How To Make Remita Payment With ‘Pay A Biller’ and Check Your Payment Status

One of the crucial parts of modern technology, payment, and receiving funds in Nigeria is the Remita, which allows personal and business transactions to go on with ease and speed. The Remita has fast become an essential aspect of Nigeria’s daily transactions as adopted by the Federal Government for its Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy and can be accessed through 9 different channels.

Looking at its history, the Remita was set in motion in 2005 by SystemSpecs through John Obaro and has become the largest payment platform in Nigeria. To get across to several transactions in Nigeria, one may need the e-payment. This is otherwise known as the Remita Retrieval Reference known as the RRR. This article brings you the easiest, fastest, and convenient best possible ways to make Remita payment with Pay a Biller and check your billing status.

Step By Step Guide on How to Pay Bills Using Different Remita Channels

Remita Mobile Application and Mobile Wallets

To gain access to paying bills or check your account balance using this channel, you have to download the Remita mobile app on the Google Play store or apple play store.

Once this is done, there’ll be a need for you to sign up if you are a new user or sign in as an already existing user. By doing this, a user interface automatically comes up where you will choose from the displayed items.

The Channel’s Website and Internet banking

  • Visit the website of Remita
  • Click on Pay a Biller
  • Choose from any of the displayed items on the screen to continue, OR if what you want does not show on the dashboard, go to the top left-hand side of your and click on the three dash signs.
  • Fill the columns provided appropriately and include the purpose for the payment.
  • Choose one of the options that will display once you fill the form
  • Select who you want to pay for
  • Enter amount
  • Enter your name, phone number, email, and email confirmation
  • Select the payment method
  • Click the box that suggests that you are not a robot
  • Your RRR will be generated

How to Pay Using Point of Sale (POS), Debit, and Credit Cards

  • Visit the office of the biller/merchant if you’re using POS
  • Alternatively, you can visit an authorized Remita agent that has a Remita configured POS terminal
  • You’ll need your RRR to continue with the process
  • Provide your card with any payment details to make payment.

Pay Through The Merchant’s Website

  • Visit the website of the Remita
  • Click on the icon Pay a Biller
  • Provide your details using the guide provided on the dashboard
  • Continue with the payment using the channels provided.

Branches of Nigerian Banks and Standing Order or Direct Debit

You can visit the bank for payment via Remita or set up a direct debit or standing order. To set standing order, follow the processes below:

  • Visit the Remita web page for Standing order via this link
  • You find a list of things to do. Find Standing order and click on it
  • Select recurring payment
  • Fill the biller’s name in the space that says, “who do you want to pay?”
  • Describe your payment
  • Select amount and currency
  • Select on the recurring payment type
  • Enter dates to start and end
  • Insert your phone number, email address, and funding source
  • Click on the box that reads, “I’m not a robot.”
  • Submit
  • Take the form to the bank for activation

How to Generate RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference)

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To Pay Federal Government or State TSA, use the method stated above for using the Remita Website and internet payment.

For State TSA, Use this Method

  • Visit the website of Remita
  • Select Pay FGN and State TSA
  • Select the state you want to pay
  • Insert the name of the MDA you want to pay to under “Who do you want to pay.”
  • Choose the name of the service/purpose that relates to the payment and continue on the platform. It is nonetheless essential to ask the beneficiary MDA for the appropriate service type or purpose you should use
  • Click on Submit to generate the RRR

How To Pay to a Biller

  • Visit the web page of Remita
  • Click on Pay a Biller
  • Fill the space that asks who you want to pay to use the MDA or Corporate
  • Select the name of service/purpose
  • Click on submit to generate the RRR

Ways to Retrieve Your Payment Receipt on Remita

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  • Go to Remita Website
  • In the list, as shown on the dashboard, search and click on Resend Receipt or Invoice or click here to send you to the page directly.
  • Enter the RRR
  • Click on resent to send the receipt to the original email address on the receipt, or click on send to alternate email to resend the receipt to a different email address.
  • Enter the email address and the amount paid
  • Submit
  • The receipt or invoice will automatically be sent to the email you select.

How Long Will It Take For Your Payment to Reflect?

You’ll receive a notification when your payment is successful. Usually, the Remita settles collected amounts into the merchant’s account on the same day you make your payment. However, this does not necessarily apply to funds collected via debit/credit cards, digital wallets, POS, and mPOS, as settlements are done to merchants’ accounts the day after the transaction basis known as the T +1 basis. In addition, international payments are subject to international best practices. There are ways you can check to know if your payment is successful.

How to Confirm if Your Remita Payment is Successful

  • Go to Remita web page
  • Log into your account
  • Click on Pay an Invoice
  • Enter your RRR
  • Click continue
  • You will receive a prompt that the reference payment you processed was successful.
  • If it was not successful, you’d receive a prompt that the reference does not exist. Note that you can get this message even if your transaction was successful, but you fail to correctly enter your correct RRR. Hence, ensure that your RRR  is correct.
  • You can contact Remita on
    • Plt B22 Chief Yesufu Abiodun Oniru Road, Oniru, Lagos
    • Contact +234-1-6367000 or +234700-7877678
    • Send email to [email protected]

Why You Should Use Remita

  • Instead of using different mediums to access your accounts, you can access all your bank accounts using the e-payment platform.
  • There won’t be a need to have multiple tokens.
  • It allows you to make multiple payments from more than one bank account at a go in the same transaction.
  • It allows you to make payments to any commercial bank, a microfinance bank, and digital wallets.
  • You can keep track of your finances as it gives you comprehensive transaction reports.
  • It has Role-Based system access and Amount-Based Security.


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