100 Rare Igbo Names for Boys and Girls with their Meanings

Igbo names serve as a means of identification, inducting children into family, society, culture, and religion. Beyond these, names in Igbo culture express nature, power, blessings as well as prophesying into a child. For instance, a parent might name a child Azuka (confidence) to prophesy that this child in question grows to become confident.

Also, Igbo names can be derived from situations or circumstances that surround the birth of a child. Although in ancient times, Igbo names were derived from the ancient religious beliefs amidst other things, the Igbo people have recently adopted the use of names that depict their religious beliefs which is mostly Christianity. An instance is in the name Chukwudi (God exists).

The Igbo people dignify the naming of a child and celebrate it through a naming ceremony. Although this celebration is not celebrated by some individuals in modern Igbo land, some communities hold it dear. It also varies in different communities. The traditional ceremony is done after the birth of a child. A diviner is called upon to identify if the child is a reincarnation of an ancestor after which the family offers a sacrifice to bury the umbilical cord and shave the baby’s head. The ceremony takes place on the 7th, 8th, or 12 days after the child’s birth. Apart from those who practice the traditional ceremony, religion and denomination play vital roles in the name of a child. For instance, Catholic parents take their infant children for baptism and choose a name for the child. Although baptismal names are mostly in English, Hebrew, or names of other saints, Igbo names are equally allowed as long as they make reference to the divinity of God and do not drift or contradict one’s faith. Here are 100 Igbo names, their pronunciations, and their meanings.

Igbo Names For Boys and Their Meanings

Igbo boys names
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1. Achebe

  • Meaning: One who is protected by the goddess
  • Pronunciation: Ah-cheh-beh
  • Also known as: Chebe
  • Famous people with the name: Chinua Achebe (Nigerian novelist)

2. Afamefuna (Ahamefuna or Ahamefula)

  • Meaning: my name will never be lost; may my name never die
  • Pronunciation: Afah-meh-fu-nah (Aha-meh-fu-nah)
  • Also known as: Afam (Aham)
  • Famous people with the name: Robin Afamefuna (Nigerian-German footballer)

3. Arinzechukwu

  • Meaning: If not for God; Thanks be to God, God’s assistance, God’s Grace
  • Pronunciation: ah-rin-zeh-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Rinze, Arinze, Ary
  • Famous people with the name: Arinzechukwu Patrick (writer and photographer)

3. Chibuike

  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Pronunciation:  chi-boo-i-keh
  • Also Known as: Buike, Ike
  • Famous people with the name: John Chibuike (Nigerian footballer), Yul Chibuike Edochie (Nigerian actor)

4. Chimezie

  • Meaning: God restores, God replenishes or repairs
  • Pronunciation: chi-me-zie
  • Also known as: Mezie
  • Famous people with the name: Bright Chimezie (singer), Chimezie Mbah (football player)

5. Chukwuemeka

  • Meaning: God has done so much, God has done something great
  • Pronunciation: chu-koo-e-meh-kah
  • Also known as: Emeka, Chuks
  • Famous people with the name: Carney Chukwuemeka (Austrian-English-Nigerian footballer), Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (former governor of Eastern region, Nigeria)

6. Ifeanyichukwu

  • Meaning: There is nothing God cannot do, No one is greater than God
  • Pronunciation:   I-fea-nyi-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Ifeanyi
  • Famous people with the name: Alex Ifeanyichkwu Ekueme (first elected Nigeria’s vice president), Ifeanyichukwu Onyeachonam (musician), Ifeanyi Kalu (actor, model and fashion designer), Ifeanyichukwu Stephanie Chiejine (late female footballer)

7. Chizitere (Chizutere)/Chizitelu

  • Meaning: God-sent
  • Pronunciation: chi-zee-teh-reh
  • Also known as: Zite, Zitel, Zitere, Chizy
  • Famous people with the name: Chizitere Agbakwuru (basketball player)

