How To Check BVN Or Buy Airtime On Zenith Bank

To check BVN on Zenith Bank, dial *565*0#. To buy airtime on Zenith Bank dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# on your phone (e.g. *966*1000*0803456789#) to buy airtime for yourself or others. Other means include the mobile app, internet banking, etc.

Zenith Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria that has embraced technological advancements in offering its services. Apart from the regular banking services offered by Zenith Bank, they provide a means of checking BVN and also recharging airtime. As an institution that understands the usefulness of the Bank Verification Number, Zenith Bank customers are urged to register and link their BVN with their accounts.

Without the registration and linking up of the BVN with the Zenith bank account, the account remains inactive for some transactions. According to the CBN directives on BVN, one BVN registration is enough for all your bank accounts. Zenith Bank customers who have more than one account with the bank can make use of one BVN for all the accounts.

What is the Need for BVN?

There are many reasons why the BVN is important. Presently, BVN has stood to be an essential part of all bank customers as it is compulsory to have one. In Zenith Bank, your account number can not be fully active until you register and link your BVN. Below are some of the usefulness of BVN to both Zenith Bank and the customers:

  • To decrease fraud, safeguard bank clients, and reduce, if not completely eradicate fraudulent transactions.
  • Increasing the security of financial transactions and simplifying banking processes, particularly inter-bank transfers.
  • To safeguard consumers with numerous accounts with a single registration in any bank where they hold an account.
  • To increase credit advances to bank customers while decreasing reported occurrences of scams, impersonations, fraud, and account hacking.
  • Improve the efficiency of the banks’ operations.

Zenith Bank BVN Code

The BVN code for Zenith Bank is *565*0#. Dial this from the phone number linked to your Zenith Bank account to retrieve your BVN.

How to Check BVN on Zenith Bank

There are different channels open for customers to access their BVN. This is to avoid the stress of customers going to the banking hall just to request for it. BVN can be checked through the following ways:

  • Zenith Bank Internet Banking Platform
  • Mobile App
  • USSD code
  • Customer service help desk

How to Check Zenith BVN Through Internet Banking

To check the BVN through this platform, the customer must have a registered account with the Zenith Bank internet banking platform. If not, this process will require registration with the platform. Below are the steps to check BVN on this platform:

  • Access Zenith bank internet banking by clicking here
  • Select how you want to log in from the token or password option
  • Input your account number
  • Enter your password
  • This grants you access to the platform, and then on the dashboard is the BVN

How to Check BVN via Mobile App

Zenith Bank customers who make use of the mobile app can have access to their BVN through the app. It will only require the user to have the mobile app on the device and a working internet connection. To access BVN on your mobile app, follow the steps below:

  • Download the mobile app or click here
  • Install the app on your phone
  • Access the app
  • Choose Token or Password as your login method.
  • Input your account number
  • Enter your password
  • The BVN is on the dashboard

Can I Check Zenith Bank BVN using the USSD Code?

No, you can’t. Zenith Bank makes use of *966# as the USSD code for transactions. However, you cannot check your BVN through it. Bank customers would have to use *565*0# as the USSD code to check BVN at any time.

Note that the use of *565*0# has a charge of N20 from your network provider. Therefore, customers are advised to copy out the BVN to avoid constant charges whenever they need the BVN.

How Can I Request For My BVN From The Customer Service Help Desk in The Bank? 

Follow these steps to request your BVN from customer service. Every Zenith bank branch across the country has the presence of a customer care representative. They are there to help customers with information that relates to their banking activities. Therefore, to request BVN from the customer care unit:

  • Kindly walk into any Zenith bank branch near you
  • Locate the customer care unit by the side of the banking hall
  • Approach the customer care representative and place your request
  • Ensure that you provide a valid means of identification for confirmation that you are the owner of the BVN.

