How To Migrate to Glo Berekete and the Code to Use

You can Migrate to Glo Berekete by dialing the code *230# using a mobile line that is duly registered with Glo.

Over the years, Globacom has continued to bring up more juicy packages that not only provide its customers with the opportunity to talk and browse endlessly but also at a very affordable rate. This is mostly why Glo is largely described as the cheapest network service provider in Nigeria. To enjoy all the benefits of Glo, subscribe to Glo Berekete. Get to know more about the benefits and how you can easily migrate to Glo Berekete at no cost.

Glo Berekete Code

The Glo Berekete code is *230#. It is the tariff plan that Glo launched to replace the promotional Yakata Plan as the default tariff plan for new customers. This unique prepaid package gives all Glo subscribers more data and airtime bonuses.

The service provider announced an enhancement of its popular tariff plan, with the hope to make customers talk endlessly with their friends, loved ones, and business partners without a heavy impact on their wallets.

How to Migrate to Glo Berekete

The code for migrating to Glo Berekete for all existing prepaid customers is *230#. This code allows all existing prepaid customers to migrate to the plan by dialing *230# using their Glo mobile lines.

On the other hand, new Glo customers are automatically placed on this package. This means that if you purchase a new Glo SIM, you’ll need not worry about migrating to the package as your sim is automatically placed on the Berekete plan.

Note: Customers whose Glo sim cards were activated less than 4 months before the Berekete plan was launched were migrated to the plan by default. Hence, they need not go through the migration process again.

You can choose to opt-out of the plan by migrating to other Glo plans like the Glo Yakata plan but you must first note that when your subscription to the Berekete plan is terminated, you will lose your bonuses upon your successful migration.

Beefits of Glo Berekete

Glo Berekete comes with loads of benefits for all of its subscribers. These benefits include the following:

  • Offers a whopping 700% bonus on every recharge to call all networks. Subscribers can also browse the internet with this bonus.
  • Glo Berekete subscribers also receive a 150% data bonus on 1st recharge of the month (up to 5GB FREE), every month for 4 months.
  • New Glo Berekete subscribers are credited with N600 immediately they opt into the Glo Berekete tariff. All they need to do is recharge a minimum of N100 and make a phone call for a successful activation. This bonus airtime can be used to purchase data and also call every network.
  • Glo Berekete subscribers receive up to 100% bonus on every data plan they buy for 4 months.
  • This package is available for all Glo new and existing prepaid customers.

Breakdown of all of the Glo Berekete Bonuses for Subscribers.

Recharge Amount Main Account Total Bonus Value (700%) Data Bonus (MB) Special Data Bonus on 1st Recharge of The Month (MB)
N100 N100 N700 40mb 40mb
N200 N200 N1,400 80mb 200mb
N500 N500 N3,500 200mb 500mb
N1,000 N1,000 N7,000 400mb 1,000mb
N5,000 N5,000 N35,000 2,000mb 5,000mb


The table below gives you a breakdown of the data plan and bonuses new Glo Berekete subscribers get

Data Plan Price (N) Glo Data Plans and Bonus for New Subscribers
50 90MB+5MB*=95MB/1d
100 205MB+35MB*=240MB/1d
200 440MB + 110MB* = 550MB/2d
500 1.6GB + 550MB* = 2.15GB/14d
1,000 3.4GB + 1GB* = 4.4GB
1,500 6.25GB + 600MB* = 6.85GB
2,000 9GB + 600MB* = 9.6GB
2,500 12GB + 900MB* = 12.9GB
3,000 16.25GB + 1GB* = 17.25GB
4,000 18.25GB + 1GB* = 19.25GB
5,000 30GB + 1.25GB* = 31.25GB
8,000 36GB + 2GB* = 38GB
10,000 46GB + 4GB* = 50GB
15,000 86GB + 7GB* = 93GB
18,000 109GB + 10GB* = 119GB
20,000 126GB + 12GB* = 138GB

Glo Berekete Conditions and Requirements 

Migrating to the Glo Berekete plan is quite simple for all new and existing customers but subscribers must first adhere to the main requirement needed to enjoy the benefits that come with the package.

  • The major condition attached to Glo Berekete is that you will be able to access this bonus after completing your SIM registration, recharging with a minimum of N100, and making your first call.
  • Also, note that the welcome bonus is a one-off benefit that applies to the recharge with which you activated your new SIM. Subsequent will not get the N600 bonus, but you will be entitled to a whopping 700% bonus.
  • Both voice and data bonuses are valid for seven days from when your line is credited.

What is Glo Berekete Call Rate

When making a call using your main account balance, the Glo network will bill your calls at the rate of 36k/sec to all networks. However, by default, the network takes its charges for calls you make from your bonuses until it is completely depleted. Meanwhile, all voice calls bonus accounts are charged at 77k/sec.

Note: International calls and SMS will be charged from your main account at the applicable rates per destination. In other words, you cannot use your bonuses to text or make international calls.

How To Check Glo Berekete Airtime Bonus Balance

When you are done with calls and you want to check your Berekete bonus on Glo network, you can simply dial *230*1#. This will display the voice (call) and data balance you have on your Berekete balance.

How To Check Glo Berekete Data Bonus

The code for checking your data balance on glo berekete is *127*0#. Dialling this code on your Glo mobile line gives you details of the data plan you subscribe to and your berekete bonus balance.

Note: If you subscribe to a glo data plan while still enjoying the BEREKETE data bonus, your subscribed data plan will be paused until your BEREKETE data bonus expires. Once the bonus is exhausted, your data plan will become active automatically and your bundle validity counter will start.

An additional recharge of your Glo line when your data plan is still active does not negatively affect your plan. Instead, you get an additional data bonus to your existing data volume.

For example, if you have an existing data plan of 5GB with 30 days validity and you recharge with N100, you will receive 40MB bonus and your new data balance will be 5.04GB with 30 days validity.

When Does Glo Berekete Bonus Expire?

All Berekete bonuses have a validity period of just 7 days and it starts counting from the moment you recharge. This means that you are expected to use your bonus within the period of 7 days before it expires. Meanwhile, you can accumulate bonuses and extend the validity period of your previous bonuses by simply recharging again.


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