8. Obinna

  • Meaning: father’s heart
  • Pronunciation: O-bi-n-nah
  • Also known as: Obi, Nnah
  • Famous people with the name: Obinna Iyiegbu (Obi Cubana – businessman), Victor Obinna (footballer)

9. Chimaroke

  • Meaning: God knows how to share gifts
  • Pronunciation: chi-mah-ro-keh
  • Also known as: Chima
  • Famous people with the name: Chimaroke Nnamani (medical doctor and politician), Chimarike Akube (actor)

10. Nnamdi

  • Meaning: My father lives, my God is alive
  • Pronunciation: n-nahm-dee
  • Also known as: Nnam
  • Famous people with the name: Nnamdi Azikiwe (first Nigeria’s president)

11. Chijioke

  • Meaning: God is the custodian of all shares/talents and blessings
  • Pronunciation: chi-jio-keh
  • Also known as: Jioke, Chiji
  • Famous people with the name: Prince Chijioke Mbanefo (musician)

12. Chinedu

  • Meaning: God leads
  • Pronunciation: Chi-ne-doo
  • Also known as: Nedu, Edu
  • Famous people with the name: Chinedu Ikedieze (actor) Prince Chinedu Nwadike (musical artist)

11. Iheanacho (Ifeanacho)

  • Meaning: Precious; what everyone seeks
  • Pronunciation: I-heh-nah-cho (I-feh-nah-ch)
  • Also known as: Anacho, Nacho, Ihee
  • Famous people with the name: Kelechi Iheanacho (footballer)

12. Igwebuike

  • Meaning: Strength in number
  • Pronunciation: i-gwe-bi-keh
  • Also known as: Igwe, Ike, Buike
  • Famous people with the name: Igwebuike Godwin (American football player), Donald Igwebuike (American football player)

13. Ikenna

  • Meaning: father’s power, God’s power
  • Pronunciation: I-keh-n-nah
  • Also known as: Ike, Iyke
  • Famous people with the name: Ikenna Hillary (footballer)

14. Jachike

  • Meaning: Give praise to God
  • Pronunciation: jaa-chi-keh
  • Also known as: Chike, Jachi
  • Famous people with the name: Jachike Okpala (Nigerian cinematographer, actor and producer)

15. Jidenna

  • Meaning: Hold on to your God/father
  • Pronunciation: ji-de-n-nah
  • Also known as: Jide
  • Famous people with the name: Jidenna Theodore Mobisson (Nigerian-American rapper)

16. Ndubuisi

  • Meaning: Life is supreme; life comes first; life is important
  • Pronunciation: n-duh-bee-see
  • Also known as: En-dee, Ndu
  • Famous people with the name: Ndubuisi Ekekwe (author), Ndubuisi Egbo (football manager)

17. Nnabuenyi

  • Meaning: father is great
  • Pronunciation: n-nah-bu-eh-ny(ɲy)ee
  • Also known as: Nna
  • Famous people with the name: Nnabuenyi Ugonna (ethnologist, linguist and writer)

18. Okeke

  • Meaning: Male born on eke market day
  • Pronunciation: o-kay-kay
  • Also known as: Okey
  • Famous people with the name: Danielle Okeke (actress), Chidinma Okeke (football player), Chuma Okeke (Nigerian-American professional basketball player)

19. Obumnaeme (Obumnaeke)

  • Meaning: It’s not my doing
  • Pronunciation: o-bum-neh-meh
  • Also known as: Obumneme, Obum
  • Famous people with the name: Pope Obumneme Odonwodo (Nigerian actor), Obumneme Nwankwo (basketball player)

20. Obimaburugonachukwu

  • Meaning: my heart is comforted/rests in God
  • Pronunciation: oh-bee-mah-boo-roo-goh-nah-chi-koo
  • Also known as: Obim
  • Famous people with the name: unspecified

21. Ositadinma

  • Meaning: may good things stay permanent; it is good if it starts today
  • Pronunciation: oh-see-tah-di-n-mah
  • Also known as: Osita
  • Famous people with the name: Ositadinma Oshopo (founder of recharge and get paid ltd)

