T. B. Joshua’s Family: Everything About His Parents, Brothers and Sisters

The members of T. B. Joshua’s family include his parents – Mr. Kolawole Balogun and Mrs. Folarin Balogun; his siblings including Sunday Abimbola Balogun; his wife – Evelyn Joshua and three children – Sarah, Promise, and Heart Joshua.

T. B. Joshua was a well-known religious figure from Nigeria and the founder of Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN). However, not much is known about T. B. Joshua’s family, especially regarding his parents and siblings. Many people are familiar with his faith healings and demon exorcisms, which he usually broadcast on Emmanuel TV. Despite several disputes, especially involving his miraculous healings of terminal diseases and impairments, his ministry developed significantly. 

Who are T. B. Joshua’s Parents?

T. B. Jshua’s Parents are Mrs. Folarin Balogun, and his father is known as Kolawole Balogun. Temitope Balogun Joshua, as he was known, was born on June 12, 1963, into a Christian family in the little village of Arigidi, Ondo State, Nigeria. His father was a well-educated man who worked as a Yoruba-to-English translator for the British in Nigeria.

There is not much to know about T.B. Joshua’s father. The televangelist revealed that he knew nothing about his late father as he was only a child when he passed away. As for his mother, she is said to be the breadwinner of the family after the death of her husband. She not only took care of Joshua and his siblings but was also the backbone of his spirituality.

The prophet often spoke of how she would always wake them up for prayers and ensure they were actively involved in their education. Their feeding and daily needs were also on her shoulders until he was sent to live with his mother’s brother, a devout Muslim. 

On June 14, 2018, the SCOAN founder posted a picture photograph of his mother and himself on Instagram and said it was the last hug she gave him before her death. To give his last tribute to his mother, who was already late, Joshua also revealed how his mother never failed to advise him to continue walking in God’s love. He closed his caption with words that described her as a “wonderful mother.”

Joshua followed his post on Instagram with a picture of his father, who died when he was a child. He said though he knew nothing about his father, the legacy he laid before his death was well-followed and that it benefited them quite a lot. According to him, his past experiences, including his experience while growing up in a humble family, were among the reasons he did not “respond to criticisms, lying, falsehood, name-calling or slanderous remarks.

T.B Joshua’s Siblings

T. B. Joshua’s known sibling is Sunday Abimbola Balogun. However, it is unclear how many siblings he had in total and what they do for a living. The public only came to know about Sunday Abimbola Balogun, who revealed himself as the elder brother of the famous televangelist.

During an interview, Balogun disclosed that he was T. B. Joshua’s elder brother and that the last time he saw his brother was eight months before his death in 2021. He said T. B. Joshua advised him to always show love to the people.

T.B Joshua’s Family

Full Name Temitope Balogun Joshua
Birth Date June 12, 1963
Place of Birth Arigidi, Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria
Parents Kolawole Balogun (Father)

Mrs. Balogun (Mother)

Family Background TB Joshua came from a modest family background. His father was known to be a worker in a sawmill.
Siblings T. B. Joshua’s sibling is his elder brother, Sunday Abimbola Balogun who maintains a private life. It is unknown if he had other siblings.
Early Life TB Joshua’s early life was marked by poverty and hardship, often narrated in his teachings. He attended St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School in Arigidi but faced challenges in completing his education due to financial difficulties.

T. B. Joshua’s Relationship with his Birth Family before his Death

Before his death, Prophet Joshua was known to be very close with his birth family. He died on June 5, 2021, aged 57, after a church program in Lagos. Although he seldom talked about his family, his death revealed how close he was to his parents, siblings and the entire people of his community.

During Joshua’s funeral, his brother Sunday Balogun revealed that his brother played an important role in his life and that of his family. He said his brother not only assisted financially but that he was also the reason why their family is highly referenced not just in their community but all over the world.

He even requested that his brother be buried in their hometown in Arigidi, Akoko, Ogun State. His request was backed by the Zaki of Arigidi Akoko community, who also attested to T. B. Joshua’s kindness to his siblings, extended family members, and community people.

Meanwhile, a recent video has a man reported to be T.B Joshua’s uncle, who vowed to take drastic actions should the prophet be buried in his Synagogue church in Lagos. Unfortunately, his name and family details were not known.

Was any Member of T. B. Joshua’s Family, a Pastor at His Church?

No, none of his family members was a pastor at his church. Prophet T. B. Joshua may have had a cordial relationship with his parents and siblings but never involved them in his ministry. He was reported to have made it clear that his church was not a family thing, and that was why no member of his family, including his wife, was seen in his ministerial business.

Since he received the “divine commission and founded the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) at the age of 24, in 1987, he was known to manage every aspect of his church business and had no member of his family involved. He started his church in a dilapidated house in the Agodo-Egbe neighborhood in Lagos.

The church grew faster through his miraculous deeds and prophecies, attracting people from various countries. As he continued to enjoy massive followership worldwide, he employed the services of young pastors he called his disciples. A total of five disciples worked with the prophet until his death. They handled the operation, administration, and spiritual affairs of the church.

One of his known disciples is Frank Harvey Logan, who now runs his own church called Faith, Hope, and Love Ministries in Tampa, Florida, United States. Even after his demise in 2021, none of T. B. Joshua’s birth family members or relations got involved directly in the church business. The only time his wife got directly involved in the ministry was after his death in 2021.

Evelyn Joshua officially took over the leadership of the church in September 2021 and has since been at the helm of affairs of the church since then. One other member of T. B. Joshua’s family that is currently involved in the church affairs is his second daughter Promise Joshua, who, according to reports, is a member of the church’s board of trustees.


Who Are TB Joshua’s Children?

Late Prophet TB Joshua had three children who were all daughters: Sarah, Promise, and Heart Joshua; he had no son. During his lifetime, TB Joshua was married only once to Evelyn Joshua, and their marriage lasted from 1990 to 2021. Among his children, only Serah Joshua is married; she is married to Brian Moshi, a Tanzanian.

Who Was TB Joshua’s Wife?

TB Joshua’s wife was Evelyn Joshua. She was born on December 17, 1968, and is a Nigerian pastor, media personality, and entrepreneur. After T. B. Joshua’s unexpected death in June 2021, Evelyn Joshua became the head of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN). She is faced with the challenge of maintaining her late husband’s legacy. TB Joshua and Evelyn Joshua were married for over three decades and they have three children together.


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