Online Yoruba Movies: How To Watch Latest Releases Free Online

Talk of Nigerian movies that bring out the exact picture of modern Africans and their quandaries, and you’ll definitely be talking about Yoruba movies. They are the perfect movies to watch if you want to know something about the Yorubas- their lifestyles, their traditions or religious stands. There’s always something new to learn from these films as you get entertained at the same time. Their selections are too wide — you can opt for the drama, Yoruba action movies, traditional Yoruba movies or the Nigerian voodoo type of movies. There’s always a Yoruba movie to watch if you love movies. So, how can you watch online Yoruba movies?

How To Watch Yoruba Movies Online For Free

yoruba movies online for free

Using Search Engines

The easiest way to watch Yoruba movies is to search for them on any search engine and you’ll be presented with a thousand and one Yoruba movies. You can even search for ‘the latest from Nollywood’ and you will get a chance to either download or stream the movie. Most sites, however, upload illegal-copyrighted-movies that might get you into trouble with the law, but there are several other sites that allow for free but legal downloads. Just take your time to go through the different sites as you weigh their legibility, and you’ll certainly come across a legible site to either stream or download any online Yoruba movie you prefer.

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Public Domain

If you want to watch any classic Yoruba movie, you can simply watch them on the sites that offer free-public-domain-content. These are the sites that only allow one to stream or download movies whose copyright has expired or those that have been released by film owners to be watched by the public free of charge with no royalties. Most of these sites generally allow one to play different movies – online Yoruba movies included, on iPad, computer, Mp4 or iPhone. You can simply go to the internet archives and you’ll find thousands of free Yoruba classics to watch.

Video Streaming Sites

One of the best ways to watch Yoruba movies online is to visit video streaming sites. Such sites include Youtube, Hulu, Vimeo or Google videos. You can either stream and watch them online or download them to store on your computer’s hard drive and watch later. Most of these sites are legal and at the same time offer millions of free video contents or movies. Just search for your preferred Yoruba movie and it will show up for you to watch or download. If you’re streaming the movie to watch online, then you’ll be required to have fast internet speed for a quick and more effective buffering before watching.

Here is a list of YouTube channels dedicated to releasing the latest Yoruba movies. Just go to and type the name of the channel and you will be presented with numerous Yoruba movies to chose from. Most of the channels aggregate movies of your favourite Yoruba movie actors including Toyin Abraham, Fathia Balogun, Funke Akindele, Odunlade Adekola, Mercy Aigbe and more.

Yoruba 360

The channel has over 57,000 subscribers.


The channel has almost 75,000 subscribers.

Yoruba Cinema

The Yoruba Cinema YouTube channel has quite lived up to its name. The channel boasts over 84,000 subscribers and has most of their movies in HD quality.

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Yoruba hood has over 187,000 subscribers


iBAKA TV has been around for a long time and is probably the best in offering free Nollywood movies online. Its Yoruba movie channel has over228,000 subscribers.


Streaming movies from youtube can be quite annoying if your internet is slow. In that case, it is better to download the movies straight to your mobile device or computer so you can watch it free from those unexpected pauses. Also, you get to watch it later and share it with your friends. But how exactly do you download a youtube video? Well it is quite easy.

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There are a lot of websites out there you can use to download youtube videos, however, some of them require that you set up an account while others will only give you access for a limited period before requiring payment. From our research, remains the best youtube video downloader. All you need do is open the site and paste the youtube URL of the video you want to download. You will be given 7 format/quality options to download the movie including MP4, and 3GP. The higher the quality of the video the more MB you would be required to spend in the download.

yoruba movies online for free

Paying to Watch Online Yoruba Movies

If you’re kind enough to pay for the online Yoruba movies that you prefer to watch, then there are several sites that legally sell these movies online. Such sites include Xfinity fancast, Amazon Prime or Hulu plus. They always get the latest releases from Nollywood or from any other film industry and upload them online to be accessed by anyone who’s ready to buy or subscribe to watch them. You will, however, be required to open an account with them first before subscribing to their monthly charges for a chance to stream the movies online or downloading to watch them later.

On the contrary, if you don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription to watch Nollywood movies, you can go to the other sites that allow people to pay as they watch. These sites include ‘CinemaNow’, ‘Vudu’ and ‘On-demand’. All that you’ll be required to do is to sign-up with them and pay for each movie you want to rent or download. These sites always have the latest Yoruba movies as well as some TV episodes for Yoruba programs.

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For any Yoruba movie that you prefer to watch, there’s always a site that has it. Just be conscious enough to avoid downloading illegal copyrighted Yoruba movies as they might keep you at risk of being vindicated for violating copyright laws and regulations. Instead, make good use of the other numerous sites that allow for free but legal downloads and enjoy the best that Nigeria has to offer as far as film is concerned. With all these tips at your disposal, you can now kill your boredom by watching online Yoruba movies from any of the above-highlighted sites.


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