The Best of Portable’s Songs, Music, and the Meaning of Zazu Zeh

Portable has released many songs, but there is no denying that Zazu Zeh (Zazoo Zehh) remains one of his best songs ever. Fast enough, this song became a street anthem and slang among young people. Zazu Zeh‘s meaning has been given as “Are You Sure?” Other meanings attached to it are crime related, including cyber crime (yahoo) and voodoo (juju). 

Portable’s songs have been a reflection of the Yoruba language and street music in Nigeria. Despite the fact that his music may have gained prominence in its own right, some of his songs have risen above others. Here are some of his best songs.

The Best of Portable’s Songs

ZaZoo Zeh (2021)

The best song that Portable has released is ZaZoo Zeh (also spelled Zazu Zeh). The song was released on 14 December 2021 and featured Poco Lee and Olamide. The song became an instant hit and made the artist instantly popular.

ZaZoo Zeh (also spelled Zazu Zeh), produced by P Prime has generated no fewer than 11 million views on YouTube. It also gained thousands of streams on Spotify.

Radio stations, TV channels, and even events contributed to making the song famous. This is evident as it became one of the most played songs in Nigeria upon its release, and soon enough, questions about Portable started.

Just as people began to know about his fame in the industry, Zazu Zeh earned Portable major award nominations. They include his first Headies nomination in the Category of Best Street Artist (2022). The nomination and another as Rookie of the Year were later withdrawn as he was disqualified over a criminal investigation.

Expensive OG (2022)

This is also one of Portable’s best songs. The music was released in 2022 and was produced by Omo Egbira. The song has recorded over 1.5 million views on YouTube and remains one of his most viewed songs on the streaming platform.

Expensive OG has been described on the internet as a flashy studio tune and a delightful and catchy smash, among others. The positive review at the time of its release was high; some people even thought the song was better than Portable’s Zazu Zeh hit.

Clear (2022)

This song made fans tag Portable a Diamond in the rough as well as one of the top raw vocalists in Nigeria. Well, the song was produced by Shocker Beatz and released in 2022. The song has been praised by fans for its lyrical content despite the fact that it was recorded in Yoruba. Clear has recorded over 1.8 million YouTube views and received several positive reviews.

Apostle (2022)

Apostle is one of the best of Portable’s songs and the second track from his Ika of Africa album. This song gives an entirely new perspective to Portable’s career. The song brings societal consciousness to listeners regarding religion and how some religious leaders may not be as real as expected.

While the song continues to draw attention, there are words spreading on the internet that it is probably one of Portable’s greatest songs. This is because it has effectively proven that he is not only a street artist but one who can conveniently pass a message in a simple but melodious manner.

List of Portable’s Songs

  • Azaman (2022)
  • Apostle (2022)
  • Clear (2022)
  • Money Before Love (2022)
  • Plan B (2022)
  • Akoi Tinubu (2022)
  • Get Money First (2022)
  • Street to Take Over (2022)
  • Zazuu Zeh (2021)
  • Ayomi (2022)
  • Kayamanta (2022)
  • Oro Owo (2022)
  • Agbara (2022)
  • Wonmo (2022)
  • Ogo Forever (2022)
  • Tambolo (2022)
  • Adura (2022)
  • Neighbour Ft. Small Doctor (2022)
  • All Eyes on Me Ft. Barry Jay (2022)
  • Gasolo (2022)
  • Do Iyawo E with Mano Smiler (2021)
  • Ema Joke Dada (2020)
  • Pay Me My Money (2019)

Albums and EPs

  • Zazu Zeh (EP, 2022)
  • Wanted (EP)
  • Ika of Africa (Album, 2022)

What is the Meaning of Zazu Zeh

The meaning of Zazu Zeh is “Are You Sure?” according to some sources. Others claim it means crime, sex, yahoo, juju, and other negative vices. Portable has not yet given any meaning to the words that he turned to a famous slang. Hence, what is available on the internet is mostly associated with the lyrical content of the song, which is mostly in the Yoruba language.

Therefore, looking at the lyrics, there is the content of sex in the lines “Mofo’s (a vulgar slang) cannot keep am (Zeh), B***ch I’ll be going nonstop”. Another meaning of the slang drawn from the song’s lyrics could be related to cybercrime, also known as yahoo. Judging by the lyrics he gave in Yoruba, ” On my way to Ilu awon osu, Nibi ton ma tin bo card oh. O ko ma pade kolu. Osu ton gb’oran oh. L’oma pe ni kolu..”. 

From the translation of the above lines in Yoruba, the storyline is that of one who does not cover the details of his card (likely an ATM card). The singer then warns that the owner has probably never met an attack. He further adds that he would go to the card (to steal).

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Other parts of the song’s lyrics point to “Shaolin Temple, ” which is related to kung fu and may depict a fight). Other parts of the song point to money and drunkenness.

Despite the above projection of the meaning of Zazu Zeh, it is worthy of note that with each line, there is an echo of “Zeh” in the song. This then boils back to another meaning from internet sources – “Are you sure?”

Perhaps, in the part where the singer talks about how he may get the details of one’s card, the “Zeh” at the end of the lines could mean “are you sure?” By extension, it could be bringing the consciousness of the public to be streetsmart.

This can also be said of the part where the singer speaks about how Mofos (despicable or unpleasant person (mostly used in a vulgar way)) can’t keep a woman. However, he (the singer) promises to do better. Again, there is a Zeh at the end of the line, which could be asking for certainty about what is sung.

Based on the above with respect to the meaning of Zazu Zeh, it is safe to say that the term in Nigeria is a double-edged sword. On its surface, it may have some negative meanings, but its denotational meaning could be positive.

Away from Nigeria and in Swahili-spoken nations such as in East Africa, Zazu has an entirely different meaning. It means “movement”. In an interesting manner, Portable has a peculiar dance style in the song’s music video.

Portable’s Journey into the Music Industry 

Born Habeeb Okikiola on 12 March 1994, Portable’s music career dates back to the 2010s. One of his early songs includes 2019’s Pay Me My Money. At the time, he did not gain prominence, but it became a footing that would see his rise to stardom.

In 2021, he became one of the fastest-rising musicians in Nigeria with the release of Zazu Zeh. He gained attention when a blogger, Don Blue, shared his song on the internet. Shortly after, one of Nigeria’s best rappers and the founder of YBNL reached out to him through Don Blue.

Following their meeting, Portable featured renowned dancer, Poco Lee and Olamide to create Zazu Zeh, quickly gaining prominence in Nigeria.

Prior to that, the Afrobeats singer was in his native state Ogun and had been recording music but went unnoticed. He has brought his own uniqueness to the Nigerian music industry as a singer, songwriter, and rapper.

Portable is daring in music, energetic on stage, and entertaining in his own ways. He has soiled himself in numerous controversies, but this has not impacted his career much. He has performed with some notable Nigerian musicians, such as Wizkid and Tiwa Savage. He has also been spotted with Burna Boy, Timaya, and E-Money. In the music industry, he is sometimes compared to Terry G.


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