How To Check BVN on UBA and the Code to Use

The Bank Verification Number, commonly known as BVN, is an 11-digit identification number assigned to every customer in Nigerian banks. It is a global method of identification that every customer uses to operate a bank account within Nigeria to reduce illegal transactions. UBA account holders are also expected to enroll and activate BVN for various accounts they operate with the bank. The UBA BVN is open to old and new customers.

This initiative helps reduce fraud and increased efficiency in banking operations for customers involved in credit transactions. The BVN is obtained by enrolling the customer’s fingerprint, facial image, and signature. The BVN data is registered using secure methods and direct transmission of the customer’s information to a central database for processing. Irrespective of the number of accounts one has, only one BVN is needed to operate all the accounts.

How to Check BVN on UBA Online

Accessing your BVN details through the UBA online is possible and convenient. Customers only need to follow the simple steps below:

  • Log into the UBA online banking platform known as the UBA online or click here.
  • Access your account on the online platform.
  • Scroll to the BVN section.
  • You will then get all your BVN details.

Note that there are treats that accompany the use of online platforms to check your BVN, as it gives complete access to your account information. That is why customers are advised to use the UBA mobile banking platform.

What is the Code to Check BVN on UBA?

The USSD code to check BVN on UBA is *919*18#. One can quickly get the BVN with this code without any stress. To use this code, you are only required to use the SIM card used to register the UBA account. Note that a small charge accompanies the use of this code.

How To Check My UBA BVN Number With My Phone

Through the mobile phone, UBA customers can also have access to their BVN numbers. It doesn’t demand the use of any mobile internet access. Below are the important steps to access your UBA BVN number through your phone:

  • Dial *919*18# using the same number you used in registering your UBA account.
  • Insert your 4-digit transfer PIN.
  • Wait as your BVN number gets displayed.

Other Means Of Checking BVN on UBA

Other than the methods explained above, there is another means of getting the BVN. You can also get your BVN through the process below:

The UBA Online Customer Care Service.

Customers can write to the customer care service of UBA through an email addressed to [email protected]. The mail must bear your request as the subject. Within 24 hours, customer service will reply to you with your BVN. Note the mail should be a UBA-recognized email address during BVN registration.

In a situation where there is a lack of internet connection, customers can also reach out to customer care through the phone numbers:

  • +2347002255822
  • +23416319822
  • +23412808822.

How to Register BVN In UBA Nigeria

The BVN registration can be done in any UBA branch across the country. The following steps are required to accomplish the BVN registration:

  • Walk into any UBA branch closest to you and approach the customer care section.
  • Request for BVN registration.
  • An enrollment form will be given.
  • Fill in the document appropriately.
  • Undergo the biometric exercise, and this will demand your fingerprint, photograph, and signature.
  • A ticket ID will be issued to you.
  • Your BVN will be delivered to the mobile number filled in the enrollment form in a short period.

How UBA Abroad Customers Can Register Their BVN

Based on its commitment to provide strong customer support, United Bank for Africa has set up accounts for Nigerians in their respective countries of residence. A list of locations in each country has been provided for Nigerians to visit and register their BVN. The major good thing about this easy way of getting your BVN despite dwelling in a foreign land is the ability to link that BVN to other bank accounts you own within and outside Nigeria.

How to Link BVN in UBA

There are several options available to link BVN to the UBA account. These options are designed to be very easy for UBA customers. A customer doesn’t have to visit any bank branch to link BVN. Carefully follow any of the options provided below and have your BVN successfully linked to your BVN account number:

Link BVN On UBA Account On Your Phone

  • Dial *919*60# with the same mobile number used to open your account number.
  • The next step is to input the 11-digits number.

Immediately your BVN will be linked with the UBA account number.

How to Link BVN Using UBA Internet Banking Platform

Linking BVN through the UBA website is relatively very easy as the website is user-friendly. Customers are to follow the steps below to link the BVN online successfully:

  • Access the UBA internet banking platform or click here.
  • Input the user ID to log in.
  • Scroll to link BVN.
  • Enter the UBA account number.
  • Tap the verify button to have the account number verified.
  • Input the 11-digits BVN number in the provided space.
  • From the list provided, click on the bank that Issued your BVN.
  • Answer a few secret questions and move to the final stage.
  • Tap the submit button to link the BVN number

How To Link BVN Using The Prepaid Card

  • Login to the website or click here.
  • Input the prepared client ID. This ID should be as it is on the prepaid card.
  • Tap the verify button to run a verification on the client id provided.
  • Input the BVN 11-digits number
  • Finally, tap the submit button to have the BVN linked.

Consequences of Not Linking Your BVN with Your UBA Account

Until a customer links the BVN with the bank account, such an account remains inactive. It means that no transaction can be done with the account. Most importantly, UBA accounts that have not been linked with a BVN can still receive funds but can not be withdrawn. Therefore, linking your BVN number with your UBA account number is very important to avoid such restrictions. A lot is prevented by linking the BVN with your UBA account.

Linking Your BVN Helps In Preventing The Following:

  • It helps avoid unauthorized access to your bank accounts by some financial institutions.
  • It helps in avoiding a decline in your financial transactions.
  • It helps in preventing the long delay previously experienced before one’s account can be verified among banks.

How To Change My BVN Phone Number Online

It is impossible to effect any changes in the BVN online. In a situation that requires a change of phone number, the customer has to visit the UBA branch where the BVN was registered and fill out the necessary form. The customer care representative will help in effecting the requested changes.

Importance of Having Your BVN Handy

The BVN is important as your bank account, and it is essential to have your BVN handy. There are two significant benefits of having your BVN handy, and they are:

  • It removes the stress of looking for alternatives for retrieving the BVN number.
  • You save N20 from network providers if you have your UBA BVN handy.
  • BVN helps to reduce fraud, increase banking operations’ efficiency, and enable customer access to future credit facilities.


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