22. Kamanu/Kamalu (Kanu/Kalu)

  • Meaning: The god of thunder
  • Pronunciation: kah-noo
  • Also known as: Kanu (Kalu)
  • Famous people with the name: Nwankwo Kanu (former footballer); Nnamdi Kanu (activist)

23. Nnduka (Nduka)

  • Meaning: life is more important, life is great
  • Pronunciation: n-ndoo-kah
  • Also known as: N-dee
  • Famous people with the name: Sylvia Nduka (2011 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria)

24. Echezonachukwu

  • Meaning: Don’t forget your God
  • Pronunciation: eh-che-zo-nah-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Eche, Echezona
  • Famous people with the name: Echezonachukwu Nduka (poet, author, pianist, singer and songwriter)

25. Eyinnaya

  • Meaning: my father’s friend
  • Pronunciation: eh-ny(ɲy)i-nah-yah
  • Also known as: Enyi, Enyinna
  • Famous people with the name: Enyinna Nwigwe (actor), Enyinnaya Abaribe (politician, former governor of Abia State)

26. Nwokeoma

  • Meaning: a handsome man
  • Pronunciation: n-wo-kay-o-mah
  • Also known as: Nwoke
  • Famous people with the name: Jackson Nwokeoma (Mixed Martial Artist)

27. Nwankpa/Nwadinkpa

  • Meaning: a child of need
  • Pronunciation: n-wah-kpah (n-wah-din-kpah)
  • Also known as: Dinkpa, Nwa
  • Famous people with the name: Obisia Nwankpa (former boxer)

28. Nwigwe

  • Meaning: child of the heavens
  • Pronunciation: N-wi-gwe
  • Also known as: Igwe
  • Famous people with the name: Tobe Nwigwe (Nigerian-American rapper and singer), Mezie Nwigwe (Nigerian-American basketball player)

29. Ebubedike

  • Meaning: Glorious warrior
  • Pronunciation: eh-boo-beh-di-keh
  • Also known as: Ebubebe, Dikeh
  • Famous people with the name: Victor Ebubedike (English American footballer)

30. Nwolisa

  • Meaning: child of God
  • Pronunciation: n-woh-lee-sah (nwa-o-li-sah)
  • Also known as: Wolisa
  • Famous people with the name: Rita Arum Nwolisa (actress)

31. Chijundu

  • Meaning: God holds life
  • Pronunciation: chi-jun-doo
  • Also known as: Jindu
  • Famous people with the name: Chijundu Ujah (Nigerian-British Olympic medalist)
  • The name is often given when the birth of the child coincides with the death of someone or when the child almost died at birth

32. Nkemakolam

  • Meaning: may my own never leave me
  • Pronunciation: n-keh-mah-koh-lah
  • Also known as: Nkem
  • Famous people with the name: Joyce Nkemakolam (former DG of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA)

33. Nzeribe (Zeribe)

  • Meaning: avoid bad people
  • Pronunciation: n-zeh-ri-beh
  • Also known as: Nze
  • Famous people with the name: Arthur Nzeribe (politician, senator), Zeribe Nwosu (Researcher), Benita Nzeribe (actress)

34. Onwuegbuchulam

  • Meaning: may death not wipe me away completely
  • Pronunciation: on-wooe-gboo-chu-lam
  • Also known as: Merije, Chuks
  • Famous people with the name: Sunday Paul C. Onwuegbuchamlam (researcher), Felicia Onwuegbuchalam (Director at Nigerian Communications Commission)

35. Chukwumerije

  • Meaning: God created the journey
  • Pronunciation: chu-koo-meh-ri-jeh
  • Also known as: Merije, Chuks
  • Famous people with the name: Dike Chukwumerije (author), Chika Chukwumerije (Olympic athlete), Uche Chukwumerije (senator, politician)

36. Ejike

  • Meaning: with power
  • Pronunciation: eh-jee-keh
  • Also known as: Ike
  • Famous people with the name:  Ejike Asiegbu (actor), Ejike Ugboaja (pro basketball player)

