Mercy Aigbe’s Husband, Children and the Truth About Her First Husband

Kazim Adeoti “Adekaz” is Mercy Aigbe’s husband. He was confirmed to be married to the actress in January 2022 but before Mercy, he was married to Oluwafunsho “Funsho” Asiwaju who made him a father of 3.

Kazim is a former mortgage broker, a Yoruba filmmaker, founder of Adekaz Production Limited, and chairman of ibakatv. Currently, he has recorded huge success in the entertainment industry and has produced films such as Ewon Laafin (2015), and Haunted Pleasures (2022). Regardless, his name juggles through many pages for being the 3rd husband of the controversial Nollywood actress and entrepreneur Mercy Aigbe who was married to socialite, Lanre Gentry.

Who Is Mercy Aigbe’s Husband?

Kazim was born on January 24 around 1970 to 1971. He reportedly hails from Kwara State in the North Central part of Nigeria. A lot of details about his family and childhood have been left under wraps.

As regards education, the movie producer attended the University of Jos where he studied Business Management before relocating to the United States in 2001. There, he followed a career path to become a mortgage broker for years.

The career landed him a fortune but he had his eyes on the entertainment industry. For that, he learned the antics of the business and in 2005, Mercy Aigbe’s husband had registered the Adekaz Production Limited.

In 2006, Adekaz recorded a Yoruba film, Ona Laafin. It was produced by Jaiye Kuti, a Nigerian actress, producer, CEO of Jaylex Aesthetic Production, and businesswoman.

About the same year, 2006, the January 1 1978 born Mercy was featured in a film that shot her to the limelight Ara as produced by Remi Olupo.

Mercy Aigbe’s Husband Married Oluwafunsho Asiwaju in 2002

Mercy Aigbe’s husband married his first wife Oluwafunsho “Funsho” Asiwaju sometime around 2002 and they became parents of at least 3 children. Not much has been heard of the marriage until Kazim took Aigbe as a second wife.

Funsho lives in the United States with their children. She is also a fashion designer and owner of Asiwaju Couture.

Mercy Aigbe is Believed to Have Been With Kazim Since 2010

According to the claim by the first wife of Adeoti, Funsho, Mercy had been sleeping with the Chairman of Ibaka TV since 2010, while she was married to Gentry and her son was about 5 months old.

She further claimed that Mercy was her friend and she introduced the fashionista to her husband only to later find out that they were having an affair. The actress, however, denied the allegation but her ex confirmed that Funsho invited Mercy to Adeoti’s 40th birthday which Gentry also attended.

What he did not accept was the allegation that his son Juwon was about 5 months old when the affair started. Rather, he claimed that the child was about a year when the cheating started.

The allegations were denied by the actress and her spouse. In a post her husband shared on Instagram, he attested to first being co-workers, after which friendship was built before marriage.

There are also claims through an interview that Funsho had accepted the Traffic actress as her co-wife and as a Muslim, he could have more than a wife. His first wife on her own part distanced herself and dubbed him a “soon to be ex-husband”.

As far as the public is aware, the love life of Aigbe on social media started a day prior to the birthday of Kazim Adeoti in January 2022. She posted a picture of them with the caption “it’s my boo’s birthday in a bit”. Several other images followed afterward.

Prior to that, she had given hints that she had a man in her life. On her birthday on January 1, 2022, she posted an image celebrating herself with captions that included “wife of a king”.

The Actress Was Purportedly Married Twice Before Her Current Husband

The Edo State native and Lagos born-Mercy Aigbe through an interview pronounced that she had been married twice before Kazim Adeoti. The first time she was married, she claimed to be naive and although she was in love, she had issues with her mother-in-law who wanted her son to be married to a woman of his ethnic group.

The first marriage crashed and in 2013, she was said to become married to Lanre Gentry at the Ikoyi Registry after he proposed to her in an eatery. Other sources claim that the marriage had happened earlier than in 2013.

The second marriage came with controversy when the public accused her of marrying another woman’s husband. In her defense, the University of Lagos graduate claimed that he was already a divorcee when they met.

In any case, Lanre, a socialite, and hotelier had a son Olajuwon with the actress before they headed for a divorce in 2017.

Mercy Aigbe Divorced Lanre Gentry on the Accounts of Domestic Violence and Infidelity

In 2017, there was a reported fight between the couple that led to a battery from Lanre which led to Mercy getting swollen face and bleeding. In a bid to get justice, Aigbe headed to the Lagos State Commissioner of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation at the time. The case was further taken to the State’s Ministry of Justice.

An arrest was made and the actress got a restraining order against the hotelier. The case would not be the first time the couple’s marriage has suffered an abuse allegation.

In 2013, there were claims that Gentry assaulted Aigbe at an event. A day after the news broke, they went on YouTube to lay claims that nothing of sort happened and they were good.

Following the beating that led to the divorce, Gentry denied any wrongdoing and further affirmed that the actress was mentally unstable. He further noted that she could not take care of her parents and was sleeping around.

To defend herself, the light-skinned actress took to social media to deny the claim and dared her ex to bring forth his proof. On her own part, she kept giving evidence mostly in the form of images of the marks left by violence. She also promised to put out more evidence and call witnesses if need be.

At the end of it all, the former couple headed for a divorce while Lanre who had earlier denied any wrongdoing apologized through Instagram.

Mercy Aigbe is a Mother of 2

The Nollywood actress is a mother of two from different men.

Mercy Apparently Had Michelle Aigbe From a Relationship Before Gentry

Michelle Aigbe, 22, is the first daughter of Mercy Aigbe. She was born on July 11, 2001, years before Mercy became married to Lanre Gentry.

Although there are suggestions that Michelle may be the biological daughter of Gentry, there are also reports that she was only the stepdaughter of the businessman. In her 20th birthday post on Instagram in 2021, he mentioned how he cherished the little time they spent together and how she’s still a part of him.

In this case, a question such as “who is the father of Michelle Aigbe?” may arise. Mercy recounts how she was married before Gentry. Perhaps the daughter could be a result of the union. There is also a possibility that the actress may never have been married to the father of her first child.

Mercy keeps the identity of the man private while her daughter bears her last name, “Aigbe”

Away from her private life, Michelle makes a name for herself as a model, digital content creator, and business owner of Michelle Beauty. She is also a brand ambassador of a global fashion brand, Fashion Nova.

Olajuwon Gentry’s Paternity Has Been Questioned

Juwon was born on June 10 2010 as the second child of the Flakky Ijaya actress. His life has been kept out of the public, except for his parents’ Instagram where they post his images and videos.

Nonetheless, attention was drawn to him when Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Kazim surfaced. The public attests that there is a striking resemblance between the current husband of Aigbe and her son with Gentry.

The news that Kazim’s first wife Funsho alleged that Mercy had been sleeping with the filmmaker since Juwon was 5 months old further fueled the rumor that he may not be fathered by Lanre. Hence, there was a popular public opinion that the ex-husband of Aigbe should take a paternity test.

In any case, the older Gentry assured the public that he is 100% certain that the boy is his. He backed the claim with the revelation that his child with his wife after Aigbe share a certain birthmark with the celebrity child. He also confessed that the mark is something that children of his family mostly have at birth.


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