Shan George Biography: Everything About the Nollywood Actress

Shan George (born on April 21, 1970; Age: 54 years old) is a Nigerian actress, singer, film producer, and director best known for her role in movies like Welcome to Nollywood and Outkast.

Over the years, actresses have evolved in their roles, and the likes of Shan George have greatly influenced the industry with their unique acting skills. For her decades-long activities in the Nollywood industry, Shan George has not only been rewarded with immeasurable fame but also an immense income to go with. Here are interesting facts you should know about her.

Shan George’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Shan George
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: April 21, 1970
  • Shan George’s Age: 54 years old
  • Nationality: British, Nigerian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion:: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Shan George’s Children: Delnoi and Jaga
  • Shan George’s Net worth: $1 Million (est)
  • Famous for: Nollywood actress
  • Shan George’s Instagram: @shangeorgefilms

54 Year Old Shan George Has British and Nigerian Heritage

Shan George was born on April 21, 1970, to a British father. Her mother, who happened to be Nigerian, birthed her in Ediba town, which is located in Abi local government area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

Not much is known about Shan George’s parents, but the half-Nigerian and half-British woman had revealed that she was an only child born to her fair-skinned mother. She also revealed that her life as a child was communal with lots of her cousins around.

However, she also admits to being lonely at some points in her childhood years, as she had no one to return to when her relatives returned to their various homes to attend to their siblings.

Shan was raised by her mother as her late father left them while she was tender. The actress revealed that she knows nothing much about her root as she never got the chance to spend time with either her English father or his family. Part of Shan’s teenage years was spent in Lagos state, and she attended the University of Lagos (UNILAG), where she bagged a degree in Mass Communication.

Shan George Began Acting to Pay Her Bills

Shan George is not one of the many female actors who had desired acting as a career, but she finally found herself in the business. While growing up, the actress desired to become a lawyer. Many things sparked her passion to become a lawyer, one of which was the fact that she was bullied for her fair skin. She wanted to become a lawyer so she could put her bullies behind bars.

Shan’s dreams of becoming a reputable lawyer died after she failed to pass the exams that would have helped her become one. Alternatively, she resolved to study Mass Communication so she would become a journalist –  a career which, according to her, was closest to being a lawyer. To help see herself through school, she made her way into the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Shan was introduced to the famous Nigerian actor and broadcaster Sadiq Daba who at the time worked with the Nigerian Broadcasting Authority (NTA). She was then given a ‘waka pass’ role in a 1997 soap opera title “Winds of Destiny,” after which she became a Personal Assistant on set.

From being a member of the NTA family to meeting people in the entertainment industry, Shan landed herself an audition where she was given the role of ‘Joan’ in a movie titled “Thorns of Rose,” produced and directed by famous Nollywood actor Emeka Ossai and Fred Amat.

Shan George’s first pay cheque at the time was N20,000. This was not just enough to make her a big girl at the University, but playing alongside Nollywood’s bigwigs encouraged her to take up acting as an official career.

She Produced Her First Movie in the 90s

During her final year at the University, Shan George produced her first movie titled All for Winnie. One among many other reasons why Shan produced the movie was to address the “man-know-man” issue that thrived in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

To fund her movie, she was able to raise some funds for herself and got a student loan. Luckily, the movie gave her an advantage in Nollywood and attracted her to movie practitioners. It also encouraged her to produce more blockbuster movies, including Made in Heaven.

Shan George Attained Fame via the 2001 Film “Outkast”

Having fully convinced herself and her mother that acting may be her calling, Shan George received more interesting movie roles, some of which she produced and directed. However, her rise to fame in the industry happened after she appeared in a 2001 crime-drama film, Outkast. The movie, which was produced and directed by Chico Ejiro, had her sharing the stage with actors like Sola Sobowale, Saidi Balogun, Lilian Bach, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, and Bukky Wright.

Added to the fame received, Shan also received her first award for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy Awards. She has since been regarded as one of the most prolific actresses in Nigeria, thanks to her unique acting skills, role interpretations, and creativity.

Shan George’s Movies and TV Shows 

  • Thorns of Rose
  • All for Winnie
  • A Second Time
  • Outkast
  • Itohan, Tim ba t’aiye wa
  • Computer Girls
  • Masterstroke
  • Blood Diamonds
  • Welcome to Nollywood (Documentary)
  • Travails of Fate
  • Made in Heaven
  • General’s Wife
  •  Wrong Number
  • My Sweat, London Forever
  • Super Zebraman
  • A Second Time
  • Grand Mother
  • Passionate Crime
  •  Deadly Desire
  • More than Gold
  • Hidden Treasure
  • Connected Firm
  • A Can of Worms
  • The Wages
  • The State, In My Country
  • The Revenge of Labista
  • No Chance

As a Singer, Shan George Released Her Debut Studio Album in 2010

As a singer, Shan George also released some tunes that received lots of positive vibes in society. She released her debut studio album titled Dance in 2010. Her songs are all in her native Humono language, and it was largely accepted mostly by those critics who think that the music industry is fast losing its originality to western tunes.

