What to Do on LASU Student Portal and How to Use the Online Result Checker for Semester Exams

Lagos State University (LASU) is one of the choicest state universities in Nigeria. It is also one of the most affordable universities in Nigeria, comparable to schools like KWASU. The institution of learning operates a high standard that other universities are learning from. LASU is one of the Nigerian institutions which have greatly utilized information and communication technology (ICT) in recording its students’ data online. Online student portals make the process of learning and the administration of the institution easier and faster. Generally, the LASU student portal is one of those platforms that has made things easier for the university and students.

LASU Student Portal

The LASU student portal is a platform that contains all the details about every student of the university. In the school, the LASU Integrated Data Center (LIDC) is responsible for the collation and recording of each student’s profile details. All data concerning the students, ranging from admission to graduation, is contained in the portal. Only students who have successfully registered their profile details on the portal will have a record there. Once a student graduates, the person’s data will not be accessible anymore.

This means the LASU student portal can be accessed by LASU students only. Prospective students, first-year and continuing students are the ones who have access to the student portal. Because the information contained therein is confidential, each student’s details are used to log into his or her profile.

More so, the portal is for undergraduates, post-graduates, pre-degree students, and sandwich students. All students have a profile on the student portal. Contained in this article is a guide on what to do on the portal, and how to access the LASU student portal.

Things You Can Do on the LASU Student Portal

LASU Student Portal
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With the student portal, students are guided and cannot easily fall prey to fraudsters. Below is a list of all the things one can do on the LASU students portal.

  • You can check your admission status or the admission list on the portal.
  • You can pay your acceptance fee there.
  • The school fees payment and other payment services can be carried out on the portal.
  • Students can register for their courses on the portal.
  • The academic calendar is made easy and can be viewed anytime anywhere.
  • Students who are not able to continue their studies may defer their admissions in the portal.
  • You can process your academic transcript online.
  • Students can be able to check their semester results with the result checker.
  • The online admission process is contained in the portal.
  • Students can re-print their course registration at any time.
  • Students have access to the E-Library in the comfort of their homes.
  • Students can print their profiles online.
  • Some necessary academic documents are in the students portal.
  • Students participate in the election process through the LASU E-Voting system.
  • Lecturers are evaluated by their students through the student portal
  • The university news and events are also posted in the portal.
  • Student affairs and other student-related features are shared on the student portal.

How to Log in to the LASU Student Portal

In order to have access to the student portal, you must be a student or an aspiring student and must have a profile on the portal. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to log in to the LASU student portal.

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The LASU Result Checker

The Lagos State University result checker is the platform for checking students’ results each semester. It can also be found on the LASU student portal. The online course registration platform records the courses and unit load a student offers each semester. When these courses are registered online, the school uploads the results of all the assessments taken for the registered courses. The LASU student can then check the result through the result checker portal.

Who Qualifies to Use the Result Checker Portal?

The result checker portal is open to only the students of Lagos State University. Also, only those who registered for their courses online and took their examinations are the ones who will be able to see their results online. If the courses are not properly registered online, or if the student misses his or her examinations, then there won’t be any result to display.

Benefits of the Result Checker Portal

In any institution of learning, students’ results are of great importance but it is always a herculean task to check the results manually. With the inception of the process of uploading the results online, several institutions have been able to curb some of these issues. Below are some of the benefits of the LASU result checker.

  • It saves students the stress of checking their results manually. With the result checker, students can comfortably check their results from the comfort of their homes.
  • It solves some of the missing result issues. Lecturers try their best to submit accurate results for the courses they handled for a semester.
  • Results are uploaded online earlier than they used to be as lecturers are mandated to submit their students’ results before a deadline.
  • It eliminates the students’ ignorance of not knowing their performance until it costs them an extra year in the university.
  • Students can easily keep track of what their grades are like and work towards getting a better result next time.
  • With the result checker, the students can easily check their results with an internet-enabled device like laptops and phones.
LASU Student Portal
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How to Use the LASU Result Checker Portal

The LASU result checker is very easy to use and just like other features in the student portal. It does not demand much from the students. Here’s a step-by-step procedure of how to check your result with the LASU result checker.

  • Go to https://lidc.lasu.edu.ng/
  • Click on Full-time Undergraduate
  • Input your matric number
  • Your profile will open
  • Click on check result
  • Select the semester and session and view your results
  • You can print it out if you wish to


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