Damilola Adegbite Biography – Marriage, Husband and Other Facts About the Actress

Nigeria’s showbiz industry has been blessed with many hardworking on-screen divas, who exude excellence and uniqueness through their works. One of these individuals is none other than Nollywood actress Damilola Adegbite.

She is a Nollywood success story that was evident from her first feature in the industry. She is an actress and also a model.

Damilola Adegbite’s Bio

Damilola is from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. She was born in Sururlere, Lagos State on 18 May 1985.

For her secondary education, the beautiful actress attended Queen’s College Yaba, Lagos. Proceeding to the tertiary education, she studied Business Administration at Bowen University in Iwo, Osun State.

Acting Career

Like some other colleagues in the movie industry, Damilola says that she had always been art-inclined right from an early age. She would always be involved in one theatre or music event or the other. She had always wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

Her first acting stint was on popular soap opera Tinsel. The star debuted her acting skills at the auditions of the popular Nigerian TV soap opera. Subsequently, she got the role of ‘Thelema Duke’ in the TV series.

Dami caught the attention of many producers with her outstanding skills. Soon, her talent and acting prowess would grow beyond Tinsel. As a rising star with clear talent, she went on to feature in several other acting projects, most of which were cinematic productions.

The rising star has featured in movies like Michelle Bello’s award-winning Flower Girl, Heaven’s Hell, 6 Hours to Christmas. Her most recent feature in Television is Before 30. The TV drama series tackles the pressure of Nigerian women to get married before hitting age 30, the actress played the lead role of Temi Coker. Damilola Adegbite has featured in media commercials and hosted TV programs. She has also participated in stage/theatre performances like The V Monologues.

As an actress, She has taken roles of diverse characters. That way, she has not been a victim of stock characterization in the industry. Most importantly, Damilola gives an appropriate interpretation of these diverse roles. She is always able to pull off challenging roles which come in different categories, through her profound skill of breathing her characters.

In 2012, Damilola made her exit from the Tinsel show. According to her official statement, the decision was on a professional basis. After a 3-year break, the actress returned to Tinsel in 2015. She was said to have tried her hands on films during the period she left the show but returned afterward when the film venture was not going as anticipated. Nevertheless, Tinsel’s Thelema Duke has featured in many Nigerian movies where she has effortlessly proved her craft.

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What to Know About Her Marriage, Husband, and Divorce

Damilola was popular with her Thelema Duke role in Tinsel series. But what intensified her popularity was transferring her love interest in the series to reality. The ongoing series which has reached its One-thousandth episode has given birth to several romantic relationships which mostly ended up in marriage.

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One of the romantic pairs that stemmed from the Tinsel soap opera is Damilola and Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh. The diva who played the role of a hysterical flower girl started dating co-Tinsel star Chris Attoh, who played the role of her romantic partner in the series and they ended up being real-life partners.

In 2014, the couple became engaged. They also welcomed their son, Brian Nii Ayittey Olaferomi Attoh, that same year. On February 14, 2015, Chris and Damilola tied the knot in Accra, Ghana.

However, rumors were rife the following year that the couple were separated. The rumors and speculations turned out to be true when in 2017, the actor came out to confirm their divorce. Many sources came up with possible reasons as to why the short-spanned marriage came to an end. This included rumours of infidelity and family differences. Reports of family differences surfaced in the media because of the fact that Chris and Damilola were of different nationalities; Ghana and Nigeria respectively.

However, despite these speculative reasons, Chris still speaks affectionately about his ex-wife.

Other Achievements

Since her debut in 2008 in Mnet’s Tinsel, Damilola Adegbite has been successful all the way in her career.

She is one of the leading TV stars at the moment. In 2011, she won the Nigeria Entertainment awards for Best Actress in a TV series.

In an interview with Nigerian comic artiste, Tee-A, the independent-minded damsel revealed that she nurses the intention of starting up a business of her own someday.


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