Halima Abubakar Biography – Who is the Nollywood Actress?

Halima Abubakar (born on 12th June 1985; Age: 39 years old) is a Nigerian actress, movie producer, media personality, and entrepreneur.

Halima joined Nollywood and started acting in 2001. She has since remained active in the film industry and also won a couple of awards. What’s more, apart from the fame she earned from being an actress, Halima also has been in the news for a messy romantic relationship between her and popular Nigerian cleric Apostle Johnson Suleiman. Read to know all.

Summary of Halima Abubakar’s Bio

  • Full name: Halima Abubakar
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 12th June 1985
  • Halima Abubakar’s Age: 39 years old
  • Ethnicity: Hausa
  • Nationality: Yoruba
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islamic
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Halima Abubakar’s Children: 1
  • Halima Abubakar’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Abubakar
  • Halima Abubakar’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Halima Abubakar’s Height in Centimetres: 171 cm
  • Halima Abubakar’s Weight: 72 kg
  • Halima Abubakar’s Net worth: $1 Million
  • Famous for: Actress, CEO of Modehouse Entertainment
  • Halima Abubakar’s Instagram: @halimabubakar

Halima Abubakar is 39 Years Old and Hails From Kogi State

Though born and raised in Kano State, Halima Abubakar is of the Ebira tribe and a native of Kogi State in the northern part of Nigeria. She was born on the 12th day of June 1985, making her 39 years old. Apart from the record that she is the third child in her family, there are no more details about her family background, parents, and siblings.

Halima spent her early years in the northern part of Nigeria, where she received all her education. She attended Ideal primary school in Kano, but details of where she had her secondary education are not known. Regardless, after she obtained her SSCE, she went ahead and studied Sociology at Bayero University, Kano.

Halima Started Acting in 2001

Upon graduation from the university, Halima decided to venture into Nollywood. She is not one of the actors that had an interest in acting from their childhood, and she also did not study any entertainment-related courses at the university. Halima joined Nollywood in 2001 by attending several movie auditions. Not long after, she landed her debut in the movie titled Rejected, where she played a minor role.

Despite the fact that it was a minor role, Rejected was the movie that launched her to public recognition and subsequently paved the way for her to get her first lead role. Halima rose to fame following her role in the popular film Gangster Paradise, and since then, she has remained in the spotlight and relevant in the Nigerian film industry.

Halima Abubakar’s Movies and TV Shows

  • Love Castle
  • Rejected
  • Slip of Fate
  • Okafor’s Law
  • Tears of a Child
  • Dangerous Ivy
  • Secret Shadows
  • Gangster Paradise
  • Return of White Hunters
  • Area Mama
  • Entrapped
  • Men in Love

In addition to acting, Halima Abubakar is an executive movie producer. She had her debut production with the movie Mistresses, wherein she starred alongside Yvonne Nelson. She is also a music entrepreneur. Halima is the founder and CEO of a music label and entertainment management company dubbed Modehouse Entertainment.

Moreso, she runs a charity organization, “Halima Abubakar Foundation for the Poor,” which has its focuses on assisting the poor and people without food. Halima Abubakar is currently the Kogi State Youth Ambassador.

Halima Abubaka’s Awards

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  • Best Actress Award at EMINENT Achievers Award
  • Global Leadership Award
  • Actors Guild Icons Award
  • Best Actress Award from Afro Hollywood Awards
  • Kogi State Youth Ambassador
  • Best Actress Award at City People Entertainment Awards

Halima Abubakar is Not Married But Has a Baby

There are different reports of Halima Abubakar’s marital status. While some sources report that she is married, others have it that she is single but has a man in her life. However, the actress has never stated categorically if she is married or not but only said that it is not a must to show off her man even though she is in showbiz.

She has been consistent in keeping her relationship out of the media. Meanwhile, she welcomed a baby boy on 3rd April 2020. The actress first hinted about being pregnant in November 2019 when she said that she is expecting a “Lil Minnie” and can’t wait for motherhood.

Halima Abubakar and her baby
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There is no single information about who the father of her baby is. She once said that people would continue to see her give birth but will never know who the father of the child is.

Her Health Challenges

In 2017, the Kano State-born actress scared her fans when she revealed that she was bedridden after she underwent fibroid surgery in India. She also revealed that she was in a coma for 3 days, and her family thought she was dead, but God came through for her. The mother of one also accused Johnson Suleimanof being responsible for her illness.

Meanwhile, a US-based medical expert, Dr. Ene Innocent, reported that Halima Abubakar is suffering from an autoimmune disease. The medical practitioner also stated that any women acquire the disease during pregnancy, stressing that it is not peculiar to the actress.

Feud Between Halima Abubakar and Apostle Johnson Suleiman

Years back, just when Halima made it to the limelight, she met Apostle Suleiman, and both of them allegedly started a romantic relationship. Reportedly, the popular pastor was the one sponsoring her lavish lifestyle, and while some people around her were envying her then, Halima was busy lying that Suleman was her uncle.

Apostle Suleman really gave her the good life; bought her houses and cars and paid for her to travel around the world. Halima was said to be among the first set of Suleman’s girlfriends before other actresses began to come into the picture. Not long after, trouble started in paradise when Halima reportedly got pregnant for the cleric and refused to abort it just as he instructed her.

Not only that, she fell severely ill, started bleeding, and lost the pregnancy. By then, Apostle Suleman was no longer picking up her calls. They fell off, and Halima since kept a low profile on the relationship she had with the man of God and was focusing on her career.

However, this was not until recently, in June 2022, when controversial blogger Gistlover exposed numerous secrets and identities of many actresses who have been involved in a romantic relationship with the cleric who is allegedly diabolic, of which Halima was mentioned. Via her Instagram story, Halima confirmed the story and decided to reopen their feud.

Speaking about how the whole drama began, Halima made some revelations about the man of God and stated that as of then, she didn’t know he was married and also a pastor. Following up the saga, Suleman sued Halima for all the accusations she leveled against him and for dragging her name into the mud.

Precisely, he sued the actress for defamation, blackmail, and publishing demeaning statements about him. Halima seemed not to be a bit perturbed by the threats of his legal caution but simply said that she would meet him in court.

In the other news, Halima is reported to be currently battling an unknown ailment and said Johnson Suleiman should be held responsible if anything happens to her. “Please don’t worry about me. But you can hold Johnson Suleman responsible just in case. You can’t do nothing though. Nigerians, be aware. If anything happens Johnson is you”.


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