37. Chimankpa

  • Meaning: the creator who knows my needs
  • Pronunciation: chi-man-kpah
  • Also known as: Chima
  • Famous people with the name: NA

38. Abaeze

  • Meaning: Branch of kings
  • Pronunciation: ah-b(a)eh-zeh
  • Also known as: Eze
  • Famous people with the name: Abaeze Atuche (the man who allegedly hacked into the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services and gave himself and family citizenship)

49. Chimagozielam

  • Meaning: this person is blessed by God
  • Pronunciation: chi-mah-go-zi(y)e-lam
  • Also known as: Chima, Gozie, Agozie
  • Famous people with the name: NA

Igbo Names For Girls and their Meanings

Igbo names
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40. Nkeiruka

  • Meaning: greater things ahead; the future is bright
  • Pronunciation: n-key-roo-ka
  • Also known as: Nkiru
  • Famous people with the name: Nkeiruka Onyejeocha (politician), Nkeiruka Sylvanus (actress, politician)

41. Ukamaka

  • Meaning: dialogue is good; church or religion is good
  • Pronunciation: U-kah-mah-kah
  • Also known as: Amaka
  • Famous people with the name: Ukamaka Olisakwe (author)
  • Mostly given to children who were born on a Sunday

42. Chiamaka

  • Meaning: God is wonderful, God is beautiful
  • Pronunciation: chiah-mah-kah
  • Also known as: Amaka
  • Famous people with the name: Chiamaka Nnadozie (footballer), Chiamaka Nwokeuwu (actress)
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43. Akachukwu

  • Meaning: The hand of God
  • Pronunciation: ah-kah-chu-koo
  • Also known as: Akachi,
  • Famous people with the name: Akachukwu Sullivan (politician)

44. Adaoma

  • Meaning: A good and virtuous woman
  • Pronunciation: ah-daa-ow-mah
  • Also known as: Ada, Oma
  • Famous people with the name: Adaoma Igwedibia (researcher)

45. Ekpereamaka

  • Meaning: Prayer is good/beautiful
  • Pronunciation: eh-kpe-reh-ah-mah-kah
  • Also known as: Ekpe, Amaka
  • Famous people with the name: unspecified

46. Ifunanya

  • Meaning: love
  • Pronunciation: i-foo-na-nya
  • Also known as: Ify, Naya
  • Famous people with the name: Beverly Ifunaya Bassey (Beverly Naya, actress) Ifunanya Igwe (actress)

47. Ijeawele

  • Meaning: a smooth journey, journey of favour
  • Pronunciation: i-jea-weh-leh
  • Also known as: Aweleh, IJ, Ije
  • Famous people with the name: Genevieve Ijeawale (actor, writer and producer)

48. Mmadiya

  • Meaning: the one whose beauty makes her husband proud
  • Pronunciation: m-mah-dee-yah
  • Also known as: Mma, Diya
  • Famous people with the name: unspecified

50. Nnenna

  • Meaning: father’s mother
  • Pronunciation: n-neh-n-nah
  • Also known as: Nne
  • Famous people with the name: Nnenna Okore (artist)

51. Nnedimma

  • Meaning: mother/motherhood is good
  • Pronunciation: n-neh-dim-mah
  • Also known as: Nne, Dimma, Nnedi
  • Famous people with the name: Nnedimma Nkemdili ‘Nnedi Okorafor (Nigerian-American writer)

52. Ndidiamaka

  • Meaning: it’s good to be patient
  • Pronunciation: n-dee-dee-ah-mah-kah
  • Also known as: Ndidi, Amaka, Diamaka
  • Famous people with the name: Ndidiamaka Onwubalili (Nigerian-American medical doctor), Ndidi Obi (Nollywood actress)

53. Omasirichi

  • Meaning: it pleases God
  • Pronunciation: o-mah-see-ree-chi
  • Also known as: omah, Sirichi, Omachi
  • Famous people with the name: NA

