Bukunmi Oluwashina Married Her Husband After 11 Years of Dating – Inside Her Relationship

Bukunmi Oluwashina is a fast-rising actress, scriptwriter, and producer in the Yoruba movie industry. She’s ranked among the leading talents in the Nigerian entertainment scene. With many acting credits and several awards under her belt, she’s regarded as the next big thing in Nollywood. It was quite a shocker when news went round on social media that she married her partner after 11 years of dating. Many people assumed she was single as she seldom talks about her relationship life. There was no evidence or traces that she was dating since she never posted pictures of her partner or love life.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Hinted She was Single in a Letter to Her Would-be-Husband

Many people never envisaged Bukunmi Oluwashina married a long time ago as she once stated she was in a relationship without revealing the identity of her boyfriend. The dark-skinned thespian divulged that he wasn’t in the movie industry as she decided to date someone outside Nollywood because she doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure.

While many were oblivious of her true relationship status, she hinted she was single in a letter she wrote to her future husband. When she wrote the letter, though, her fans assumed she had broken up with her partner, who she must have shared a lot. She declared her disdain for the baby mama trend and went ahead to assure her future spouse that she’ll wait when he’s ready and that she wouldn’t want to be a baby mama.

Furthermore, the award-winning actress affirmed that she wasn’t trained to be a baby mama or nursing mother at an early age. She encouraged her future husband to be industrious like her. Bukunmi Oluwashina articulated in her letter that her children would love luxurious materials like their mum, and she advised her husband-to-be to work hard to foot their bills. She reassured her kids that they’d have great parents who would embody good parenting and family life.

She was Rumoured at a Time to be a Lesbian

Another reason for the supposed claim was the rumor circulated on social media that she was a lesbian. These claims were due to her dress sense. The movie star usually dresses like a tomboy, hence the lesbianism rumor. Bukunmi refuted the claims stating that though she has a taste for masculine dresses, she’s not a lesbian. In an interview with a media house, she intimated that she’s in a relationship and has multiple boyfriends. The ace producer further made known that she has few female friends as she enjoys the company of guys more because they’re business-oriented. After all, she likes productive conversation. She went on to say that she’s an introvert and not a hopeless romantic as everyone thinks.

The scriptwriter mentioned that her fans would meet her man at the right time when he eventually shows up. She unveiled that she’s a private person and may not reveal his identity as she rarely talks or posts about her life on social media platforms. The multi-talented artist stated that she’s anthropophobic because she fears that people might ruin her happy life. With all these assertions, it’s no surprise that people posit that she was single.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Married Her Partner Ebun, After 11 Years of Courtship

Bukunmi Oluwashina got married to her heartthrob of 11 years in September 2020. She took to her Instagram space to announce the good news. Her Instagram became buzzing because the news came as a surprise, as many of her fans never knew she was dating someone. She posted a video of herself in a wedding gown with her spouse, Ebun. Besides his first name, not much is known about his family background and profession. Being a reserved person, Bukunmi doesn’t share details about her private life. From the wedding post, it’s believed they’ve been dating since their secondary school days, in their late teens, probably when they were 17 or 18 years old.

In 2010, when she left for the university, she told her then-boyfriend to give her a memorable farewell gift. While Ebun offered Bukunmi his wristband, she stated that it would be her cherished possession and wear it on their wedding day. Ebun speculated that they might not end up together since she’ll meet guys better than him at the university. No one can clearly state what transpired between them in the years that followed. It seems they broke up when she revealed that she met other guys during her undergraduate days at the university, but none compares to Ebun.

As they say, true love has a habit of coming back. The two got reunited, and they’ve been going strong since then. No one can tell when they reconnected; however, it’s presumed when they were still in school or out of the university. The renowned playwright divulged that Ebun wasn’t initially supporting her acting dreams, but he grew to love it sooner than expected. Over time, he’s become supportive, helping Bukunmi review her screenplays.

From the pictures posted online, we can rightly deduce that the wedding was a low-key, private ceremony attended by a few loved ones and family. According to a close friend of Bukunmi who witnessed the wedding, the occasion was a lovely sight to behold. The lovebirds cried and played while exchanging their vows. Today, their union is blessed with a child. Being a songstress, Bukunmi announced the arrival of her child via a song.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Wasn’t Pressured into Marriage

Bukunmi Oluwashina married when it was right for her. She opined that she was never pressured to tie the knot. She believes marriage in the entertainment industry doesn’t undergo more difficulty than those in other sectors. People expect that as celebrities, they should have a perfect life, but it’s far from it because marriage isn’t a bed of roses. The self-determined movie star lives her life regardless of people’s opinions.

She reiterated that her parents were models of a good marriage, so she’s hopeful that she’ll do well in her union. When asked in an interview why it took so long for her to tie the knot, Bukunmi revealed that she doesn’t like being rushed; hence, she takes her time to make right and informed decisions. While her marriage isn’t up to a year, it’s been blissful for Bukunmi as she’s blessed with a supportive husband and a lovely child.


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