Who is Victoria Orenze? A Look at Her Biography and Musical Influence

Victoria Orenze is a fast-rising Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, recording artiste, and stage performer known to be a genuine child of God with a rain of anointing. So far, Victoria has dropped numerous hit singles, including On Fire, Covenant Keeping God, Faithful God, etc.

Victoria is not interested in any media attention but is all about spiritual upliftment. It is noteworthy that the talented singer is a simple and reserved person and does not grant interviews. This has made it difficult to lay hands on certain information concerning her career and personal life. However, we will tell you all that we know about this beautiful gospel singer and how she rose to fame.

A Quick Profile and Biography Of Victoria Orenze

  • Full name: Victoria Orenze
  • Date of Birth: 23rd March (year unknown)
  • Place of Birth: N/A
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Occupation: Gospel Musician
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Years Active: 2017- present

Early Life and Career of The Fast-rising Gospel Artiste

Like earlier mentioned, Victoria Orenze is a fast-rising Nigerian gospel artist. Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of information regarding the singer’s birth year and family background. However, we do she celebrates her birthday on 23rd March every year. There are also no details of her family and early life in the public arena. This is not unconnected to Victoria’s choice to live a very private and secretive lifestyle.

Victoria Orenze started her singing career as a backup singer in her local church, where she would join in singing worship songs before and after the sermon. From there, she got to the stage of leading in worship sessions and praises in her church. She has a burning passion for praises and worships, such that in her spare time, she would write her own lyrics. Then, after writing them down, she practiced them by singing them out loud to herself.

According to her, she had a sense of urgency in her spirit to bring the gospel message to the world through her ministration of songs. Hence, she did not hesitate to answer the call that was obvious and heavy in her spirit. Thus, in December 2016, she organized a Christian concert, Return, which ministered highly to its audience and every other people that watched the video clip. The concert was held in the main hall of the University of Lagos in Ojo, Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria, and saw the attendance of over a thousand people.

She led the performance and was able to hold the hall with her gratifying voice throughout the show. Victoria Orenze is not just a singer but also a preacher who inspires and ministers the word of God through her songs. The worship concert, Return, was gotten from Revelations 2:4, which says, “We should return to our first love.” We should not forget the fire and the burning passion we had when we first knew Him; rather, we are to remind ourselves daily of His “Return.”

Nathaniel Bassey’s Role In Victoria Orenze’s Rise to Fame

Artiste Victoria credited her rise to fame to Nathaniel Bassey after featuring her in his new song, Alagbada Ina, released in 2017. Nathaniel Bassey is a famous Nigerian gospel singer whose songs get massive attention both locally and internationally. When you talk about people that have risen to fame, here is Nathaniel Bassey to mention. Victoria graced the song with her stupendous voice, making it more powerful and inspirational.

Having gathered over 200k views on YouTube, this particular song brought Victoria to the limelight. A few weeks after the song’s release, gospel music lovers started asking questions about who this talent that was featured in Nathaniel’s song is and kept wondering where she had been all along. Since then, her songs became one of the most sought out for gospel music lovers.

After her joint work with Nathaniel Bassey, she released a single, On Fire, which was well received by the audience and was seen as a revival song.

Her Brand of Worship Has Been Well Received in Nigerian Churches

Victoria strongly believes that genuine worship can bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, so she puts in her whole strength in singing worship songs that spread the gospel. According to her fans, Victoria’s songs bring automatic healing to the soul, give peace, and such a strong feeling with the Lord. It would just be perfect if all musicians would relate the gospel through their songs rather than singing songs associated with controversies and irregularities by the media. Listening to her music will automatically change your negative emotional state to a positive one. The lady lives an exemplary life through her sincere faith in words and actions and is indeed a genius in the world of gospel music.

Victoria Orenze has grown to become one of the well-loved upcoming gospel artists in Nigeria today. Her praise sections know the best way to touch the heart and uplifts spirits, and she uses her voice in songs to win souls to God, showing people that God is the right and only way. She has participated in numerous programs and concerts, organized to worship God, and endeavors to bring up a clear message to every song she writes.

Approximately all the intentional gospel music lovers have found Victoria’s brand of music interesting and go all out of their ways looking for any of her songs. The staunch gospel singer has also worked with some big names in the music industry, such as Sinach, Frank Edwards, Praize, Nathaniel Basse, Sammy Okposo, etc. She usually releases her songs at conferences and praise nights. Most of her tracks can be found on YouTube and her personal Facebook page, while some are on iTunes.

Some of her notable songs include:

  • On Fire
  • The Presence
  • I Want to See You
  • Draw
  • Covenant Keeping God
  • Emi Mimo
  • Invade Me
  • Brooding
  • Only the Living
  • Alagbada Ina
  • Holy
  • Great and Mighty
  • Oh the Breath
  • HeartCry
  • Extraordinary (Snippet)
  • I Thirst for You
  • We Hail You
  • OH Holy Night
  • We Bow Down
  • I Proclaim You

She Has Won A Few Awards and Nominations

The fast-rising Nigerian artist has been nominated for a few awards since her emergence in the Nigerian gospel music scene. Out of these award nominations, the singer has won a few. They include the following:

  • Victoria was nominated in the song of the year category in the CLIMA Awards 2018 for her song, On Fire.
  • Alagbada Ina, the song she featured in, was nominated in African Gospel Music.
  • She won the Media Awards AGMMA 2018 in the Song of Excellence category.


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