54. Ugommaeze

  • Meaning: the one whose beauty brings pride to the king
  • Pronunciation: u-gohm-mae-ezeh
  • Also known as: Ugo, ugomma
  • Famous people with the name: Nlewedim Erica Ugomma Ngozi (model, Big Brother Nigeria reality TV star),

55. Zikeoranachidimma

  • Meaning: show the world that God is good
  • Pronunciation: zee-keo-rah-na-chi-dim-mah
  • Also known as: Chidimma, Zike
  • Famous people with the name: NA

56. Adaego

  • Meaning: daughter of wealth
  • Pronunciation: ah-dah-eh-go
  • Also known as: Ada, Ego
  • Famous people with the name: Adeogo Nwauwa (singer)

57. Chimamanda

  • Meaning: my God will not fall/fail me
  • Pronunciation: chi-mah-mahn-dah
  • Also known as: Chima, Amanda
  • Famous people with the name: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (author)

58. Akuada

  • Meaning: a girl born into wealth/ a wealthy family
  • Pronunciation: Ah-koo-adah
  • Also known as: Ada
  • Famous people with the name: NA

59. Adaora

  • Meaning: The people’s daughter
  • Pronunciation:
  • Also known as: Ada
  • Famous people with the name: Adaora Onyechere (author), Adaora Remy Umeoji (Zenith Bank deputy managing director), Adaora Ukoh (Nollywood actress)

60.  Chiasoka

  • Meaning: God is too sweet
  • Pronunciation: chi-ah-soh-kah
  • Also known as: Okah
  • Famous people with the name: NA

61. Chinyere

  • Meaning: God’s gift
  • Pronunciation: Chi-nye-reh
  • Also known as: Chinny
  • Famous people with the name: Chinyere Wilfred (Nigerian actress), Chinyere Kalu (first Nigerian female commercial pilot)

62. Erinma

  • Meaning: A child of beauty and great prospect
  • Pronunciation: Eh-rin-mah
  • Also known as: Rinma
  • Famous people with the name: Erinma Ochu (researcher), Erinma Ogwumike (basketball player)

63. Urenna

  • Meaning: Her father’s pride (The pride of her father)
  • Pronunciation: U-reh-n-nah
  • Also known as: Ure
  • Famous people with the name: Urenna Amadi (movie director, producer, and editor), Urenna Juliet (Nollywood actress)

64. Mkpulumma

  • Meaning: seed of beauty
  • Pronunciation: M-kpu-lum-ma
  • Also known as: Mma, Pulu
  • Famous people with the name: NA

65. Nwanyibuife

  • Meaning: A woman is light
  • Pronunciation: Nwa-ny-b(u)-i-feh
  • Also known as: Ife
  • Famous people with the name: NA

66. Kosisochukwu

  • Meaning: however it pleases God
  • Pronunciation: Ko-see-soh-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Kosi, Kosiso, Sochi, Sochukwu
  • Famous people with the name: Collette Kosisochukwu Kwadike (Nigerian model,beauty queen and nollywood actress),  Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters (aka salle; sSinger and song writer)

67. Obiajulu

  • Meaning: Heart at peace
  • Pronunciation: O-bia-joo-loo
  • Also known as: Obi
  • Famous people with the name: Obiajulu Olabisi Ugboh (ex-beauty queen, model and singer, TV host)

Unisex Igbo Names and Their Meanings

68. Chibuzor

  • Meaning: God leads; God first
  • Pronunciation: chi-boo-zoh
  • Also known as: Uzor
  • Famous people with the name: Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike (Phyno – rapper), Chibuzor Okonkwo (footballer)

69. Chidiebube

  • Meaning: God is glorious
  • Pronunciation: chi-dee-eh-boo-beh
  • Also known as: Chidi, Ebube
  • Famous people with the name: Chidiebube Gideon Duru (football player)

70. Naetochukwu

  • Meaning: Keep praising God
  • Pronunciation: Ne-toh-chu-koo
  • Also known as: Naeto, Tochi, Tochukwu
  • Famous people with the name: Naetochukwu Chike (Naeto C, rapper)