While many congratulated her on her new release, many still believe she would do better as an actress than as a singer. Regardless of the criticisms, Shan went on to release a music video for her latest single titled Emmanuel. Shan’s singing ability will continue to be debated in the music circle, but the actress seems not to be bordered as she confessed that her songs are just for the people in her village.

Shan George’s Awards

For the much-respected roles she has played in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Shan George has received quite a number of notable awards. These awards are basically to commemorate her unique acting skills. Interestingly, most of the awards she’s won are from her home state in Cross river state. They include:

  • 2019 – Anneozeng Ogozi Aid Foundation, Award Recipient
  • 2019 – Don Dollar Entertainment, Actor of the Week
  • 2019 – Calabar Entertainment Conference, Award Recipient
  • 2014 – Cross River Nollywood Awards, Movie of the Year
  • 2014 – Cross River Nollywood Awards, Best Director of the Year
  • 2014 – Cross River Nollywood Awards, Best Producer of the Year
  • Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards (GIAMA), Best Actress Award
  • Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), Best Actress in Nigeria
  • Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Most Acclaimed Actress in Nigeria

Has Shan George Stopped Acting?

In recent years, Shan George’s face has been rare on our television screens, but the screen diva seems to be pretty much active in Nigeria’s film industry. She may not be frequent on the TV screen, but she does have taken a few film roles. Some of the most recent films Shan George has appeared in include The Good and the Ugly, Oracle and Obstacles, One Good Man, Bodies, Finding Goodluck, and The Punch.

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Most of Shan George’s films can be seen on her TV platform, Shangeorge TV. Some of the movies she has also produced under her production company, Shandel Productions, include The Punch, Clout Chasers, and The Good and the Ugly.

Is Shan George Single or Married?

The stunning British-Nigerian actress is currently single and not married to anyone at the moment. However, in 2020, the 54 years old actress and movie producer announced that she was engaged to her heartthrob and best friend.

In a statement she published on her Instagram page, the actress revealed that though her past relationships have affected her love life in great measure, she is willing to give herself another chance to try because “it seems too right for her not to.”

About her fiance, Shan revealed that he is her business partner and is from Cross River State like she is. She further described him as her available shoulder to cry on always. She said she was willing to try again as its never too late for her to fall in love again

While many celebrated her new decision, it sounds rather shocking that nothing else has been heard about her newly-found love, especially as the actress seems to have taken down the post. Meanwhile, in an interview she granted in 2020, the biracial actress revealed that she may possibly not consider marrying again because she is scared.

How Many Times has Shan George Been Married?

Shan George has been in two failed marriages. She had her first marriage when she was just 16, just after finishing her secondary school education. The actress mentioned financial constraints as among the reasons why she got married in her teenage year.

She said she agreed to get married so she would be able to further her education at the University, and the man she was married to agreed to see her through school. Unfortunately, he failed to honor the agreement, and in her bid not to become an uneducated housewife, she decided to leave the marriage, although her mother told her to stay in the marriage.

Shan George also revealed that her second marriage failed to work out because of a couple of things, including location gaps between her and her husband, who at the time lived in England while she lived in Nigeria. The actress revealed that their location served as a gap between them, and because of that, they both went their separate ways.

On whether she has had any terrible love experiences during the course of her two failed marriages, the actress simply said she had no hard feelings, suggesting that the problem could come from her and not her partners.

Meet Shan’s Two Children

Before walking out of her first marriage, Shan George was already a mother of two sons.  Her first son Delnoi is older than Jaga, the second son, by two years. Although not much is known about the Georges, it is said that both Delnoi and Jaga graduated from the University of East London, UK.

Delnoi is reportedly a director at his father’s company, while Jaga is a budding hip-hop musician known by his stage name Mista Dry Gin. He released eight mix-tapes within the space of three years and had at a time released a single, “Egba mi” to follow up on his growing influence and acceptance in the UK. The starlet also works as a producer and sound engineer.

Shan George is now a grandmother, courtesy of her first son Delnoi who welcomed a baby girl with his girlfriend in 2014. The actress expressed her excitement over the arrival of the newborn and that the baby girl completes her joy as she only had two boys.

Shan George’s Alleged Sex Scandal

George is no doubt a very bold and outspoken woman, but like most other star actors in the industry, her name has not escaped scandals. The most recent is the alleged sex scandal involving her and the controversial Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International.

A report had claimed that the Omega Fire cleric allegedly had an affair with some Nollywood stars, including George. However, in an Instagram post, the actress denied the claim, adding that she had never met the cleric. She further described the cleric as one she has the utmost respect for because he “speaks for the downtrodden.”

In 2012, the actress was accused of having a sizzling romance with the son of former PMAN president Tee Mac Omatsola. It was alleged that the fair-skinned mother of two slept with about four young band members of Tee Mac during the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa in 2010. She reportedly gave the excuse of cold weather as the reason for having sex with the boys. The allegation lingered for not too long as neither the actress nor the former PMAN has reacted to the claims.


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