Is Queen Latifah Gay? Does She Have A Girlfriend?


There have been a lot of speculations concerning the sexuality of Queen Latifah…Is she really gay like all the rumours surrounding her indicate? Well, all the rumours about this legendary rapper being gay are not new to those who have grown bumping to her music. In fact, it all started in 1996 when Queen Latifah got into a feud with Foxy Brown, who took the first step in questioning the rapper’s sexuality while dissing her. Since then, no one has yet to confirmed whether this rapper, come singer and actress, is actually gay or not. That includes all the rumours that have been making rounds all over the internet claiming how she publicly admitted to being gay. The truth is; none of those sites can actually quote her making such a statement, which makes the allegations more of rumours than stated facts.

But if the rumours hold a significant amount of truth, then the rapper must have first had a fling with Jeanette Jenkins, who apparently is alleged to have been Queen Latifah’s girlfriend for over 8 years before they officially broke up in 2011.

Also, while performing at the Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride event, she took the stage and announced how she’s been waiting for such an opportunity for a very long time… and to what might seem like a confession, she even went ahead and pointed out how the gay community was actually her family, but withheld herself from publicly admitting that she was indeed gay. So, until now, the sexuality of this 90’s hit maker is still cloaked, and all the media’s attempt to get her admit or refute the claims has all been futile. But until all these rumours are denounced with solid evidences—like him marrying Mr So and So… the legendary rapper will still be one of the LGBTs unless proven otherwise.

Now the latest news to hit the grapevine concerning the rapper’s sexuality comes from an Anonymous source, who happens to be the rapper’s confidant. And according to her, Queen Latifah has underway plans to tie the knot with her 4-year girlfriend, Eboni Nichols. But hey, before you get your adrenalines all rushed up, let’s get something clear: the source of this information cannot be trusted completely given that Queen Latifah herself has not announced publicly about her wedding plans.

But our grapevine has it that the talk-show host was actually inspired by the recent event, where Madonna and Macklemore’s Grammy performance saw to it that dozens of Gays were actually given an opportunity to tie the note. This spurred the rapper into making the rash decision of taking the next step with her long-time girlfriend Eboni.

What You Didn’t Know about Queen Latifah’s Girlfriend – Eboni Nichols

Queen Latifah Gay

1. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Dance from Chapman

She’s a graduate from Chapman University with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Dance. While taking her studies, Eboni has confessed to have had no idea of where her passion for dancing and choreography would have actually taken her.

2. She has worked with big-heads in the entertainment industry

Being one of the most revered members of Los Angeles Lakers Girls, Eboni has had the privilege to tour the world while sharing a stage with big artists like Jamie Fox and Mary J. Blige. She has also managed to work with some of the hottest talents in the industry, including Capital Cities, Sara Bareilles and Demi Lovato.

3. Her choreography has actually appeared in some of the major blockbusters

Her choreography has actually appeared in both small and big screens of her feature films like Dream girls, Bedazzled, Miami Vice, Dance Your Ass Off, Hairspray, Blades of Glory, as well as television shows like Cougar town. She will also be featured in the incoming CW TV show, Jane the Virgin. - Queen Latifah Gay, Queen Latifah Girlfriend

4. Her choreography can also be seen in several TV commercials

Eboni has successfully managed to showcase her choreography work in a number of commercial campaigns, such as Sensa, Svedka Vodka, McDonalds, Butterfinger, Washington Mutual and Covergirl cosmetics.

5. She has also choreographed several music videos

Eboni has also choreographed a number of eye-grabbing music videos and live performances for artists like Solange, Estelle, as well as the Dream. A classic example of a video she actually choreographed is Freak by Estelle.

6. Her work has been featured on numerous TV programs

Eboni’s work has been featured on numerous TV programs, including the FOX series “Surviving the Jack,” “Good Morning America,” “Cougar town,” “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars among others.”