Mark Angel’s Wife Amanda Josh and Their Daughter

Mark Angel’s wife is said to be Amanda Josh and they have a child together, Milla. Mark Angel’s family life is hidden from the public as not much is known about them.

Anyone who is a huge fan of the Mark Angel Comedy would want to know more beyond the comedian’s career and successes out of curiosity. Of course, Mark shares beautiful family life with Amanda Josh and their daughter. But, amid the very beautiful lovey-dovey pictures the comedian share with partner and daughter on the media lies more profound questions many would love to get answers to. Here are juicy information you would love to know about Mark Angel’s love life.

Who is Amanda Josh, Mark Angel’s Wife?

Amanda Josh is the beautiful lady largely assumed to be Mark Angel’s wife. Although their marriage is not yet confirmed, Mark and Amanda have severally been termed a couple by most media platforms. Mark has over the years shown a top level of professionalism in his career and has let out very little about his personal life, and it is the more reason why many do not have adequate knowledge of his personal relationships.

However, the actor and comedian has refuted claims of him being secretly married to his now very popular fiance, Amanda. People’s interest in his romantic relationship with Amanda Josh became clearer when Mark began to share more photos of himself and his sweetheart. To further clear the air about his relationship, Mark revealed in an interview that he was not yet married but that he was engaged to the said fair lady.

One other moment where the skit maker openly talked about his relationship with Amanda was when he shared a picture of himself with her in a joke he captioned saying, “my mum brought a girl from the village and said she wants me to marry a village girl.”

During the international women’s days in March 2021, Mark celebrated the women in his life, including Amanda, whom he still referred to as his girlfriend. This indicates that the pair are yet to get married.

How Long has Mark Angel and Amanda Been Together?

It is not certain how long they have been together. Neither Mark nor Amanda have come out to clear the air about how long they have been together, rendering the length of their relationship a mystery to everyone. However, judging by the age and year their daughter was born, it is obvious that the couple has been together since before 2018. Some even suggest that they must have been childhood sweethearts.

It is also not known how Mark and Amanda met as neither of the pair has revealed that part of their love life to the public. Due t their very private lifestyle, neither Mark nor his girlfriend has been involved in any scandal, especially ones that would put his family and love life in danger.

Is Mark Angel’s Wife A Comedian?

She can be said to be either an actress or a comedian because Amanda features in comedy skits once in a while. Currently, there is almost no information about Amanda Josh out there besides the fact that she is the baby mama of Mark Angel. However, following several appearances on Mark’s comedy skits, it would be safer to caption her as an actress.

Mark is a famous comedian, scriptwriter, YouTuber, and video producer, and Amanda Josh is a regular face on his skits. She frequently plays the role of the mother of Aunty Success, another key figure in the Mark Angel Comedy. On various social media platforms like Instagram, Amanda does by the name ‘dammylaposh,’ which leaves many assuming her name to be Dammy.

How Many Children Does Mark Angel Have?

Mark Angel only has one child named Mila. There have been claims that Emmanuella and Success are children of Mark Angel, both of whom star along with Mark in various episodes of Mark Angel Comedy. However, those claims have since been labeled false, as it has come to light that Mark only has one child, which is neither of the two young and rising comic actresses.

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Mila is Mark’s daughter with his long-time girlfriend, Amanda Josh. Milla Angel was born on May 15, 2018, and she is currently 5 years old. Mark is quite fond of his daughter. He often shares pictures of her on his various social media platforms, especially his Instagram page.

Mila is a beautiful young girl. She apparently takes after her mother, who is fair-skinned. Mark Angel’s family currently lives in Port Harcourt, where the actor has also established his acting career.

Is Mark Angel Related to Emmanuella?

Yes, Mark is very much related to Emmanuella. The skit maker is Emmanuella’s uncle and not her father, as many assumed. Aside from sharing close family relations with his niece, Mark also serves as Emmanuella Samuel’s manager. 

Mark and Emmanuella’s relationship has always been a topic of great interest to the public, especially as their fans assumed they share a father-daughter relationship. Some, however, believe that the two share no blood relation, only partners in their already established business.

To clear the air about his relationship with Emmanuella, Mark, in an interview he granted on, admitted that Emmanuella is indeed a member of Mark Angel’s family and that aside from being business partners, he is her uncle and that Emmanuella had lived in his family house since she was a little girl.

Emmanuella’s father’s name is Mr. James Samuel, and her mother is Mrs. Cynthia Samuel. The prolific comic actress and comedian is apparently her parent’s first child. She was born in Port Harcourt, and she has younger siblings. Emmanuella was just five years old when she joined Mark Angel’s comedy skit.

Mark discovered Emmanuella’s talent during one of his scout for children her age for his comedy shoot. After several rigorous auditioning processes, which was a stunt he pulled to test the endurance of the kids, Emmanuella did well. Convinced she would do well, Mark eventually was able to convince her parents to let her become a part of the Mark Angel Comedy team. That began their journey together as partners in Mark Angel’s comedy.

After featuring in the comedy skit “This Is Not My Real Face Oh,” which eventually made her more popular, Mark Angel and Emmanuella have made many comedy skits together and have even won awards, including the notable Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize for Comedy.


Is Mark Angel Married?

Mark Angel was once married secretly and divorced secretly. He has not disclosed when the marriage and divorce took place. Mark Angel is engaged to Amanda Josh, but a lot of people call her his wife. He has relationships with five different women and couldn’t say who he is dating at the moment.

Who is Mark Angel’s Wife?

Mark Angel’s wife is Amanda Josh. Amanda is an actress who played the role of Auntie Success’s mother in many of Mark’s Angel’s Comedy skits. The couple welcomed a baby girl named Milla Angel.


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