40 Trending Cornrow Braids and HairStyles For Women and Men

Modern Artistic Protective hairstyles have become the secret to success for many women celebrities recently, men are also not left out of it. What are protective styles, one might ask? These are braided, twisted, or pulled-back styles that shield the ends of your hair from elements that cause breakage. Good examples are the cornrow hairstyles which come in all shapes, styles, and sizes giving you that sensational scene-stealing, natural look. These kinds of braids are very popular among young people in Africa. They can be formal or casual depending on how you want them.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Women

Cornrow is perhaps the number one go-to hairstyle for most people because of its uniqueness. Yes, all hairstyles are unique but then cornrows take up an entirely different level of special. The diversity in styling the cornrow is a major factor in why most people love this hairstyle. There are over a hundred different ways cornrows can be styled.

Weaving a particular style of cornrow can take as long as 3 hours to complete but a huge advantage of having cornrows is the duration of time one can wear them before you will eventually want a new hair. The fact is that it is quite easy to maintain cornrows, and when taken care of in a proper manner, cornrows can be carried for weeks with adequate treatment. Below are some styles you can try.

Cornrow Updo

Cornrow hairstyles are mostly worn by women, especially African women. From sleek, sexy, and simple to colorful and crazy, these cornrow styles can either be big or small, depending on your preference. You can even go as far as combining the big and small cornrow style to give yourself a gorgeous look. Take a look at some of the top trending cornrow updo styles for women and rock for every occasion.

1. Blonde Cornrow Braid

Blonde can be a beautiful hair color and this updo shows the way to wear it. If your hair is naturally dark or brownish, you can upgrade by either giving it a little blonde or gold tint at the tip or using a blonde hair extension. This will be perfect for this stylish hairdo.

The hair is styled into Cornrow hairstyles for black women with each braid having multiple tones from black to blonde. The various color makes the hair more striking. It’s a bold and statement-making hair idea.

2. Stylish Cornrow Twist Bun

Here’s another beautiful way to style your hair. It is unique as only a few hairstylists can easily braid this. Popularly known as the Senegalese cornrow or braids. This Rope Twist Cornrow can be done on every hair type, preferably stretched or blow-dried natural hair. This is necessary to avoid tangles and breakage while twisting.

If your hair isn’t that long, you will need a hair extension to do so. Other important tools for this hairstyle include a wide-tooth detangling comb and Duck Bill Clips. For a proper guideline on how to make this braid, here is a video clip to help you out.

3. Cornrow Updo with Zig Zags

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It is quite similar to the braided buns we talked about above, however, this particular Cornrow Updo is styled in a zigzag manner. Zig-zag braids are created by using parts that are zig-zagged instead of straight. The hair is then braided in the direction of the parts, so the hair is actually zig-zagged.

4. Multicolor Cornrow Updo

Adding colorful hair extension to your cornrow gives you a unique look even when the cornrow style looks simple and ordinary. Here, you choose a combination of colorful hair extensions which you will freely include in the hair while braiding. Your choice of color may include a light pink and white, blonde, purple, or green as the case may be.

Cornrow Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytails are much like the cornrow updos. The only difference, however, is that ponytail braids are mostly fewer than the updos. Braids add glamour to any hairstyle and when fused into a ponytail, you get a completely new look in an instant.

To make this cornrow style, you braid your cornrow upwards until it gets to the center of your head. The cornrows are either braided all big or you infuse little braids in between the big braids. This style is perfect for all face types but it best fits the oval and oblong faces Check out the various trending braided ponytails you can try.

5. Big braid ponytail with box braids

This gives you a gorgeous look with your large cornrows and a few triangular-shaped box braids. The smaller braids are usually infused inside the larger braids and are then braided as one.

Cornrow ponytails are perfect for women with long hair but thanks to hair extensions, women with shorter hair can rock it as well. Best still if the extensions are colorful.

6. Cornrow ponytail in stylish box braids

Cornrow ponytails are best if they are in large braids and because they are fewer in number, making them long enough will help you roll out the braids in large buns.

This cornrow ponytail is woven in a way that it gives a stylish crix-cross and heart-shaped pattern. Give your beautiful face a stylish look with this stylish hairdo.

7. High ponytail with thin cornrow braids

This cornrow style features various well-designed braids used to create a ponytail. You will need not make your braids to be too many. Only a few of about ten to twelve are styled to fit. Rock this style for any important event and give yourself an elegant look.

