mother. Her father retired as an NNPC Group General Manager, while her mother owns Victory Group of Schools; the same school Etinosa attended. She lost her father in September 2021 to an illness.

Etinosa Graduated from the University at the Age of 20

The ace actress attended the best schools from her early childhood education to her university education. For her primary school, she attended Victory International School, Warri. Then she attended Cambridge International School, Warri for her secondary school education before moving on to Igbinedion Education Centre, Benin. For her university education, she studied Computer Engineering at Covenant University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2011.

Not done, Etinosa enrolled at Emem Isong’s school of acting called Royal Arts Academy for added training and preparation on the career path she has chosen. She graduated in 2016 with a diploma in Performing Arts. That same year, she kicked off her acting career.

Etinosa Has Had Many Achievements at Such a Young Age

At 33 years old, Etinosa Idemudia has had a lot of achievements. Having finished school at a young age, she started her career life early. Let’s take a tour of what she has achieved so far and at what age she attained each level.

She Started Making Comedy Skits at the age of 22

Comedian Etinosa started her career in comedy in 2013. With the use of social media and the internet, she made comic videos and posted them on her media handles. This started small and matured into steady comedy skits that brought her some awards.

Through these comedy skits, Etinosa enjoyed popularity, got many fans and views, and made some money in the process. She became successful through her skits and became famous before joining the movie industry. With the experience she gathered from making comic videos, she was able to make it as an actress and filmmaker.

As a content creator, Etinosa provided comic content for the MTN Comedy Content Plus platform. And in 2020, she started a weekly online competition for those who have dreams of becoming actors.

Before acting, Idemudia Worked as a Planning Engineer for a few Years

Etinosa is among the few actresses who studied engineering as a course in the university and who practiced in that line before joining Nollywood. As a graduate of Computer Engineering, Idemudia worked in a few private firms. She worked as a Planning Engineer in a subsidiary of Entrepose Contracting called Delattre Bezons Nigeria, and for other oil and gas construction projects.

She quit her job as an engineer in 2016 when she found a new love in acting. Since then, she has not gone back. However, she is putting all she knows about computer engineering into her skits and movie production careers.

Etinosa Idemudia Started Her Acting Career in 2016, at the age of 25

When she concluded her training in Performing Arts, actress Idemudia landed her first role in 2016, which ushered her into the Nigerian movie industry. Her first movie is Little White Lie, produced by Emem Isong, where she starred in a minor role. Having made a debut in the industry, Etinosa started starring in more movies until she was shot into the spotlight.

Having been in the entertainment industry since 2013 as a comedian, it was easy for her to fit in as an actress. She is a talent in comic roles and other serious roles, and she performs and delivers her character perfectly well. The actress has been in the movie industry for over six years now and she has starred in more than 50 Nigerian movies. Some of these movies are Blindspot, Wrongfully Hers, Devil in Agbada, Made for More, etc.

From Acting, She Became a Filmmaker at 27

Idemudia navigated from acting to movie direction and production in 2018, after just two years of being in the movie industry. The first movie she made was The Washerman, a comic movie that featured the likes of Ik Ogbonna, Late Sound Sultan, Judith Audi, Mofe Duncan, Jaywon, Bryan Okwara, and Sexy Steel.

List of Etinosa Idemudia’s Movies

Actress Etinoa has starred in TV series and many Nollywood movies since she joined the movie industry. Below is a list of some of the movies and TV shows she has starred in over the years, and the ones she has produced.

  • Love and Family – 2022
  • The Wildflower – 2022
  • Celebrity Crash – 2022
  • Charlie Charlie – 2021
  • Progressive Tailors Club – 2021
  • Devil in Agbada – 2021
  • Blood of Enogie – 2021
  • The Miracle Centre – 2020
  • Gold Statue – 2019
  • The Call – 2019
  • The Washerman – 2018
  • Chairman – 2018
  • Corpershun – 2017
  • Adventures of Etinosa – 2016
  • A Little White Lie – 2016
  • Alter Ego – 2016
  • Ajuwaya – 2016

Etinosa Idemudia’s Awards

The star has some awards to her name. Some of these she won from her comedy skit-making career and the others from her acting career. See the list below.

  • Best Online Comic Act in the 2016 Scream Awards
  • Best Actress in the 2016 48 Hours Film Project Awards
  • Best Actress in a TV Series (Africa) in the 2021 Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards

Etinosa Idemudia Has Been Married Twice

Etinosa has been married twice and both marriages crashed for one reason or the other. She got married to her first husband, Babatunde Solomon in 2013 at the age of 22. She claimed that her first marriage failed due to domestic violence and the union lasted for 6 years. The man gave her injuries until she stood up to him and decided to end the marriage before he ends her life.

In September 2020, she got married to another man, Ighorosa, a lawyer based in Benin, and in December 2020, they welcomed their first child. However, in 2021, her less-than-a-year-old second marriage crashed again. This time around, the reason was based on infidelity on the part of the man. She said that he cheated from the beginning of the marriage. At the moment, Etinosa is divorced and not in any known relationship.

Etinosa Idemudia’s Age Milestones

At the age of 33, Actress Etinosa Idemudia has achieved great feats.

  • At 20, she graduated from the university
  • At 22, Etinosa landed her first job and got married to her first husband
  • Also at 22, She started her career as a skit maker
  • She started her acting career at 25
  • She received her first award at 25
  • At 27, Idemudia started producing movies
  • She got married to her second husband at 29
  • After waiting for seven years, Etinosa gave birth to her first child at 29


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