68. Esimnachi (Esimnachibia)

  • Meaning: I came from God
  • Pronunciation: Eh-sim-nah-chi
  • Also known as: Simnachi, Esim, Simna
  • Famous people with the name: NA

69. Ekwutosinam

  • Meaning: do not speak bad about my God, do not condemn my God
  • Pronunciation: eh-koo-toh-see-nam
  • Also known as: Ekwutosi, Tosinam
  • Famous people with the name: NA

71. Akunna

  • Meaning: father’s wealth
  • Pronunciation: akoo-n-nah
  • Also known as: Kunna
  • Famous people with the name: Akunna (Nigerian Idols finalist, 2021)

72. Ginikachukwu

  • Meaning: What is greater than God?
  • Pronunciation: gi-nee-kah-chu-koo
  • Also known as: Ginika, Kachi, Kachukwu
  • Famous people with the name: Sunday Ginakachukwu ‘Masterkraft’ (Producer, songwriter, DJ), Mercy Cynthia Ginikachuhkwu ‘Ada Jesus’ (late actress and comedian)

73. Ekene

  • Meaning: The one who receives a lot of praise, acclaimed
  • Pronunciation: eh-keh-neh
  • Also known as: Kene
  • Famous people with the name: Ekene Ikenwa (former professional footballer)

74. Kainene

  • Meaning: let us see, Let us watch
  • Pronunciation: ka-anyi-na-neh
  • Also known as: Nene, Kaine, Anene
  • Famous people with the name: Kainene (character in Half of a Yellow Sun)

75. Ifechukwu

  • Meaning: the light of God
  • Pronunciation: I-feh-chu-koo
  • Also known as: Ifechi, Ifex
  • Famous people with the name: Tagbo Ability Ifechukwu (director amd writer)

76. Kairaluchukwu

  • Meaning: Let’s leave it to God (let God handle it)
  • Pronunciation: Kai-rah-loo-chu-koo
  • Also known as: Kaira
  • Famous people with the name: NA

77. Kamsiyochukwu

  • Meaning: As I asked God, so he answered, God granted my request/ how I pleaded with God
  • Pronunciation: Kam-see-yo-choo-koo
  • Also known as: kamsi
  • Famous people with the name: Kamsiyochukwu Nwankwo (freshman American football player)

78. Chetachi

  • Meaning: a person who remembers the Lord
  • Pronunciation: che-tah-chi
  • Also known as: Cheta
  • Famous people with the name: Charles Cetachi Stephen (Nigerianactor)

79. Bunkechukwu

  • Meaning: A one who belongs to the Lord
  • Pronunciation: bun-keh-chu-koo
  • Also known as: Chuks, Kechukwu
  • Famous people with the name: NA

80. Kamsiyonna

  • Meaning: God has granted my request
  • Pronunciation: Kam-see-yoh-n-nah
  • Also known as: Siyonna, Kamsi
  • Famous people with the name: NA

81. Somtochuckwu

  • Meaning: praise God with me
  • Pronunciation: som-toh-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Somto, Tochukwu, Chukwu
  • Famous people with the name: Somtochukwu Ilo (Nollywood actor), Ikechukwu Somtochukwu Diogu (basketball player for the Chemidor B.C. of the Iranian Basketball Super league)

82. Kasiemobi

  • Meaning: comfort me, comfort my heart
  • Pronunciation: Ka-si-eh-moh-bee
  • Also known as: Kasie, Siemobi, Kas
  • Famous people with the name: Kasiemobi Udo-okoye (writer, illustrator, video producer, and actor)

83. Lotachuckwu

  • Meaning: Remember God
  • Pronunciation: Loh-tah-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Lota
  • Famous people with the name: Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta (Nigerian actress popularly known as Lota Chukwu)

84. Lotanna

  • Meaning: remember the father
  • Pronunciation: loh-tah-n-nah
  • Also known as: Lota, Tanna, Anna, Nna,
  • Famous people with the name: Lotanna Nwogbo (American Nigerian basketball player)