8. Cornrow rose flower-braided ponytail

Imagine having your cornrow hairstyles in rose flower braids. This is only possible with a creative hairstylist. To achieve this hairstyle, the hair is made into a very high braided ponytail with some stylish rose-shape designs at the back and side. Any hair color will be suitable for this hairstyle. You may even decide to tint your hair the rose color!

9. Cornrow ponytail with cuffs

This is a simple yet sophisticated cornrow hairstyle you will love to rock for every occasion. Also called the goddess braids, this hairdo gives you a look that’ll undoubtedly receive a lot of attention. It is a thicker version of the cornrow, and equally versatile. The underhand braiding style is used to create this style.

See to it that you give your hair the attention it deserves by decorating the braids with accessories like beads, rings, and wires that have been trending recently. Gold cuffs incorporated into a beautiful high cornrow ponytail are a good try for that special occasion.

Cornrow Box Braids

As the name indicates, cornrow box braids include a combination of cornrow hairstyles and box braids. Your single braids could be large, medium, or small size depending on the size of the cornrow.

 10. Half zig-zag cornrow box braid

Zig-zag cornrows can never go out of fashion. The style brings out your beauty in a most unique way. Divide your hair into two halves and in the front part, create parts that are zig-zagged instead of straight.

The hair is then braided in the direction of the parts, so the hair is actually zig-zagged in this cornrows braid style. Your braids could be a medium size like you see above or you can decide to make them smaller. Give your frontal a better look by styling it using a gel or edge control, and a tail comb.

11. Cornrow bob

Long cornrows can be quite heavy and challenging to manage but bob is light and playful. The hairstyle consists of a stylishly designed cornrow in the front and box braids at the back of the head. Some make bobs with cornrow dreads if their lifestyle is laidback and informal. You can achieve this hairstyle with your natural hair or add colorful hair extensions of your choice. Some accessories like beads can also be infused to make the style more colorful.

12. Cornrow with knotless box braids

This as creative as they come. You can give your conrow hairstyle a stylish twist by combining knotless braids with conrows. The style requires the services of an experienced stylist as it can get complicated.

13. Lemonade braids with box braids In-fillings

Made famous by popular singer Beyoncé, who wore them on the cover of her smash hit album Lemonade, the style involves creating neat, even, and close cornrows that go from left to right, rather than straight back. Lemonade hairstyles give you a versatile look as they can be any size or thickness, and you can also combine them with a few box braids at the back or side or add accessories like rings and beads.

14. Cornrows with box braid mix

For those who are keen to give their cornrow hairstyle a bit of an edge, this is the perfect way you can do so. This pattern is quirk and unique and ox braids enhanced with cornrow braids in the front will sure make you stand out from the crowd!

15. Freestyle cornrow box braid

Cornrow never looks better with a little freestyle. Give yourself a simple but extraordinary look with this well-designed pattern. It is a protective hairstyle, especially for women with long hair. But those with short hair can achieve this with colorful hair extensions. Smaller beads can be added at the end of each braid if you so desire.

Natural Hair Cornrows

16. Natural Braided Updo

This braided style is great if you’re headed to a special occasion such as a wedding or formal event and still want to rock your natural texture. It is a quick and simple inverted cornrow braid platted on both sides of a well-packed hairdo. People with shorter hair can opt for other suitable cornrow hairstyles or braided mohawks.

17. Butterfly Braid

The butterfly braid is a unique and eye-catching style. It’s an oversized and slightly fluffy underhand braid and because it is so thick, the butterfly braid almost always requires hair extensions sewn in place. Once you’ve finished braiding, stretch and pull sections of the braid to make it even thicker and fluffier. You can also add hair cuffs or jewelry. Keep the rest of the hair in smaller cornrows to keep the butterfly braid the focus of the look.

18. Five Large Ghana Braid Buns


If you like how big cornrow braids look, these five beautiful Ghana braids will be an option for you. We absolutely love how easy it is to turn these goddess braids into an elegant, low updo.  The number doesn’t matter as long as there is an impressive braided design on your scalp. You choose.

19. Braids and Buns

Incorporating just a few cornrow braids into your hair is a perfect way to change your look without having to commit to the cornrow hairstyles for months. Cornrow hairstyles like these are perfect for someone looking to add just a few small details to their hairdo while also showing off the beauty of lush, thick natural locks.

20. Creative Halo Braids

If you’re a braiding enthusiast looking to take your cornrows to the next level, you’ve met your perfect braided look. This halo braid is beautiful, sophisticated, and unique – albeit a little more tricky to achieve. You won’t regret a trip to the stylist when what you’re left with this wonderful pattern, will you?

