Spectranet Data Plans and Subscription Prices

The internet now occupies a large part of people’s lives, and Nigerian internet service provider, Spectranet – the first to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria, may have redefined competition in the broadband market.

Spectranet is one of the fastest, reliable and affordable broadband Internet services in Nigeria, and it currently has its services available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt, and hopes to include more cities and states to their 4G LTE network soon.

Brief History of Spectranet in Nigeria

Spectranet came into Nigeria in 2009 when it was awarded a license by Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). As already mentioned, it was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP)  that launched the 4G LTE services in Nigeria. It was brought to Nigeria by MR. C. K. Ramani and has been in function in Nigeria for over eight years now.

However, since its introduction into the country, it has spread across just four states out of the 36 States in Nigeria. Spectranet operates in just four states in Nigeria; they are Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt. The operation area of the brand is low compared to other brands like Smile, Airtel, etc. With time, they may expand to other states in the country.

Complete List of Spectranet Data Plans and Their Prices

The broadband offers a variety of data plans and bundles to suit the needs of its numerous customers. They can be used for different purposes like office homes, hospitals, and other enterprises. These data plans are grouped according to their sizes and duration. To better understand these plans, we will group them according to their duration – yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly. Below are the data plans and their prices.

Weekly Plans

  • Mini Plans: Spectranet Mini plan has two packages, they are
    • Weekly mini-plan: The price for this package is N1,500 per week. You will get 6GB – 2GB Anytime data + 4GB promo
    • 10 Days mini-plan: The price for the package is N4,500 for 10 days. You’ll get 20GB – 10GB Anytime data + 10GB promo.

Monthly Plans

The monthly plans are made up of different packages to suit the pockets of its numerous customers. Among the bundles under the monthly plans are;

  • Kulele Plans: ukulele plans have six bundles, they are;
    • Kulele 3999: The price for this is N3,999 for a month, and you’ll get 12GB
    • Kulele 5999: The price for this bundle is N5,999 monthly, and you get 24GB
    • Kulele 7999: The price is N7,999 per month, and you’ll get 32GB
    • Kulele 10999: The price is N10,999 per month, and you will get 45GB
    • Kulele 12999: You will get this bundle at N12,999 per month for 60GB
    • Kulele 15999: You will get this bundle at N15,999 per month for 80GB
  • AlwaysON Kulele+ Plans: The Kulele+ plans have the following bundles.
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 8999: 32GB at N8,999 per month
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 11999: 45GB at N11,999 per month
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 13999: 60GB at N13,999 per month
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 16999: 80GB at N16,999 monthly
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 18999: 125GB at N18,999 monthly
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 21999: 150GB at N21,999 per month
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 24999: 175GB at N24,999 monthly
    • AlwaysON Kulele+ 27999: 200GB at N27,999 per month
  • Unified Value Plans: This plan is made up of the following bundles
    • 7GB at N3,070 monthly – 7GB Anytime data + free unlimited morning browsing
    • 9GB at N3,580 per month – 9GB Anytime data + free unlimited morning browsing
    • 13GB at N5,115 monthly – 13GB Anytime data + free unlimited morning browsing
    • 16GB at N6,140 monthly – 16GB Anytime data + free unlimited morning browsing
  • Mega Value Plans: The Mega Value plans have the following bundles
    • 18GB at N7,165 per month – 18GB Anytime data + free unlimited night browsing
    • 30GB at N10,235 per month – 30GB Anytime data + free unlimited night browsing
    • 45GB at N12,795 per month – 45GB Anytime data + free unlimited night browsing
    • 50GB at N13,305 per month – 50GB Anytime data + free unlimited night browsing
    • 70GB at N15,355 per month – 70GB Anytime data + free unlimited night browsing
  • Always On Plans: This plan has the following packages in addition to 512 kbps speed post
    • 120GB at N18,425 per month + Unlimited (FUP applies)
    • 100GB at N19,960 per month + free unlimited night browsing
    • 200GB at N38,390 per month + free unlimited night browsing
    • 300GB at N56,820 per month + free unlimited night browsing

Quarterly Plans

  • Smart Choice Plans: These plans last for 90 days (three months). The packages include the following.
    • Smart Choice_8700_90D: 18GB Anytime data at N8,700 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Choice_10200_90D: 27GB Anytime data at N10,200 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Choice_14500_90D: 39GB Anytime data at N14,500 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Choice_17400_90D: 48GB Anytime data at N17,400 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Choice_N20400_90D: 54GB Anytime data at N20,400 + free unlimited morning browsing

