Falz Parents: Meet the Rapper’s Father and Mother

Folarin Falana, popularly known by his stage name Falz aka Falz the Bahd Guy, is one of the most influential Nigerian rappers and Afropop artists. He made his debut in 2009 and is popular for creating a huge fanbase and legacy. This is done through his unique and highly identifiable sound that comes with humor, Yoruba accent, presenting social ills, and his style of music. The multi-award-winning entertainer is also an actor, comedian, songwriter, and rapper. He is popular for his songs Wahz Up Guy, Elo Bae, Something Light, Child of the World, and Soldier. As an actor, he became known for his roles in Jenifa’s Dairy,

Falz maintains the position of offering great entertainment and winning many awards in the process. As such, his personal life has also garnered attention over time. It is apparent that one of the best Nigerian rappers has a family that he made tattoos of on his arm. This and many other reasons have led to the curiosity of who Falz parents and siblings are.

Falz Parents Are Famous Lawyers – Meet Them

Falz’s parents are famous legal practitioners and have also added to the popularity of the entertainer. His parents have put their names on the list of some of the most influential lawyers and human rights activists in Nigeria and West Africa. Together, they run the Falana & Falana Law Firm – a firm that represented Fela Kuti for 15 years.

The couple met around the late 1980s in Ondo State through a mutual friend. They kept in touch, became friends, were later married, and became parents of 3 children, including Falz. Their marriage produced 3 children, with Falz being the only male child and the first.

Who Is Falz Father?

Falz Parents
Femi Falana – Image Source

Femi Falana hails from Ekiti State and is a 66-year-old lawyer, Principal Partner of Falana & Falana Chambers, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), and a human rights activist who makes relentless efforts towards contributing to justice and equality, especially to a common Nigerian. He is regarded as one of the most idealistic Nigerians and one of the most vocal and consistent advocates Nigeria has ever had.

When it comes to his career as a lawyer, Femi Falana is also active as a member of many professional bodies. Some of them include the West African Bar Association, Nigerian Bar Association, Pan African Lawyers Union, and International Bar Association, to mention a few.

Besides his law career, Femi Falana is also a writer of many published works, including:

  • Governance Politics in Post Military (2010)
  • Ecowas Court: Law and Practice (2010)
  • Fundamental Rights Enforcement in Nigeria (2010)
  • Nigerian Law on Socioeconimoc Rights (2017)
  • Liberating Nigeria: A Guide to Winning EWlectiona and Reviving Our Country (2019)

Away from his career and closer to his relationship with Falz, Falana always had a close relationship with the singer. Although he knew well that Falz chose to follow in his footsteps to become a lawyer, it did not take any effort to support the singer when he opted to become a musician. Falana, in his support for Falz’s career and his work towards bringing forth social ills, Falz’s viral song This is Nigeria started with background speeches made by Falana. When Falz received criticism for the video, Falana wasted no time in supporting his son. Also, during the #Endsars protest that Falz championed, his father disclosed how he was proud of him.

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Falz Mother Studied Physics Before She Became a Lawyer

Funmi Falana is Falz’s mother. She is also a vocal and one of the most influential female lawyers in Nigeria. She runs the Falana & Falana chambers with her husband, is a human and women’s rights activist. More so, Funmi is the National Director of Women Empowerment non-governmental organization. However, before she attained these positions, she studied Physics at the University of Benin. Subsequently, she moved to the University of Lagos to study Law after marrying Femi Falana.

Funmi Falana is known to be a woman with a closely knitted family. She is also popular for being at the forefront of getting her husband out of several arrests for his being vocal about injustice and the ills brought by the Nigerian Government. Additionally, Funmi Falana supports her children’s career, including Falz, who opted for entertainment against the practice of law. However, she initially had reservations about his music career.

Falz The Bahd Guy Has Only Two Sisters

Falz isn’t the only child of her parents. However, he is the only son in his family. He has two sisters named Folakemi and Foladele. Like Falz, his two sisters are also successful in their own rights. Meet them below.

His Elder Sister, Folakemi Falana, is a Lawyer

Folakemi is the first child of Falz’s parents and the more private of the Falana siblings. She attended the University of Buckingham, UK. Upon her graduation, she attended the Nigerian Law School and was called to Bar afterward. In 2019, she attended the University of Westminster to obtain a Master of Entertainment Law and graduated in 2020.

At present, Folakemi is a lawyer, an intellectual property and entertainment consultant, and entrepreneur. She is also a women’s rights activist who works alongside her mother at the Women Empowerment and Legal Aid as a senior associate and project director.

His Younger Sister, Foladele Falana, is a TV Presenter at TVC

Foladele Falana, also famous as Foladele Ngadi, is prominent as the only Falana who managed to stay away from studying law. She is a media and journalism graduate of the University of Buckingham. Dele also obtained a master’s degree from the Goldsmiths University of London. She works with Bola Tinubu owned TV station TVC as a senior producer and presenter, popular for co-hosting Entertainment Splash.

Foladele is also a writer and has written and edited for several blogs, magazines, and TV news. Also, the youngest Falana is an entrepreneur and the owner of the FD Media Mentorship Series, where she trains people who aspire to work in media. She also founded The Relationship Journal, The Showbiz Compass, and a clothing brand, the trj.clothing.

Foladele and Falz share a close bond. They also share a similar bond with their older sister Folakemi. Falz does not spare sharing moments with his sisters on his social media pages. In addition to the singer’s bond with Foladele, he models for her clothing brand and refers his fans to the line.


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