Cornrows with Beads

Beads and braids are perfect accessories that make bold and stylish statements even for cornrow hairstyles. There are plenty of braided beaded hairstyles to choose from. Scroll down to see some of the most gorgeous beaded and braided styles we found for you.

21. Intricate cornrow style with beads on each braid

This adorable hairdo will steal your heart and make you the center of attraction at any event. We love the mix of the intricate cornrow design, complete with criss-cross braids and twists to complement the hairline. To add the “wow” factor, each braid end has been fitted with beads, giving an overall playful and feminine look.

22. Braided bob with beads

This is also called Fulani braids. Here, the hair is laid over the shoulder and styled with beautiful beads at the end of the braids. Perfect for young girls or women who wish to look Afrikaan.

23. Glam braided hairstyle

This hairstyle is made for mid-length braids with more cornrows and features with the desired color of cords and preferably clear beads.

Cornrows with Weave

Protective hairstyles like braids and weaves allow you to give your natural hair a break from daily styling. Styles that combine braids and weave allow you to experience the best of both worlds and rock some really creative looks. This style helps keep your natural hair tucked away, which can help with length retention. It also allows you to experiment with new looks and hair colors on a temporary basis, making your styling options almost limitless.

24. Large cornrow with side feeds

This is one of the simple cornrow hairstyles that will not go out of time. Your long or short hair can be styled this way and braided together with the addition of hair extension just like we have with the butterfly hairstyle.

25. Half up cornrow braids

This is yet one of the best ways to wear cornrows with weaves. To add glamour, adding braid cuffs and cords would do the trick. Meet your hairstylist for this perfect look.

26. Side Cornrows and Curly Weave

If this is a look you have not considered yet, then you totally should. This side cornrows hairstyle is for someone who would love to experiment with cornrow braids but wants to show off their voluptuous curls at the same time. Double win!

Mohawk Cornrow Braids

Mohawk cornrows are creating a style statement in recent years. The world of hair and fashion has kept this look current with brand new ideas that leave our jaws dropping in the best way possible. These cornrow mohawk hairstyles are simply exquisite, giving you that subtle, striking, and everything in between.

27. Braided Afro Mohawk

Yes, cornrow braids are super versatile – you can truly style them in a million different ways! For daring women out there, how about turning your box braids into a mohawk? Use some of the braids to create an illusion of a hairband and hide the bobby pins or an elastic band you’ve secretly used to fix the style in place.

28. Faux hawk with reverse side braids

Like most of the other hairstyles, this one also has a lot of braiding to the sides. The braids are small with clean parts between them. These braids are then pulled back and infused into the faux hawk. Each curl makes its definition and texture which make the entire braided mohawk with curly weave hairstyle pretty unique and rare.

29. Cornrow braids into a faux hawk

It isn’t all about feed-in and box braids – natural cornrow braid hairstyles can be just as creative and receive just as much praise! Look how this edgy yet elegant updo features side cornrow braids and natural hair texture at the same time. Your scalp can be such an excellent canvas for intricate cornrow design.

30. Braided Ponytail Mohawk

Of the variety of protective hairstyles available for women with afro-textured hair, braided mohawks are one of the most popular. Not only are they highly simple to create, but they’re also extremely good-looking. Try this technique for your braided mohawk.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Men

Cornrow hairstyles are also a great choice for men. New generation men add some styles to make their hair look more glamourous. Cornrow Hairstyles for men allow you not only to tame your unruly locks but also to customize one of the trendiest ‘dos to express your individual style. Check out some of the trending styles for men.

31. Braided Mohawk Bun

The hair is braided to form Cornrows and if you have curly hair, this will be best for you. However, if your hair is not curly like you see in the picture above, not to worry as you can achieve this look with colorful hair extensions of your choice added toward the tip of the braid.

32. Cornrow Fade

The cornrow fade is one of the most popular hairstyles for black men. Versatile and clean-cut, taper fade haircuts work with all types of cornrows. Guys can ask their barber for a low, mid, or high fade to determine where the blending will begin on the sides. Moreover, you can tailor your cut with a temp, drop, burst, skin, taper, or bald fade. The short sides and back contrast the braids on top, making it easy to wear cornrows. From spider braids to simple rows, the cornrow taper fade hairstyle looks good on all boys and men.

33. Double Cornrow Fade

Double cornrows are also a perfect try for men. It is simple and yet a very gorgeous style for men with long hair. The hair above the under-shaved hair is given a center parting from where smaller braids are made. This is a perfect protective hairstyle for your male hair.

34. Spider Cornrow

Among all male cornrow styles, spider braids are probably the most unique and prominent. The pattern is not very difficult to create but make sure it is even and clean. You can choose under-shaved hair or can be braided down to the face.

