How Williams Uchemba Achieved His Mouth-watering Net Worth

Williams Uchemba is a Nigerian actor, comedian, model TV personality, and businessman with a net worth of about $1 million.

He began his career as a child actor and has continued to give stellar performances as an adult. More so, Williams has put his money into good use with several businesses he has stakes in. Today, he stands out as one of the most successful young persons in Nigeria and is no doubt an inspiration to many.

Williams Uchemba’s $1 Million Net Worth Came Majorly from Acting

Being a child star is no guarantee for lasting fame. Still, Williams is one of the few child actors in Nollywood who have managed to take their early fame and run with it, managing to remain famous and transition to more demanding roles. The actor joined the Nigerian film industry in the year 2000 as a youngster.

He rose to acclaim in 2001 in the wake of starring in the Nollywood blockbuster film The Journey of the Dead, a film he co-starred with Pete Edochie, Olu Jacobs, and Ramsey Noah. The film, The Journey of the Dead brought him to the spotlight in Nollywood. Some of his best film collection includes Mamba Diamond (2021), Dream Job (2021), Quam’s Money (2020), Slay (2020), Merry Men 2 (2019), Sugar Rush (2019) and Story Story: The African Rideshare (2018).

What Other ways Does Uchemba Earn Money?

Though acting is Uchemba’s claim to fame and wealth, the talented actor has not put all his eggs in one basket but instead has diversified his revenue base. Today, Williams earns from producing movies, hosting shows, doing comedy skits, endorsing brands, real estate investment, etc.

He Owns a Production Company

Williams is the CEO and founder of Prothesis Entertainment which is into film production. A good example of his movie is Mamba Diamond, a 2021 movie that made a lot of buzz. He is also in charge of the Prothesis School of Entertainment. The school is located in Abuja, Nigeria, and teaches almost all aspects of filmmaking and movie production.

Earnings from Showbiz and Comedy Skits

When he decided to come back to the entertainment scene, Williams chose to spice things up a little, and he started making short comedy skits, posting them on his Instagram and YouTube pages. His content groomed lots of viewers, and in turn, he began to receive loads of followers on his various social media platforms.

Williams was the mind behind the #IDontLikeWhatIHate trend on social media that became famous online after individuals began utilizing the hashtag to make their own funny recordings.

His contents are getting a large number of engagements and positive responses. In November 2018, Williams Uchemba won the individual Social Philanthropist and Best of Social Media awards at the Social Media Awards in Nigeria. What makes Williams Uchemba’s skits stand out is his diversity in making these funny videos. Each new skit comes with something new and usually hilarious.

In showbiz, Williams gets paid heavily for some top-notch events he holds. Although his exact take-home pay is still not revealed, the actor is known to host programs that include award ceremonies and meetings.

Endorsement Deals with Big Brands

When you are as talented as Williams Uchemba, you can rest assured that various brands will come to partner with you. Williams has no doubt earned quite big from various endorsement deals with big brands, including the cryptocurrency brand chiji14xchange, Pennek Nigeria Limited, and Sapphire Scents. In 2019, he got a brand ambassadorial deal with the African Freestyle football championship. This is just one among the many juicy deals the actor and comedian have gotten for himself. Although the exact amount Williams has earned from endorsements is not made public, it is no secret that he made millions of naira so far. A list of his brand endorsements include:

  • Roxbury Leisure Homes
  • chiji14xchange
  • Pennek Nigeria Limited
  • Sapphire Scents
  • African Freestyle Football Championship 2019

Real Estate Business

In addition to his roles in the entertainment industry, Williams is also into real estate business. Even though it is not clear at what level he is involved in the business, the young entrepreneur owns properties both in Nigeria and the United States.

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Williams once revealed how he had many business ideas and innovations in the bathroom that have turned out to be successful, revealing that it is from his bathroom that most of his ideas and even his vision for the future come.

How Does Williams Uchemba Spend His Money?

With so much wealth at his disposal, Williams has shown that he’s not niggard in what he termed “God’s blessings” upon his life. The talented actor spends his money both on himself in acquiring choice luxury goods as well as on poor people as a way of mitigating their sufferings.

Philanthropic Work

Williams Uchemba has become known for his benevolence. He has an NGO, prevalently known as Williams Uchemba Foundation through which he carters for the necessities of poor people, less privileged, orphans, and physically challenged individuals. During the covid-19 lockdown, he embarked on a quest to provide relief materials to 1000 people, and he successfully carried out the task.

Williams Uchemba is passionate about helping people. During one of his visits to the slums, a young boy named Demola working as an apprentice in a furniture workshop caught his attention. Williams Uchemba promised to enroll him in the university and sponsor his tertiary education.

In addition to plunging a percentage of his earnings into his foundation, Williams also gets financial support from people who make donations to finance some of the foundation’s projects.

Luxury Houses and Cars

Aside from his benevolence to the needy people, Williams is also a man with great taste for luxury. The actor has houses both in Nigeria and other parts of the world, including the United States.

Additionally, he has several exotic cars to his name. In March 2021, the actor added two brand new cars to his car collection. He shared series of photos of his new SUVs on Instagram. So far, his car collection includes:

  • Mercedes Benz C300 2016
  • Mercedes Benz G55 AMG
  • An SUV he got from winning Best of Social Media at Social Media Awards for Nigeria.

The Actor has Loads of Accolades to his Name

Williams Uchemba’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed. It is only natural that individuals as talented as he is, be recognized for their brilliant crafts in the industry. So far, the actor has received well-deserved recognitions, both home and abroad. Some of his awards and recognitions came from his input in the entertainment industry, especially in the film industry. They include:

  • Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award – Most Promising Actor in Nigeria
  • Africa Movie Academy Awards – Best Child Actor
  • Best of Nollywood Awards – Most Promising Act to Watch
  • City People Entertainment Awards – Best Actor in a Comedy
  • Social Media Awards for Nigeria – Individual Social Philanthropist
  • Social Media Awards for Nigeria – Best of Social Media

Is Williams Uchemba into Politics?

Although Williams Uchemba has never publicly expressed his desires to run for or hold any political office, the actor has severally been involved in political matters to such extent that he was rumored to have some political ambition. Such claims arose owing to the actor’s free nature of giving out to the public. Some believe that his actions are planned to win the heart of the masses just if he chooses to run for political office in the future.

Williams has not debunked any of such rumors; however, he has shown concern in matters that affect the Nigerian government. In December 2020, he commented on the poor state of Nigeria’s economy and listed corruption, bad leadership structure, and lack of vision as among the root of the country’s problems. Should he decide to run for political office in the future, there’s no doubt that he will have the support of many young Nigerians.


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