How to Link BVN to a Zenith Bank Account Number(s)

There are various ways to link the BVN to a Zenith Bank account number. Linking your BVN with the bank has been made very easy, as there are now several options to do this. Customers who registered their BVN with another bank can still link the same BVN with their Zenith Bank account. Below are the different ways to link the BVN number on Zenith Bank:

  • Through Internet Banking
  • By USSD code
  • Zenith Direct
  • Zenith bank website

Linking BVN to Zenith bank Through Internet Banking 

To do this via internet banking, the customer must be registered with the internet banking platform and must have obtained all the necessary login details required to use the internet banking platform. Below are the steps to linking BVN through the internet banking platform:

  • Access the Zenith bank internet banking platform or click here
  • Scroll to Account Summary located on the left pane and click on it
  • Tap the BVN update
  • Finally, type in your BVN
  • Click on the Submit button

Using a USSD Code to Connect a BVN to a Zenith Bank Account

Customers can link their BVN with a Zenith bank account through the use of the USSD code. To do this, dial using your registered phone number, *966*YourBVN #.

How to Link BVN via Zenith Direct

The steps below can be used to link BVN to Zenith Direct:

  • Have the BVN update form downloaded and printed out
  • Fill out the form correctly
  • Then email it to [email protected]

For more clarification, call the contact center at the following numbers +234 1 2787000, +234 1 2927000

How to Use Zenith Bank’s Website to Link BVN to Accounts

Below are the ways to make use of the bank website to link BVN to accounts:

  • Visit the Zenith bank website or click here
  • Input your NUBAN or account number
  • Input your BVN
  • Go through security validation by inputting the correct security code for validation
  • Input your token details to update your account

When you find it difficult to update or link your account using the above-explained methods. Kindly visit any Zenith bank branch close to you for further assistance.

How to Change Phone Number Used in Registering BVN

In order to change a phone number, the customer must go to Zenith Bank or any bank branch where the BVN is registered and fill out the relevant form. It is not feasible to make changes to BVN information online. The customer service representative will assist you in making the necessary modifications.

Consequences of Not Connecting BVN to Zenith Bank Account

When your BVN is not linked to your Zenith Bank account, such an account stays dormant until the consumer ties the BVN to the bank account. It means that the account cannot be used for any transactions. Most crucially, Zenith bank accounts connected to a BVN can still receive cash but can not withdraw it. To prevent such limitations, it is critical to link your BVN number to your Zenith bank account number. By connecting the BVN to your Zenith bank account, you can avoid a lot of problems.

List of Transactions BVN can Be Used For in Zenith Bank

Transactions that the BVN as directed by the CBN aids in completing in Zenith bank can not be overemphasized. In fact, there is no transaction that can be completed at Zenith Bank without BVN. The only known transaction that can be completed without BVN is receiving funds.

As a directive from the apex bank of Nigeria, the following are important transactions that cannot be done without the BVN:

Opening a Current or Corporate Account

Zenith bank customers can not open a current account or a corporate account without having a registered BVN. This has formed part of the requirements for having such an account.

Registering with Zenith Internet Banking

BVN stands as one of the major requirements for registering an account with internet banking with the bank. Therefore, all transactions that can be done through internet banking require a BVN update of such an internet banking account.

Applying for Bank Advancements

Most customers do seek cash advancement from Zenith Bank to support their business and other purposes. The bank can not approve any form of advancement for a customer that doesn’t have BVN registered in their account. The BVN is used by the bank to check the creditworthiness of the customer before approving any advancement.

To Change your Zenith Bank Account Phone Number

Customers who wish to change the phone number used in opening an account with the bank can not do this without registering on BVN. On the change of phone number form that will be filled out by the customer, BVN is a compulsory section to fill in.

Zenith Bank Account Upgrade

To upgrade the deposit and withdrawal limits of the Zenith accounts, the BVN is a major requirement. This will help the bank have a look at your financial inflows and then decide if the account is worthy of an upgrade to the requested level.

