How To Get 2GB Free Extra Google Drive Storage In 3 Short Steps

Saving your files on your phone, laptop or hard drive is a great idea, but there’s no guarantee about the safety of the files. Currently, the internet seems like the safest place to store your files and google drive is a cool place to get that file hidden. The good thing about google drive is that it is accessible from any part of the world at any time, without you necessarily carrying anything about.

To access google drive, you should first own a Google account. Just in case you do not have a google account, sign up HERE asap, then come back to this article and get details of how to upgrade your Gigabit space on your google drive account. Spend a few minutes to review your account security and get ready to get 2GB of free extra Google Drive Storage.

Google Drive has been generously giving users 15GB of free storage space by default, but if users get to review their account security, Google is willing to throw in 2GB of extra free storage.

As part of  “Safer Internet Day 2016” celebration, Google is offering 2GB of extra free Drive storage to those willing to review their security settings. No actual changes need to be done to your security settings, as you can get the extra free storage by just clicking on the “Done” buttons. Fortunately, making use of this opportunity can actually make you reconsider your Google account security settings.

Step One

The first step is to improve the security of your account, review the backup email and phone number, which will be used to recover your password in case it’s forgotten. Furthermore, you should also review your security question.

Step Two

Next, you should review your connected device. If a device that you do not recognize is on Google’s list of devices, all that is needed is just to tap the “Something is wrong” button and you’ll be asked to come up with a new password in order to block unauthorized access.

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Step Three

Finally, review the application permissions. Each app that you’ve granted permission to access data from your Google account will be listed along with the corresponding permission. If you see an app that gets more information than you think it shouldn’t be getting, just revoke its permission. After completing these three steps, the free Google Drive quota will be raised to 17GB. The good thing about this free extra GB is that it never gets to expire.

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Also, if an attacker steals your password, he won’t be able to access your account. You should consider setting up two-step verification on your device, especially when working with sensitive data on your account. With this two-step verification set up, Google will send a text message with a single-use code each time you log in. This verification code works alongside the password (hence the name of the two-step verification system)

I hope you find this explanation useful and insightful. Thanks for reading through, enjoy your free gigabyte.

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