Remita Payment Systems – What You Need To Know

Remita is an online payment and collections solution on a single multi-bank platform. It is a payment gateway adopted by the Federal Government for its Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy.

Remita which has significantly assisted in revolutionising the e-payment industry in Nigeria was adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the payment and collections of funds on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

It is a multi-channel funds collection platform that supports all types of Biller organisations.

With Remita, organisations (SMEs, Corporate organisations, Multinationals, State Governments, Government Agencies, NGOs, Religious Organisations, Resident Associations, Schools & Educational Institutions, Hospitals & Health Institutions, Utility Companies, etc.) and individuals can receive and make payments easily.

To avoid strenuous processes, one can pay for licenses renewals, school fees, PHCN/NEPA bills, FIRS Taxes, Corporate Affairs Commission, NYSC fees etc with Remita easily.

BuzzNigeria brings you quick facts you need to know about the electronic payment gateway which has gained global recognition in the financial technology industry.

1. It is an indigenous software developed by a Nigerian FinTech company – SystemSpecs founded by John Obaro.

2. It is the payment gateway for Federal Government funds generated from levies, taxes and tariffs.

3. It is NOT the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which is the depository for all the funds generated by MDAs as taxes, levies, tariffs, etc. But a payment gateway that facilitates the remittance of these funds into the TSA.

4. There is a one percent transaction fee charged on all transactions through FG’s TSA which is shared among Remita, banks, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and other payment operators involved.

5. Remita is government approved since it is used by the Federal Government, corporates and high-net-worth individuals to process financial transactions.

6. It is a secure platform with advanced security features such as a combination of hard token, soft token, biometric token and proprietary authentication protocols.

7. It helps you receive and make payments easily with ZERO activation fee.

8. With Remita, you can pay your taxes, levies and tariffs directly to the government without fear of missing deadlines which often attract surcharges.

9. Customers can pay you through a wide range of channels like your website, Internet Banking, Mobile Wallet, POS, or from ANY bank branch in Nigeria.

10. It also has HR and payroll functions which help businesses maintain a comprehensive, online employee personnel and payroll data.

Why should you use Remita?

1. It is beyond Online Banking.

2. It enables you to sign into a SINGLE platform for access to all your bank accounts at once.

3. You can view balances of all your multiple bank accounts on a SINGLE screen.

4. You have no need for multiple tokens.

5. You can make payments from multiple accounts, and across multiple banks, in the same transaction.

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6. You can make payments to any Commercial Bank, Microfinance Bank and Digital Wallets.

7. You can define online payment review and approval workflow to suit.

8. You can toggle between the profiles of all your companies, subsidiaries, associations, your personal accounts etc. on the platform.

9. It gives you detailed and comprehensive transactions reports.

10. It has a Role-Based system access and Amount-Based Security.

Remita payment

How to use Remita to make an online payment

1. Visit their website and click on “Pay A Federal Government Agency” button.

2. Beneficiary’s Name: Type in the [Name of the MDA] in the first space that has been provided. i.e, the name of the institution you are paying the money to.

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3. Name Of Service/Purpose: Here, you select the name of service or state the purpose of payment in the drop-down list provided.

4. Description: Here, you describe what you are paying for. This you should by typing. e.g, I want to pay for FIRS annual TAX FEES.

Amount To Pay(₦): Type in the amount that you want to pay;

6. Payer’s Full Name: Type in your full name;

7. Payer’s Email: Type in your email address;

8. Payer’s Phone: Type in your phone number;

9. Complete the Security Captcha: You are to enter the key characters you see in the image into the box;

10. Click “Proceed to Payment”.

Generating a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)

When you are done making your payment, you will be redirected to RRR Invoice Page to generate your RRR.

Here, you will see your RRR Code which is a unique code that has been given to you based on the completion of the above steps. It is given to you for the transaction. The RRR Invoice page is where you see many options to make the payments.

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Payment Methods

1. Internet Banking: With this, you can make payments via the internet banking system. All you need to do is transfer the said funds directly from your account to the beneficiary account via the Remita powered transfer. On the “Pay with Internet banking” column, icons of banks that support internet banking on Remita platform are shown. Just click on your bank’s name and proceed to payment.

2. Cards or Wallets: With this option, you can make payments with your ATM Cards online. Just click on your preferred card e.g. MasterCard, Visa, Verve. You can also pay via e-Wallet services such as PocketMoni.

3. Bank Branch: To pay at any bank’s branch, all you simply need to do is to print the transaction receipt or copy the RRR code. Take it to your bank and pay the required amount.


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