Six Months Plans

  • Smart Value Plans: The duration for the Smart Value Plan is 180 days. Below is a list of the packages under it.
    • Smart Value_16500_180D: 42GB Anytime data at N16,500 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Value_19300_180D: 54GB Anytime data at N19,300 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Value_27600_180D: 78GB Anytime data at N27,600 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Value_16500_180D: 42GB Anytime data at N16,500 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Value_33100_180D: 96GB Anytime data at N33,100 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Smart Value_38600_180D: 108GB Anytime data at N38,600 + free unlimited night browsing

Yearly Plans

image source 
  • Bumpa Value Plans: The duration of this plan is 360 days. Included among the plans are;
    • Bumpa Value_31300_360D: 84GB Anytime data at N31,300 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Bumpa Value_36500_360D: 108GB Anytime data at N36,500 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Bumpa Value_52100_360D: 156GB Anytime data at N52,100 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Bumpa Value_62600_360D: 192GB Anytime data at N62,600 + free unlimited morning browsing
    • Bumpa Value_73000_360D: 216GB Anytime data at N73,000 + free unlimited nigt browsing

Data Boosters-Top Ups

This is a top-up plan for all plans. These top-up plans last as long as the base plan you subscribed to. These plans are;

  • 1GB at N500
  • 2GB at N1,000
  • 5GB at N2,500
  • 10GB at N4,000

For all data plans with free unlimited morning and night browsing, the free morning browsing time is from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m., while the night browsing is from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. In addition, on weekends and public holidays, night plans have 24 hours access. Also, bonuses on data subscriptions are not rolled over.

Spectranet Unlimited Data Plan

The Spectranet Unlimited data plan provides for 24 hours internet access at full speed. The data plan is valid for 30 days, and a usage policy applies when you use more than the required volume within the period of its validity. While the Unlimited Diamond plan has a data volume of 500GB (FUB), the Unlimited Gold Plan has a volume of 100GB. The price for the Spectranet Unlimited Gold data plan is N18,000, while the Unlimited Diamond plan costs N19,000.

The unlimited data plan is available to customers who are on any commercial plan. A customer can opt in and out of the unlimited plan at any time in their subscription, and the balances for the two different plans are kept separately.

How to Activate and Pay for a Spectranet Data Plan

To activate a data plan, you have to log in to the Spectranet self-care portal first. There are channels to select from; either you pay online through the self-care portal, In Person by locating an outlet, recharge vouchers, or the bank.

For the Online Subscription Payment

  • Log in to your account with your user id and password on the self-care portal https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng/
  • When you’re on your account screen, click on “refill” on the left sidebar.
  • After clicking on refill, you’ll be shown three options, which are: prepaid voucher and web pay
  • Choose the payment or subscription method convenient for you and follow the instructions.

Pay Using a Prepaid Voucher

You can buy Spectranet’s prepaid voucher from any of their stores or partners’ outlets for any of the plans you wish to subscribe for.

If you have a prepaid voucher, simply click on the “use prepaid voucher” option. This would take you to a new page where you’ll be able to input the prepaid voucher pin and renew your subscription.

Refill your account using Webpay

On clicking on this option, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be asked to enter the amount you wish to pay and in what currency (The default currency is Naira).

Enter the amount and click submit; you’ll be taken to the Web pay portal. On the portal, you’ll need your ATM details to enable you to pay online.

  • After refilling your account, go back to your Account Summary page.
  • Scroll down you’ll see two options for you to either Renew your data subscription with your current plan or with a different plan entirely.
  • Select the option you wish to go for and complete your subscription

In-Person Payment

Locate any of the Spectranet outlets to make your subscription payment.

  • You can visit the Spectranet website https://spectranet.com.ng/how-to-pay
  • Select In-Person payment method
  • Search for channel partners and shops close to your location
  • Visit and makes your payment.

Bank Payment

You can pay for your Spectranet subscription through bank transfers and online banking channels. If you want to pay through the bank, visit https://spectranet.com.ng/how-to-pay.

