How to Register and Activate UBA USSD Code for Mobile Banking

To register and activate UBA USSD Code for your online banking, dial *919# using a mobile phone number that is linked to your account. Then, follow the on-screen prompts

The UBA mobile banking channels are designed to provide self-service banking services to customers to make banking easy. The mobile banking channels can be used online through any network-enabled electronic device. This process reduced the need for customers to take the stress of walking to the banking hall to access some banking services, providing a means of achieving a financial transaction at customers’ comfort zone.

The UBA Mobile Banking Channels

Through this channel, one can even open a UBA account and immediately have an account number even without internet access. With these channels, you have your bank at your hands. The bank channels that you can have access to include:

  • UBA USSD Code
  • UBA Mobile Banking App
  • UBA Web or Internet Banking

What is the UBA USSD Code?

The UBA USSD Code, also known as the UBA magic number, is a self-service channel that requires the use of a mobile phone to access the UBA banking services available. The user must only use the UBA Ussd code *919# to access the available services.

Requirements for using UBA USSD code:

  • One must have a registered account with UBA.
  • You must have a number registered with the account.
  • A mobile phone.
  • A UBA Debit card.

It doesn’t matter if the phone is not internet-enabled as long as it can gain access to any mobile network provider’s network. Before gaining access to this channel, the final step is linking up your BVN to the account with UBA.

How To Register UBA USSD Code

To get this registration done with ease, use the mobile phone number used in opening the account and get the last 4 digit numbers of your ATM card or that of your BVN. Dial *919# to access the main menu, choose the option according to the type of account you opened and follow the prompt. The service is available to registered users of the UBA account and the UBA prepaid Card users.

How To Activate UBA USSD Code

  • Dial the UBA Ussd Code *919#.
  • An on-screen introductory message will appear.
  • Press 1 to start the sign-up process for the UBA Ussd Code.
  • Choose between running the registration with your Account Number or the UBA Prepaid.
  • Choose the UBA prepaid with the PIN if you registered for the UBA prepaid account.
  • If you don’t have a UBA prepaid account, use the option Account with PIN.
  • Insert the 10 digits account number or the prepaid number as the case may be.
  • Choose your UBA Ussd Code PIN. This will require the 4 digit pin of your UBA Debit card.
  • Have your PIN creation confirmed to complete the activation process

How to Activate UBA USSD Code Without an ATM Card

If you do not have a UBA debit card as part of the requirements to activate your UBA USSD code, don’t worry, just follow the guidelines below
  • Dial the code *919# on the phone registered with UBA. MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9 Mobile.
  • Select ‘Account with PIN’ option.
  • Enter your UBA 10-digit Nuban account number.
  • Create a unique USSD PIN.
  • Then, confirm your USSD PIN.
  • Receive a successful activation message.

What Is The UBA USSD Transfer Code?

This is a channel for transferring money from one UBA account to another account using the UBA Ussd Code. The service provides the following benefits.

  • It works on any type of phone.
  • It doesn’t require any data on your phone.
  • It is fast and convenient.
  • The service can allow a daily transfer limit of 1 million.
  • It doesn’t have any restriction to transfer destination bank.

How To Transfer Funds Using The UBA USSD Code

  • Dial the magic code *919#.
  • Press 5 to select send money.
  • Take a payment option.
  • Add the recipient account number.
  • Enter your PIN.

How to Transfer Money from UBA to Opay Using USSD

You can transfer money from UBA to Opay using the UBA USSD Code *919#

  • Dial *919# from the phone number registered with your UBA account.
  • Select ‘Transfer Money’ and then choose ‘To other banks’.
  • Select ‘Opay’ and follow the prompts to complete the transfer.
  • Alternatively, dial *919*4*account number*amount# and follow the prompts to complete the transfer.

Transactions To Be Done Using The UBA USSD Code

The UBA mobile banking provided shortcodes for transactions by using the UBA magic number. They include the following:

UBA USSD CODES Things it can be used for
*919*Amount# To recharge your number through your UBA account
*919*Phone number*amount# To recharge other phone numbers that are not the registered phone number during the account opening process.
*919*12 To buy airline tickets.
*919*00# To check your account balance.
*919*8# To generate a transaction OTP
*919*5*2# To make payments for DSTV or GOTV subscription.
*919*9# To have all your online transactions freeze
*919*10# To block any transaction with your debit card
*919*18# To demand your BVN
*919*27*1# To opt for the ARM Pensions scheme
*919*21# To request your bank statement
*919*27*2# To opt for the Oak Pension
*919*32# To Load UBA prepaid card
*919*7# To buy event tickets
*919*3*account number*amount# To transfer to a UBA Account number
*919*36# To initiate a transfer using the Mobile Number
*919*4*account number*amount# To make transfers to other banks
*919*16*1# To check LCC e-tag balance
*919*16*2# To Top-up LCC e-tag


How to Get A Secure Pass for UBA USSD

To get a Secure Pass for your UBA USSD,

  • Visit your Google Playstore or Apple Store and download UBA Secure Pass.
  • Activate the app,
  • Set your PIN

The UBA Secure Pass is a Token Generator for Initiating/Authorizing transactions on Internet Banking. Once you’ve downloaded the Secure Pass, you are directed to the homepage at every successful login.

Note: The same secure pass can be used for both UBA Direct Banking and Mobile Banking. However, if you desire a hard token, you can get it at any UBA Business Office and it costs 2,500 Naira.

How to Check BVN With UBA USSD

The USSD code for checking BVN on UBA is *919*18#. To check your Bank Verification Number (BVN) using the UBA USSD code:

  • Dial *919*18# with the same number you used to register your UBA account
  • Type in your 4-digit transfer pin
  • Wait to see your BVN as it gets displayed on the screen

How to Get Load From UBA Using USSD Code

The USSD code to get a loan from UBA is *919*28#. To apply for the UBA loan, simply dial the USSD code *919*28# and follow the prompts to include the amount you wish to get.

UBA Mobile Banking App

This is an application that is designed to render online banking services through the use of smartphones and tablets rather than the computer. To use this application on a mobile phone, one must go through the download and installation process. The UBA mobile banking app is a more convenient system than that of internet banking. It also provides more varieties of transactions than the UBA Ussd Code or the magic number.

How To Download The UBA Mobile Banking App

The process involved in downloading the app is very simple and fast. It is user-friendly. Below is the process required to download the UBA mobile banking app.

  • For Android phone users Login to Google Play Store or click here to access the link. For iPhone users, login to the App Store or click here.
  • Scroll to the search area of the site and enter UBA mobile app.
  • Select from the options and press enter.
  • Click on install to kick off download and installation on your phone.
  • Confirm if the App is successfully downloaded from your mobile app lists.

How To Register For UBA Mobile Banking 

After the download and installation of the mobile app. The next step is to register with UBA mobile banking. Below are the steps to successfully run the registration:

  • Click on the App and scroll to the signup tab.
  • Choose your country from the list of countries provided.
  • The next page will demand you to choose from three options of the registration process.
  • Either you select the UBA debit card process, the account number process, or the secure pass or activation code process, which will demand you to sign up in the banking hall.

Transactions That Can Be Done With The UBA Mobile App

  • Pay bills and Utilities
  • Transfer Funds
  • Create a savings goal
  • Set a Low Balance Alert
  • Buy Airtime and Data
  • Currency conversion
  • Create a regular beneficiary
  • Monitor your balance.
  • Request and download your statement of account

How To Register And Activate The UBA Internet Banking 

  • See the UBA Internet Banking Instant Self-Registration page for details on beginning your registration.
  • When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your type of user. