How to Subscribe on Glo and the Subscription Code to Use

To Subscribe on Glo, Dial *127# or 777# to access and activate any of the numerous Glo data plans available. This Subscription code is also helpful in sharing or deactivating Glo data subscriptions.

Glo data plans are the cheapest data subscription plans you can find anywhere. That, of course, is why Globacom Nigeria prides itself as “the Grandmaster of data.” With its 4G LTE network available in most areas of the country, the company hopes to keep its promise of offering superfast connectivity compared to other networks.

If you just got yourself a Glo Sim card and are in need of all Glo data plans for a proper subscription, this article brings you all guidelines you need on how to subscribe to Glo data plan and the subscription code to use.

How to Subscribe on Glo

The general Glo subscription code is *777#. This shortcode enables all Glo customers to view all the data options available. It also enables you to successfully perform multiple tasks that relate to recharging your Glo lines from their bank accounts, buying, managing, and sharing their airtime or data. In a nutshell, the Glo *777# codes perform the following task.

  • Recharge for self
  • Recharge for Friends and Family
  • Buy data bundles for self
  • Buy a data bundle for friends and family

To make use of the Glo subscription code,  the following steps will serve as a guide

  • Dial *777#
  • Select the Data, or press 1
  • Select Buy Data Plan or press 1
  • Select Auto-renew or the one-off
  • Select from all the data options available.

Varieties of Glo Data Plans Available

Glo Nigeria boasts a variety of data plans that suits just every class or category of its subscribers. These data plans are very affordable and flexible. The Internet Packages range from always-on 30-day packages of about 450GB to bundled hour internet packages of 1.9GB, and so on.

Interestingly, these data plans work on mobile devices, Computers, television, and any internet-connected device you may have. Below are the different types or varieties of Glo data plans

  • Glo daily data plan
  • Weekly Data Plans
  • Monthly Data Plans
  • Mega Data Plans
  • Mega Data Plans
  • Special Data
  • WTF Bundle (WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook)
  • YouTube Bundles
  • Glo Campus data plans
  • Single Bundles – Instagram
  • Single Bundles – Tiktok
  • Social Bundles – Telegram

Glo Data Subscription Code

If you do not have the time to begin to go through the entire Glo data menu after dialing *777#, then there’s good news for you. Glo has provided multiple shortcodes that allow you to directly purchase the data plan you want. Here is a list of all the available data bundles on the Glo network and the Glo subscription codes required to activate them:

  • 100 Naira Daily Plan—For this plan, dial *127*51# and receive 150MB of data valid for 1 day.
  • 1GB for 100 Naira Special Data Plan—Dial *777# and choose special plans to subscribe to. This plan is only available at night from 12 am to 5 am and is valid for 1 day.
  • Glo 200 Naira Data Plan—This is a 2-day plan which offers 350MB. To subscribe, dial *777#.
  • Campus Booster 200 Naira for 200MB Plan: Valid for 4 days; dial *777# and choose the plan to subscribe to.
  • 1GB Data Plan for 300 Naira—This plan gives you 1GB and is valid for 1 day. Dial *777#, go to the ‘Special Plans’ menu, and select this particular plan. 
  • Campus Data Booster 500/1000/2000 Naira Plan—For this plan, dial *777# and select. It is valid for 7 days.
  • Glo 1000 Naira Data Plan—Dial *127*53# to access this 30-day plan for just N1000.
  • Glo 2000 Naira Data Plan—Dial *127*55# or *777# to get this 4.5GB data plan valid for 30 days.
  • Glo 2500 Naira Data Plan—For this plan, dial *127*58# or *777# to get 7.2GB monthly data, valid for 30 days. This is currently one of the most pocket-friendly data plans available on Glo. 
  • Glo 3000 Naira Data Plan—With this plan, you get over 8.8GB of data, valid for 30 days. Simply dial the codes *127*54# or *777# to select this plan. 
  • 200 Naira Night Plan—This night plan costs 200 Naira and offers 1GB of data, valid only at night. Dial *127*60# to subscribe.
  • 25 Naira for 12MB—To enjoy this plan, dial *127*32#. It is valid for just 1 day. 
  • 50 Naira for 27MB—This 1-day plan can be bought by dialing *127*14#.
  • Glo 4,000 Naira for 12.5GB—For this affordable monthly plan, dial *127*59# to subscribe 
  • Glo 5,000 Naira for 15.6GB—To subscribe to this data bundle, dial *127*2# or *777#. It is also a monthly plan and is valid for 30 days. 
  • Glo G-Leisure—Dialing *127*7# will lead you to this plan. It is valid for 1 month. 
  • Glo Campus Booster 5GB—Like all the Campus Booster plans before this, dial *777# then select the 5,000 Naira Campus Booster Plan to subscribe.
  • Glo G-Work—This bundle offers a whopping 12GB monthly data for 6,000 Naira. Dial *127*6# to subscribe.
  • Glo G-100—This data plan provides 4GB of data for 6,000 Naira, valid for 30 days; dial *127*5# to subscribe.
  • Glo 8,000 Naira Plan—This elite plan gives 25GB of data and is valid for 30 days. Dial *127*1# to subscribe.
  • Glo 10,000 Naira Data Plan—Subscribe to this plan by dialing *127*11#. You get a 32.5GB monthly data bundle.
  • Glo 15,000 Naira Data Plan— To get this plan, dial *127*12#. You get 52.5GB of data valid for 30 days.
  • Glo G300 Plan— This plan costs 15,000 Naira and offers 12GB of data valid for 3 months. Subscribe by dialing *127*4#.
  • 18,000 Naira Data Plan— This monthly plan offers 62.5GB of data. Dial *127*13# to subscribe. 
  • 20,000 Naira Data Bundle — To get a data overload of 78.8GB, valid for 30 days, dial *127*33# to subscribe to this plan. Alternatively, dial *777#- Data- Buy Data- Press 1- Press 2- Press 5- Press 5- Press 4 to subscribe to the data plan. Once the subscription is activated, your data balance will be credited with 78.8GB of data plus an additional 15.75GB of data from Glo.
  • 30000 Naira Data Subscription –  Dial *777#- Data- Buy Data- Press 4- Press 1 to subscribe to the data plan. This will credit your phone with data balance of 225GB of data for one month.
  • 36000 Naira Data Subscription – dial *777#- Data- Buy Data- Press 4- Press 2 to subscribe to this data plan. Upon a successful subscription, you will receive a data plan offer of 300GB of data.

Glo Subscription Code for 500

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It isn’t news that Glo prides itself on being one of the cheapest networks for data in Nigeria. Some of Glo’s most affordable data bundles cost about N500, and there are several such plans available right now. To begin, look at the list of N500 data plans available on Glo for now. 

  • Glo 500 Naira Data Plan/TGIF 500 Naira Weekend Plan—To subscribe to this plan, directly dial *127*61#. This plan is only available on weekends. And expires on Sunday evening.
  • 500 Naira 14-Day Plan—Dial *127*57# or *777# to subscribe for 1.35GB of data. The plan is valid for two weeks.
  • 2GB for 500 Naira for 2 Days Data Plan: To select this plan, dial *777#, then select the ‘Special Plans’ menu to subscribe.

How to Share a Subscription on Glo

There are two ways of sharing data on Glo. The first way is through sharing data from your data balance, while the second method is by direct data gifting. To share data on Glo, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, you need to purchase a data plan for yourself by dialing *777# and selecting a data plan.
  2. Dial *777# again and select the ‘Manage Data Plan’ option.
  3. Follow that up with the ‘Share Data Plan’ option.
  4. Finally, enter the Glo number of the subscriber you want to share data with and confirm your transaction.

Another type of data sharing where you subscribe directly to another Glo user is called Data Gifting. Here is the step-by-step process of gifting data on Glo.

  1. Dial *777#, which is the main Glo data code.
  2. Under the ‘Buy Data Plan’ menu, choose the ‘Gift a Data Plan’ option. 
  3. Next, Input the recipient’s number (it must be a Glo number) and confirm the transaction.
  4. You can also directly dial *127*USSD Plan Code*Friend’s Number# through USSD or Send “Gift[Friend’s Number]” to 127 through SMS.

How to Deactivate all Subscriptions on Glo

If you are a new Glo user, you might fail to notice that the auto-renewal feature is automatically activated once you subscribe to a data plan. When you cancel this feature, this deactivates all the subscriptions on your Glo line, data included. If you want to deactivate all your Glo subscriptions, send the word ‘Cancel’ to 127 through SMS. After that, you wait for a message from Glo confirming your cancellations.


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