10 Surprisingly Famous Bisexual Men in Hollywood


Some Hollywood stars prefer being straight, while some others are a little bit more adventurous. Hollywood has however played its role in leading these men into bisexuality. The most famous bisexual men in Hollywood also happen to be very rich as well as good-looking. The list below highlights those handsome men who have been involved with both women and men during their career whose bisexuality have been confirmed by a trusted publication.

1. Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie_Joe_Armstrong - bisexual men

He opened up to a magazine in the year 2010 that he was actually gay though being married for almost twenty years. He admitted to have always been bisexual by stating that all people are born bisexual and are only swayed from the idea by the society and their parents who claim it is a taboo and according to him it is not a bad thing at all. He said that he was not shy to reveal public video as well as pictures of him kissing other men as being bisexual to him is a beautiful thing

2. Marlon Brando

marlon_brando - bisexual men

Marlon Brando was a legendary actor who made a comment that shocked many. Through Marlon Brando coming clean about his sexuality, it was also made known that Paul Newman was also bisexual. In a book that was written about Newman which came out in the year 2009, Brando stated that he was never fooled by Newman and that Paul Newman was as bisexual as he was. It was just unfortunate that he was being caught on cameras with his pants down while Paul Newman managed to hide in the dark. A picture of Marlon Brando having oral sex with a man was revealed proving he was indeed a bisexual man.

3. Cary Grant

cary_grant - bisexual men

In his lifetime, he married five times. It was believed that many women chased after him with the hopes of changing him. He received many accusations of being bisexual but his daughter stated in 2011 that her father actually loved it when people referred to him as being gay. In the 1930s when Grant and Randolph Scott who was his fellow actor went together to a beach house which was later named bachelor hall at a time when bisexuality was highly criticized, rumours about him quickly spread.

4. Leonard Bernstein

Leonard_Bernstein - bisexual men

Leonard Bernstein was a conductor, a pianist as well as a composer. He lived in the time when homosexuality was accepted socially and he was aware that he was bisexual just after his arrival to Harvard.

5. Michael Chabon

Michael_Chabon - bisexual men

Michael Chabon who is an author of books such as “The Amazing Adventure,” “Kavalier and Clay” and “The Mysteries Pittsburgh” claimed to have had one man whom he loved and therefore slept with him. As much as it never occurred to him to sleep with men it happened and he seemed okay with it.