Top 20 Best Nigerian Movies 2014


The Nigerian (Naija) Movie Industry also known as Nollywood is indeed waxing very strong at the moment, offering many possibilities for entertainment and relaxation not just for the people of Nigeria living in Nigeria but also to foreigners all over the world, the Industry has grown very big, becoming the largest movie industry in Africa and the second largest by the number of Nigerian movies produced per year, just Bollywood (Indian movie industry). Even if the Nigerian film industry is an emerging industry, it indeed deserves credit for these accomplishments. Whether we are thinking of Romance, comedy, horror, drama, soap operas, or action films – Nigerian film industry has shown that it is equal to the task. In this article we’ve decided to take a look at movies that could be considered as the very best of the very best Nigerian movies for the year 2014

Coming up with a list like Best Nigerian Movies is not as easy as it sounds, you’ll agree with me that such a list can be very subjective as what Mr A. might consider a very god movie might not be as good for Mr B. It can be a lot of hard work coming up with such a list. However, we’ve tried our best to bring you what we consider and what we believe will be considered by many as the Best Nigerian Movies for 2014

Nollywood - best nigerian movies

In selecting these movies, we’ve taken a look at the quality of the movies, the production quality, performance, scripts, direction, sound, make up and visual effects

Here is our list of 20 Best Nigerian Movies of All Time [Updated 2014]

1. Mr & Mrs – One of the Best Nigerian movies

2. Figurine – One of the Best Nigerian Films

3. Last Flight to Abuja – One of the Best Nigerian Movies

4. Aramotu – One of the best Nigerian Movies

5. Maami – Best Nigerian Yoruba Movie

6. Mirror Boy

7. The Return of Jenifer

8. Phone Swap

9. Two brides and a baby

10. Memories of My Heart

11. Ghetto Dreamz

12. Sinking Sands

13. Kiss and Tell

14. Confusion nawaa

Bonus- Some of the Best Nigerian Movies Ever – Selected from Older Movies

15. Osuofia in London

16. Igodo – Definitely One of the Best Nigerian movies

17. Domitilla

18. Mr Ibu

19. Aki na Ukwa

20. Mr Ibu in London – A Nigerian Movies You Don’t Want to Miss


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