Account Restriction

Certain situations may warrant a customer’s demand that the account is restricted from some transactions. The role of BVN in the approval of such a demand helps the bank determine if the person requesting the account restriction is actually the owner. This is achieved by comparing information from the debit card with the one presented.

How to Buy Airtime from Zenith Bank

There are several ways in which Zenith Bank customers can comfortably purchase airtime directly from their account. It simply deducts the value from the balance on the account and credits the mobile number with the value requested. Recharging a mobile phone from the account doesn’t attract any charge, all that will be deducted is the amount requested. Below are the ways one can buy airtime through the bank:

  • USSD Code
  • Mobile banking
  • Mobile App
  • ATM
  • POS

How to Recharge Airtime Using Zenith Bank’s USSD Code

You can do this through the code *966#. The bank’s USSD code is one of the fastest ways of performing a lot of financial transactions. Before being able to recharge your phone with the USSD code, you must have your account registered with the USSD code service. Afterward, enter the last six digits of your debit card, then create a four-digit number that will serve as your password.

To buy airtime with your account, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *966# with the number registered on the account
  • Select 5 from the options provided
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN
  • Your mobile network account will be credited instantly with the value you applied

Alternatively, one can recharge airtime using the USSD code by simply dialing *966*Amount to recharge#. The mobile network account will automatically be credited.

How Can One Recharge Airtime Through Internet Banking

To recharge your mobile number through the internet banking platform, one must have an account on the bank’s internet banking platform. The process requires the following steps to successfully buy airtime on the Zenith internet banking platform:

  • Access the Zenith bank internet banking platform or click here
  • Select the login process that is comfortable from a PIN or token options
  • Enter your account number in the provided space
  • Insert your PIN or token as selected
  • Click on the login button
  • On the dashboard, scroll to the menu icon
  • From the list of options provided, select airtime recharge
  • Input select recharge self or input the number you wish to recharge
  • Input the amount
  • Click the send button

After the above steps, your mobile network account will automatically be credited with the requested amount.

Can I Recharge Airtime Through the Zenith Mobile App

Yes you can recharge airtime through the Zenith Bank App. The bank’s mobile app platform is a self-service platform that was developed to help customers handle some of their transactions. Among the transactions that can be done through the mobile app is the recharging of airtime. The following steps are used to recharge airtime using the mobile app platform:

  • Download the Zenith Bank mobile app or click here
  • Click on the app to install, and register your account on the mobile app
  • Input your account number and the password
  • On the dashboard, scroll  to airtime recharge
  • Choose whether you want to recharge yourself or another number.
  • Input the number you wish to recharge
  • Input your 4-digit password, and then the number will be credited instantly

How to Recharge Airtime via Zenith Bank ATM

To use the ATM for this service, you have to visit an ATM outlet. To a large extent, the presence of ATM outlets in the country has encouraged self-service banking. The availability of ATMs has also helped customers who are in need of airtime find a means of recharging their mobile numbers without any charge. To recharge your airtime through the ATM, follow the following steps as provided:

  • Slot your ATM card into the machine to initiate a transaction
  • Input your debit card PIN
  • Click on airtime recharge
  • Input the amount you want to recharge
  • From the list of mobile networks, providers select the network to recharge
  • Input the amount you wish to recharge
  • Input the phone number if you want to recharge another account
  • Go through the details for confirmation
  • Then click on proceed

How to Recharge Airtime Through Zenith POS outlets

To use the POS for this service, you have to visit a POS outlet. This option stands to be the last solution to having your airtime recharged when all the above-mentioned options are not available. But the fact remains that all the above options are not unavailable at the same time.

But to recharge using the Zenith bank POS machine, give the POS attendant your debit card and let the person know you wish to recharge airtime from your account. Input your password and then provide the number to recharge and the amount. Wait for a debit alert from your account and confirm that the mobile number is credited with the requested amount.

Note: POS services attract a charge for any transaction but you can negotiate with the POS agent on the charge.


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