85. Mmasichukwu

  • Meaning: the will of God /beauty is from God
  • Pronunciation: m-ma-see-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Mmasi,Mma, Sichukwu
  • Famous people with the name: NA

86. Nchekwube

  • Meaning: hope/trust in God
  • Pronunciation: n-che-koo-beh
  • Also known as: ube, chekwu
  • Famous people with the name: John Micheal Nchekwube Obi “Mikel Obi” (Nigeria professional footballer)

87. Sopuruchukwu

  • Meaning: respect/ honour God
  • Pronunciation:  soh-poo-roo-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Sopuru,Puru,Ruchukwu
  • Famous people with the name: Sopuruchukwu Bruno Onyemaechi (Nigerian footballer)

88. Kamharida

  • Meaning: May I not fall, I shall not fall
  • Pronunciation: kam-ha-ree-dah
  • Also known as: Rida, Harida, Kam
  • Famous people with the name: NA

89. Ifechidelu, Ifechukwukwurugeme  

  • Meaning: What God has written, God’s words must come to pass
  • Pronunciation: i-feh-chi-deh-loo
  • Also known as: Ife or Ifechi, Delu
  • Famous people with the name: NA

90. Ifechimererika

  • Meaning: God’s works are endless
  • Pronunciation: i-feh-ch-meh-reh-ree-kah
  • Also known as: Erika
  • Famous people with the name: NA

91. Chigaemezu

  • Meaning: God will fulfil
  • Pronunciation: chi-g(a)e-meh-zoo
  • Also known as: Eme, Emezu
  • Famous people with the name: Chukwuma chigaemezu (nollywood actor), Anthony Chigaemezu Uzodimma (Nigerian footballer)

92. Chisimdiri

  • Meaning: God said/says I should live
  • Pronunciation: chi-sim-dee-ree
  • Also known as: Chi, Diri, Chisim, Sim
  • Famous people with the name: NA

93. Ndumzoronachukwu

  • Meaning: My life is hidden in God
  • Pronunciation: n-dum-zoh-rohnah-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Zoro
  • Famous people with the name: NA

94. Zioranmachukwu

  • Meaning: Show the world God’s beauty
  • Pronunciation: zio-ran-mah-choo-koo
  • Also known as: Ziora, Machi
  • Famous people with the name: NA

95. Chinagorom

  • Meaning: God is my witness, God is my mouthpiece
  • Pronunciation: chi-nah-goh-rom
  • Also known as: China, Nagorom, Chinago
  • Famous people with the name: Chinagorom Onuoha (Aka African China, a Nigerian musician and activist)

96. Chisomaga

  • Meaning: God is with me/ God walks with me
  • Pronunciation: chi-som-mah-gah
  • Also known as: Chisom
  • Famous people with the name: Chisom Oninna Onyeke “Jaysynths” (Nigerian record producer), Ezeh Chisom Faith “Rexxie” (singer and record producer), Chisom Steve (Nollywood actress)

 97. Chisomnazu

  • Meaning: God is my protector (God is behind me)
  • Pronunciation: chi-som-na-zoo
  • Also known as: Nazi, Som, Nazu
  • Famous people with the name: Chisomnazu Chika Chidi (Nigerian-Swedish football player)

98. Chukwukasiemobi

  • Meaning: God console my heart
  • Pronunciation: choo-koo-kah-s(i)e-moh-bee
  • Also known as: Kasie
  • Famous people with the name: NA

99. Chihurumnanya

  • Meaning: The God that loves me
  • Pronunciation: chi-hoo-room-na-ya
  • Also known as: Ihunanya
  • Famous people with the name:  NA

100. Zinachidi

  • Meaning: Show them that God is alive
  • Pronunciation: zee-nah-chi-dee
  • Also known as: Zina, Chidi
  • Famous people with the name: Zinachidi Madumere (daughter of a politician, Prince Eze Madumere)


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