Football is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world. This is the reason why most countries have opted to invest in the construction of world-class stadiums. Even though Africa lags behind in terms of sports infrastructure, there is no doubt that the 2010 world cup that was held in South Africa paved the way for the construction of top-notch stadiums. You will find that most stadiums in Africa are used for football, but some can also be used for other sports like rugby or even athletics.

The list below shows the 10 most expensive stadiums in Africa:

10. Estadio Nacional De Ombaka (Angola) – $100 Million

The Ombaka National Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Benguela, Angola. Completed in 2010, it is used mostly for football matches and has hosted some events for the 2010 African Cup of Nations. The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 people.

9. Stade Olympique de Rades (Tunisia) – $110 Million

This is one of the best multipurpose stadiums in Africa. However, it is mostly used for soccer and athletics and boasts of modern structures that meet the required international standards. It cost $110 million to build this stadium which has a large capacity of 60,000. It is located in Tunis, Tunisia having been opened in 2001. The stadium was initially built for the 2001 Mediterranean Games and later on renovated in 2005. It is home to the Tunisian national football team.

8. Mbombela Stadium (South Africa) – $140 Million

Mbombela Stadium was recently built to cater for demands for the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa. In many ways, it is a stadium that totally meets the required international standards. This 40,929-seater stadium cost $140 million and is so far the smallest stadium ever constructed for World Cup. It is located in Nelspruit in Mpumalanga province. Mbombela stadium was built through taxpayer funding and can be used for other sports like cricket and athletics. One of the main features that stand out are the 18 roof supports that actually look like giraffes.

7. Peter Mokaba Stadium (South Africa) – $150 Million

This was also one of the stadiums used for the World Cup. It is located in Polokwane, South Africa and is named after Peter Mokaba who was the former leader of Africa National Congress Youth League. It can hold up to 41,733 people and is actually the home of Black Leopards FC. Besides, it is located few kilometers from the Old Peter Mokaba Stadium. This amazing stadium that cost $150 million to build is ideal for intense training and matches. This is mainly football and rugby union stadium.

6. Estadio 11 de Novembro (Angola) – $227 Million

This large multi-purpose stadium is located in Luanda, Angola and it cost $227 million to build. Its name is in honor of Angola’s Independence Day which is marked every 11th of November. This stadium was designed by Urbinvest, Arup Sport, and Sua Kay Architects while construction was by the Shanghai Urban Corporation Group. It was completed in 2010 and even hosted the Africa Cup of Nations the same year. Its large capacity of 50,000 makes it fit for large matches. It is mostly used by Primeiro de Agosto and Petro de Luanda football clubs when not hosting international matches.

5. Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (South Africa) – $270 Million

This is another great stadium located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The 46,000 seater stadium not only hosts football matches but also rugby and is perfect for holding big concerts. It was also opened in 2010 in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It was designed by a South African Company and built at a cost of $270 million. It was constructed overlooking a lake and this actually makes it stand out. It was named after Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality which was also named in honor of the Late Nelson Mandela.

4. National Stadium, Abuja (Nigeria) – $360 Million

This is the largest stadium in Nigeria located in its capital Abuja. Its capacity of 60,491 makes it ideal for hosting even non-sporting events in the country. This ultra-modern modern sports complex cost $360 million and was opened in 2003 ahead of the 8th All Africa Games. In fact, it is among the world’s 50 most expensive stadiums. The stadium is home to the Nigerian National Football team. The Abuja Stadium also known as Abuja National Stadium is so big that it is a landmark in Abuja.

3. FNB Stadium (South Africa) – $440 Million

This stadium is known to many around the world as Soccer City Stadium while others call it ‘The Calabash’. It is located in Nasrec an area that borders Soweto area of Johannesburg and is also next to South African Football Association Headquarters. Its construction costs totaled $440 million and this was attributed to the calabash design of the stadium. This is the largest stadium in Africa and boasts of a capacity of 94,736 hence the reason why it was fit to host the finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It was opened in 1989 and renovated in 2009. It is home to Kaizer Chiefs F.C and the South African National Football team. The stadium was the venue for the final public appearance of the Late Nelson Mandela.

2. Moses Mabhida Stadium (South Africa) – $450 Million

This multi-purpose stadium was one of the host stadiums for the 2010 World Cup. It is located in Durban, South Africa with a capacity of 54,000. However, during the World Cup, it had temporary tiers that enabled it to hold 62,760. It is named after Moses Mabhida who is the former Secretary General of the South African Communist Party. Its construction cost $450 million and was opened to the public in 2009. It is built next to Kings Park Stadium and has a modern sports institute. Besides, it has a transmodal transport station that came in very handy during the 2010 World Cup.

1. Cape Town Stadium (South Africa) – $600 million

This newly built stadium located in Cape Town South Africa cost $600 million to build hence making it the most expensive. It is sometimes referred to as Green Point Stadium because it was built on the same site where Green Point Stadium previously stood. This 64,100 seater stadium was constructed by a South African Company called Murray and Roberts. It was officially open in 2009 and was among the stadiums used to host 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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The 10 most expensive stadiums in Africa are also among the best stadiums in the continent and around the world. This is because they have been constructed using the latest technology with ultra-modern facilities. Coincidentally, six out of the ten, are in South Africa.