Who Is Baba Wande? Biography and Age of Kareem Adepoju

Alhaji Kareem Adepoju, popularly known as Baba Wande, is a Nigerian actor, producer, and writer who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian movie industry, also known as Nollywood. Born on 6th January 1945, he started in the Yoruba movie genre and has starred in hundreds of movies since he joined the industry.

Kareem Adepoju started his career in acting as a young child and he acted in stage plays. He officially joined Nollywood in the 1980s, rose to fame in 1993, and has continued to act in movies. Find out more about this actor in this piece.

Summary of Baba Wande’s Bio 

  • Full name: Alhaji Kareem Adepoju
  • Nickname: Baba Wande
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 6th January 1945
  • Baba Wande’s Age: 79 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islam
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Baba Wande’s Wife: 2
  • Baba Wande’s Children: Many including Adewale
  • Baba Wande’s Net worth: Over $50,000
  • Famous for: Acting in the Yoruba Genre
  • Baba Wande’s Instagram: @baba_wande__
  • Facebook: @Baba Wande

Baba Wande Is From Osun State, Nigeria

Actor Baba Wande was born on 6th January 1945, in Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. He grew up there and started his career in eating there. Wande revealed that he started acting when he was very young; Pa Oyin Adejobi would come to their school and teach them plays to be performed at the Ansar U Deen Society and he always participated. From there, he grew to love acting and decided to venture into it professionally.

He Is Not Well Educated

Talking about education, the Nollywood celebrity does not have a record of any school he attended or certifications acquired. In one of his interviews, he revealed that he attended elementary school (Modern School, Agbor, Delta State). Baba also said that he would have achieved greater heights if he were educated. This means that he is not well educated but he is sure knowledgeable about the art of making movies and acting.

Baba Wande Made His Official Debut in Nollywood in the 1980s

Baba Wande started his acting career at a young age, performing in stage plays and local drama groups. He gained recognition for his talent and charisma, which led to his debut in the Nigerian film industry in the 1980s.

One of his most iconic roles was in the movie “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” (1993), where he played the lead role of Baba Bisi, a character that resonated with audiences and earned him critical acclaim. This film is considered one of the classics of the Yoruba movie genre.

Baba Wande is known for his ability to portray diverse characters in various genres, including comedy, drama, and suspense. He has starred in numerous movies such as “Saworo Ide” (1999), “Diamond” (2007), and “Ti Oluwa Nile” (2020), showcasing his versatility as an actor.

In addition to his acting career, Baba Wande is also a filmmaker and producer. He has directed and produced several successful Yoruba movies, such as “Jogbo” (2006) and “Ibaje” (2015). He is known for creating stories that explore social issues and promote Yoruba culture and tradition.

Baba Wande’s impact on the Nigerian movie industry cannot be overstated. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his contributions, including the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 Yoruba Movie Academy Awards.

List of Baba Wande’s Movies and TV Shows

Ever since he started acting in movies, Kareem has starred in over 100 movies and TV shows. Here’s a list of some of his notable works.


  • Ti Oluwa Ni Ile – 1993
  • Afonja – 1994
  • Ogun Ajaye – 1995
  • Saworo Ide – 1999
  • Olowo Ite – 2001
  • Agogo Eewo – 2002
  • Oyenusi – 2003
  • Ija – 2004
  • Aje Ni Iya Mi – 2008
  • Ikuforiji – 2013
  • Kuye – 2014
  • O‘mo Poly – 2015
  • Tomo Tiya – 2017
  • Asiri Owo – 2018
  • Ologburo – 2019
  • Anikulakpo – 2022

TV Shows

  • Ile Afoju – 2004
  • Bàbálawo – 2005
  • Opeluwa – 2006
  • Awada Kerikeri – 2007
  • Alasela – 2008
  • Abeni – 2009
  • Aye Ofege – 2010
  • Aye Onikoko – 2011
  • Onibara Aje – 2012
  • Kuko Loro – 2013
  • Jemila – 2014
  • Jaiyesimi – 2015
  • Ayé Ére – 2016
  • Oba Makinde – 2017

Baba Wande Got His Nickname From a Movie

Kareem Adepoju got his nickname “Baba Wande” from a TV series, “Kootu Asipa” which was displayed by the Oyin Adejobi group some years ago. Just like other actors and actresses, this name stuck and fans, family, and friends started calling him by it. Kareem is a free-spirited man so he started answering the name.

The Actor Has Courted Some Controversies With His Friend, Tunde Kelani

Baba Wande
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Kareem Adepoju and Tunde Kelani had been friends before their misunderstanding. In an interview with Punch in May 2018, Baba Wande revealed the nature of the controversy he has with Tunde. The controversy is about the true owner of the movie “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile”. Baba revealed that both of them contributed to the movie and were supposed to share the profit 70:30.

He explained that he wrote the story while Tunde, who owned a production company, produced the movie. In the end, Tunde was supposed to go home with 70% while Baba Wande goes with 30%. This was where the problem emanated from. The movie was supposed to be in three parts, but Kareem received profit for just one part and nothing more.

In another interview, Baba was specific about the amount he was paid for the movie. He revealed that he received N15,000 only out of over 180,000 Tunde made from the movie then. This misunderstanding has lingered over the years and nothing has been done about it.

Did Baba Wande Sue Tunde Kelani?

Baba Wande did not sue Tunde Kelani and is not planning on doing so. He said in an interview that the quarrel needs to be settled in court but he is not taking his friend nor his company, Mainframe, to court. Instead, he called Tunde to do the needful or their children may take up the case and go to court in the future.

He complained bitterly about how an interviewer published wrong information stating that he would take his friend to court. Tunde, on hearing this piece of information took to the media and called Baba a poor man instead of reaching out to him. He said that poverty was the reason Wande was talking nonsense.

Again Baba Wande was buttered because his friend didn’t reach out to him but said such mean things to him. As angry as Baba Wande may be, he has made it clear that he is not going to sue his friend. The issue has not been resolved.

Is Baba Wande Still Acting?

Yes. Baba is still acting and producing movies but not as he is used to. This is because the Association Of Nigeria Theatre Art Practitioner (ANTP) and Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TANPAN) are two groups of actors. The TANPAN and the marketers decided to stop calling ANTP members for movies. Baba Wande belongs to the ANTP and has been starring in lesser movies because of this.

Also, he said that marketers sell their movies without giving them anything. This is why he stopped producing for a while. He also mentioned that he would start producing movies again when he can upload them on the internet and get paid for his troubles.

Despite his success, Baba Wande remains humble and dedicated to his craft. He continues to inspire and mentor aspiring actors, sharing his knowledge and experience with the younger generation.


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