  • Select Bank Payment
  • On the next page, you will be shown banks and the prompt to pay through them.
  • Also, there are account numbers for Zenith bank in case you wish to make a bank transfer.
  • Transfer payments take at least four hours to reflect, and you’ll have to share your user id and email id details for the process to be faster.
  • If you want to pay through bank internet banking,
    • Click on the bank of your choice
    • log in with your username and password
    • follow the instructions to complete the subscription payment
  • To pay through a bank app,
    • log in to your bank app
    • click on bills payment
    • select internet service
    • click on biller and product
    • click on Spectranet
    • choose refill (if you want to add money for change of plan or auto-renewal in the future) or Renew (if you wish to renew an existing subscription plan)
    • enter your Spectranet user id in the ref number section
    • enter your narration and click verify
    • follow the instruction to the end to complete your payment
    • then restart your Spectranet device for the payment to reflect

Spectranet Devices and their Prices

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Spectranet devices provide you with a fast and constant internet connection. They support multiple OS, like Linux, MAC, Windows, and Android. Several persons, up to 10 devices, can connect to the router at the same time. This high-speed wifi router is perfect for home, office, and business. Spectranet Nigeria provides various devices to support your internet connection with options like the following.

  • Ace Mifi: This device gives access to up to 10 users. It has a display screen that allows for monitoring and management of connected devices. Other features include memory card slot, data limit feature, battery life of 48 hours on standby and 10 working hours, etc. In addition, the device comes with 70GB +Free unlimited night browsing + 60GB renewal bonus. The price for this device is N23,500.
  • Blue Freedom Mifi: This device comes with a display screen, standard micro USB interface, and battery life of eight working hours and 24 hours standby time. In addition, it comes with 45GB + free night browsing and a 60GB renewal bonus. The price for the device is N17,000.
  • Evo Mifi: This device has a high speed and beautiful design. Other features include memory card space, USB interface, 10 working hours, and 24 hours standby battery time. In addition, you get 70GB + free unlimited night browsing bonus + 60GB renewal bonus. The price for this device is N21,000.
  • Blaze Home Broadband Device: In addition to other features of Spectranet devices, it has two antennas for higher signal strength, inbuilt URL web filters for data limit feature, and website restrictions. The battery life is six working hours and 24 hours standby time. It also has a 70GB + free unlimited night browsing bonus + a 60GB renewal bonus. The price for the device is N23,500.
  • Flyt Home Broadband Device: This is a bold broadband device with Qualcomm Chipset for better performance. Its battery life span is eight working hours and 32 hours standby time. Other features include speed limiting, Bridge Mode for an enterprise solution, parental control, IP Blacklist, and user-friendly GUI. It comes with a bonus of 120GB + unlimited Always On Data at 512kbps. The price for the broadband device is N27,500.

  • Spectra Outdoor Modem: The main advantages are high signal strength, reliable and constant internet connection, plus the superior quality of the signal. It also has in-built website restriction and web filters, a communication hub for enterprise business, and a high gain directional antenna. You can perfectly use this router for your home or your enterprise. The price for this device is N70,000

How to Check Spetranet Balance

If you want to check your Spectranet data plan balance, you must have changed your password from the self-care portal when you first logged into the site.

  • Log into the self-care portal with your username and password
  • Click on Account details or Data balance
  • Your Spectranet data balance will then be displayed

Spectranet Self Care Portal

The Self-care portal via https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng is a platform specifically designed for Spectranet subscribers to manage their data plans by themselves. It is a platform where you buy data from, check your data balance, monitor how much data you’re using, and if you’re using it in an office or sharing it with one or more people, you can also monitor the devices connected to your Spectranet device that are consuming much data.

You can use the self-care portal when you don’t have a subscription or when your subscription has expired. All you need to do is make sure you’re connected to the Spectranet network; this way, you can easily buy or subscribe to a new data plan. You will be asked to change your password at the point of purchase of the Spectranet Wifi Modem, where you will be issued a login username and password. You will use these login details to log into the self-care portal, and then you will be asked to change it after the first login.

How to Recover Your Password

In case you forget your password, you don’t have to fidget about that. Just go to the Self-care portal and click on the forgot password link on the portal. Enter your username and the characters in the Security Image, then click the ‘Submit button.’

You will receive a temporary password instantly via SMS and the e-mail you registered with. Enter the temporary password, and you will be able to access your Self-care account. Change the temporary password to your preferred password.


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