Keystone Bank Transfer Code and Other USSD Codes for Sending Money

Keystone Bank is one of the reliable commercial banks operating in Nigeria. They are constantly in the quest for a stress-free banking experience for their customers. At the advent of USSD transfer codes, Keystone didn’t hesitate in adopting the system, which had a significant impact on their operational activities. Keystone Transfer Code and other USSD  codes for sending money is a 24/7 service that helps customers conduct self banking activities without the stress of visiting a banking hall. Interestingly, using the Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code doesn’t require any internet connection. It can be done using a mobile device with an available network connection.

What Is The Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code?

*7111# is the magic number that can give you a solution to significant Keystone financial transactions. Mobile banking has leveraged its fast and reliable services to outgrow other methods of carrying out bank transactions. With the Keystone Bank transfer code, transfers can be made faster within and outside the Keystone bank. Other things like bill payments, airtime purchases, and many more can also be done more quickly. The bank’s USSD code has been of great benefit, especially in places with poor internet connections. Customers who do not have the mobile App can activate and use the transfer code in a few minutes.

Requirements For Activating *7111# USSD Code

There are specific requirements that are necessary for the activation of the Keystone bank USSD code. They are as follows:

  • The phone number you used when opening your bank account. It is the same number in which you get debit and credit alerts.
  • Your Keystone Bank Account Number.
  • A reliable mobile network coverage.

How To Activate The Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code

The USSD Code activation process is designed to be customer-friendly and straightforward. It takes a few seconds to get over with. Below are the steps to activate the Keystone Bank USSD transfer code:

  • Dial *7111# using your linked phone number to your account.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Enter your Keystone account number.
  • Select a 4-digit number, which will be your secret authorization number for any transaction. This secret PIN is not to be disclosed to anyone to avoid fraud.

Uses Of Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code

Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code is used for so many transactions within the boundaries of the bank services. The bank took to the USSD code to curb the excess inflow of customers for minor services. Below are some of the things the Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code can offer:

Airtime Purchase

The USSD code offers a means of recharging your number and other numbers through your bank account with Keystone Bank. Buying airtime is possible only if you use the transfer code with the number linked to your bank account number. To achieve this, dial *7111* amount# for self-recharge. To recharge for other mobile numbers, dial *7111* Amount* Phone Number#.

Quick Money Transfer

The USSD code is the fastest means of making cash transfers. It doesn’t matter if you are sending to customers of the same Keystone bank or another bank. All that is needed is your linked mobile number, mobile phone, and internet connection. To transfer money to the same bank or another bank, dial *7111* Amount* Account Number#.

Balance Enquiry

Before the advent of the Keystone bank USSD Transfer Code, the customer service section of the bank found it very difficult as customers who are having difficulties in receiving their bank balances crowd the banking hall. The USSD code gave customers a relaxed mind as they can easily use the code to get information about their bank account balance. Customers can check this by dialing *7111*1# or dialing *7111*00#.

Change Authorization PIN

This is a feature in the Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code, allowing customers to protect their accounts. It is an extra account security measure that grants users access to perform any financial transaction through a mobile device. To achieve this, dial *7111*0# and follow the prompt.

Request for Account Number

Customers can use Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code to retrieve a forgotten account number. This is very important in the case of an urgent need for a forgotten account number. Once you dial *7111*1#, the service will immediately provide the account number, but only with the phone number linked to the account number.

Benefits of Activating the Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code

The USSD code is what every Keystone Bank customer should not hesitate to use as its benefits help in the smooth running of daily business activity. The benefits can not be overemphasized as the USSD code grants customers access to self banking operations.

  • The USSD code is secured, fast, and easy to use, making it 100% customer-friendly.
  • Customers can use it on any mobile phone, which can allow network coverage.
  • It gives customers easy means of paying their bills.
  • USSD code doesn’t demand internet data before Customers can use it.
  • It also helps customers transfer funds to other banks and can even give its users access to funding airtime to their number and other numbers.
  • USSD Code works 24/7, unlike the banking hall that has limited time of operations per day.

How to Retrieve and Reset PIN after Activating *7111#

It is a bit difficult to retrieve your PIN, maybe in the event of a forgotten PIN after the activation process of the USSD Code. In retrieving your pin, you have to visit the nearest Keystone branch to explain to a customer service agent for further verification to avoid fraudulent activities in your bank account. It is now left for the customer service agent to verify if you are the account owner before the bank provides you with your PIN.

How to Reset the Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code Activation PIN

Customers can reset their USSD Code activation PIN if there is a suspected breach of security or other factors. Customers can follow the steps:

  • Dial *7111*0# using the phone number you used to open your Keystone Bank account.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • Input the new 4-digits password

How To Send Money Using the Keystone Transfer Code

Sending money with the Keystone transfer code can be in two stages: transactions within the bank and other banks. To carry out the transfer to a Keystone account holder and other banks, take the following steps:

  • For Keystone to Keystone Bank: Dial *7111*Amount*Account Number#. Follow the prompt and ensure to input your four-digit PIN is needed to complete the transaction.
  • For Keystone transfer to other banks: Dial *7111*Amount*Account Number# and follow the prompt. Your four-digit pin is also needed for authorization.

Keystone Bank USSD Codes for Different Transactions

To activate USSD Code Dial *7111#
Buy airtime for the registered number Dial *7111* Amount#
Buy airtime for other numbers Dial *7111* Amount* Phone Number#
To transfer money Dial *7111* Amount* Account Number#
To access the account balance Dial *7111*1# or *7111*00#
To pay bills Dial *7111*2#
To activate the USSD transfer code Dial *7111#
To reset the USSD code activation PIN Dial *7111*0#


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