Chioma Avril Rowland Biography: Who is Davido’s Girlfriend?

Chioma Avril Rowland is a Nigerian chef, model, and influencer, best known as Davido’s girlfriend and the mother of his son. Chioma came to the spotlight as a result of her association with Davido. The duo dated and were about to get married but separated before it could happen.

Apart from being Davido‘s girlfriend and baby mama, Chioma has a life of her own. This article will give you all you need to know about the celebrity chef and how she became involved with the famous singer.

Summary of Chioma Avril Rowland’s Biography

  • Full name: Chioma Avril Rowland
  • Nickname: Chioma Davido, Chef Chi
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1st May 1995
  • Chioma’s Age: 29 years old
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Occupation: Chef, Media Influencer, Model
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Chioma’s Children: Ifeanyi Adeleke
  • Chioma Rowland’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Rowland
  • Siblings: Jennifer Rowland and Ifunanya Rowland
  • Chioma Rowland’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Chioma Rowland’s Height in Centimetres: 175cm
  • Chioma Rowland’s Weight: 70kg
  • Chioma Rowland’s Net worth: $900,000
  • Famous for: Assurance
  • Chioma Rowland’s Instagram: thechefchi
  • Twitter: Chioma Avril Rowland (Chef Chi) @ChiomaMyLover
  • Facebook: Chioma Rowland (thechefchi)

What is Chioma Davido’s Family Background?

Chioma Davido was born on 1st May 1995 to an average home in Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria. She grew up in her state of origin and had her early education there. She attended government schools until her university level when she attended Babcock University to study Economics.

Unfortunately, she dropped out of school when she became involved with Davido. However, Chef Chi went back to school in 2021 to finish up her studies.


Who Are Chioma Davido Parents?

Chioma Avril Rowland’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Rowland from Imo State, Nigeria. Although not much is known about Chioma’s parents and family members as she is not too open about them. The little that is known is that they are Christians from the Seventh Day Adventist denomination.

They made sure to see their children through school. But they were not happy with their daughter Chioma when she abandoned her university education. They tried their best to see that she completed her education before talking about marriage, but Chioma had already made up her mind.

How Did Davido Meet Chioma?

The popular Nigerian artist Davido met Chioma through his manager, Lati, while they were undergraduates at Babcock University in 2013. They became friends, fell in love, started dating, and were about to get married. While they were together, Chioma followed Davido on some of his music trips which delayed her graduation from school. Davido then released a single dedicated to Chioma titled Assurance on 30th April 2018.

In an interview with Vanguard, Chioma admits that she met him through a friend. Davido also attests to the fact that they met through a friend. They started as friends and later grew fond of each other. This led to the romantic love story between the duo which started in 2015. They made their relationship public in 2018 when Chioma starred in his music video.

Chioma and Davido were meant to get married in 2020 but the coronavirus pandemic messed things up for them and they decided to focus on their businesses. This sparked a breakup rumor and later, the duo grew apart and their relationship hit the rocks.

Who Is Davido and Chioma’s Son?

Davido and Chioma’s son is David Adedeji Ifeanyi Adeleke Jnr. While they were dating, Davido and Chioma welcomed a son on 20th October 2019. This is Davido’s first son after two girls from two baby mamas. After their scattered marriage plans, Davido continued showering love and gifts on his son and the mother of his son. He is part of his son’s life and spends a good time with him.

Chioma and Davido re-united in 2021 to celebrate their son’s second birthday. Also in March 2022, Chioma and her son attended Davido’s O2 Arena concert in London. Though they are not a couple anymore, Chioma and Davido are always there to support each other especially when it has to do with their son.

Aside From Being Davido’s Girlfriend, Chioma Has Her Own Businesses

The media influencer has careers in cooking and modeling before her involvement with Davido. However, she gained popularity through the singer’s fame. We will look at the things that Chioma does for a living in the following subheadings.

Chioma Avril Rowland is a Chef

The celebrity Chioma is one who loves cooking and engages in it to earn a living. Davido confirmed in one of his posts that she is a good cook. Cooking brings money to her pocket from many means. For one, she posts her recipes on her YouTube channel which is flooded by a lot of viewers from across the world. Secondly, she gets hired for catering services. Chef Chi uses her Instagram, YouTube @Chef Chi Tv, and other social media accounts to advertise her business.

She is a Model

The chef also has a career in modeling which she developed before meeting Davido. Having a sister who is a fashion designer has turned her into her model. Her beauty and physique also enabled her to fit in for the job. Chioma may have started this without pay, but it has earned her more modeling contracts and endorsement deals. Modeling brings more money to her pocket.

She is a Media Influencer

Fame and popularity brought Chioma more fans and followers. With this, her actions and comments receive a good number of reactions. On her Instagram page, thechefchi, she has at least 3.1 million followers. With this number of followers, she has an audience for her businesses, modeling, cooking, and advertisement.

She manages some brands as their ambassador and she posts them on her social media accounts. For Chioma, her social media accounts are platforms where she does her job and makes her money.

Chioma is a Brand Ambassador to a Number of Companies 

As a result of the popularity she gained through her association with Davido, Chioma has signed numerous deals with companies as their brand ambassador. Her beauty, body shape, and personality also qualify her to win some of these endorsement deals.

With her natural endowment, she sells these brands and brings more money into her pocket. Some of these companies she uses her social media account to advertise for.

List of Some of the Companies Chioma has Endorsement Deals With
  • Gino tomato paste
  • Royal Hairs weave-on brand
  • Hair By Jennys Glow
  • Payporte fashion company
  • De Lovet, etc.


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