Cornrows For Men With Short Hair

Men with shorter hair are not left out in enjoying the trending cornrow hairstyles. Some hairstyles can be done with a few extensions added to them. Check out these cornrow styles for your short hair.

35. Four cornrows

For undeniably sexy braids, guys should opt for three or four cornrows and faded sides. The four cornrow hairstyle is casual and fun, especially with a temp fade haircut and thick groomed beard. The multiple braided rows can incorporate small and large plaited hair and can be tied up or left hanging at the crown.

36. Big and small cornrows

Big and small cornrows are used to make the best hair designs for men. From criss-cross to curved patterns, thin and thick cornrow hairstyles naturally enhance each other due to their contrasting sizes. Combine micro, small, large, and jumbo braids to fashion the ultimate look for you.

37. Man bun braids

Man bun braids are for the guys who don’t want their plaits to hang loose at their back all of the time. If you’d rather your hair didn’t cover your face or come back to your shoulders and back, you can tie them into a man bun. Some men turn it into a practical and stylish cut by plaiting a thicker braid around the edges of the head, leaving the center to be styled with more intricate designs

Cornrow Dreads

Cornrow braided dreadlocks are not unlike cornrows, however, cornrows are achieved by gathering small parts of the locks and creating a braid; dreadlocks are thicker (or thinner) when braided together.

38. Fashionable thin dread cornrow braids

You can spot this hairdo quite easily with any type of funky outfit. They are often done with creams and other sprays. The bun at the back makes this more formal which also minimizes the messy appearance.

39. Three Cornrow Afro

This is a style you can easily pull off at home. Just braid your locks into three tight braids to achieve the look and steer away from the regular dreadlocks look.

 40. Skin Fade Cornrow Dread

Skin fades for cornrow dreads are perfect for men with short dreads. here, the dreadlocks are weaved in cornrow patterns with a faded underhair. Give your fast-growing afro dread a great look with this trending cornrow dread hairstyle.

What are Cornrow Braids?

Cornrow braids are traditional African hairstyles in which hair is braided close to the scalp, in rows of braids. Cornrows are considered a protective style because they’re low maintenance, and low manipulation and make it easy to care for textured strands and protect them from heat, dryness and breakage.

What is the Difference Between Cornrows and Braids?

Cornrow is a style of braids in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to make a continuous, raised row. Braids, on the other hand, is a general term for protective hairstyles made by interlacing three or more strands of hair. Cornrows are the most popular low-maintenance protective hairstyles for natural hair. Fishtail braids, French braids, Knotless braids, and box braids are also among the many kinds of braids we have.

How Much Do Cornrows Usually Cost?

Depending on where you are getting it done, your hair length and the cornrow style you choose to make, cornrow braids might cost between $100 and $300. They’re a versatile style since they look great on their own and they’re used as a staple for many other popular protective looks. Cornrow braids are much cheaper in parts of Africa than it is in Western countries.

How Long Do Cornrows Last?

Cornrow without extra care may last for 2 to 4 weeks. That is if you do not go the extra mile to have it longer than usual. But if you take extra care, it can last up to 6 to 8 weeks. Some even last up to 12 weeks, depending on your cornrow hair routine and hair type. Cornrow braids can last longer if they are

  • Not too tight,
  • Free from unnecessary friction,
  • Constantly hydrated and not greased

Are Cornrows Good or Bad for Your Hair?

Cornrows are not bad for your hair. In fact, they are one of the most popular low-maintenance protective hairstyles for any hair type. This hairstyle can also correct any hair damage that you’re experiencing by promoting healthy new hair growth. However, they can only damage your hair if they are braided too tight and near the hairline. Tight cornrows can lead to hair breakage and a receding hairline.

How Do You Braid Cornrows?

You braid cornrows by picking some of the strands in three sections and crossing the left strand over the middle strand, then crossing the right strand over the middle strand. Add a small strand of hair from the same section into the braid every time you cross over a section. Repeat this process down the length of the section.

How Do You Wash Cornrows?

Water and shampoo are the two important requirements for washing your cornrow braids. To maintain the hairstyle and keep your hair dirt-free and healthy you are encouraged to wash your cornrows. Wash your cornrow hair braid by following the steps below

  • Run warm water over your hair to get your cuticles to open up.
  • Spray the shampoo on your roots, scalp, and cornrows.
  • Lightly massage the shampoo into your scalp and squeeze the shampoo down your cornrows. Do not rub your cornrows, wash from scalp to end.
  • Then rinse the shampoo off and dry out the excess water from the hair using a towel or hairdryer.


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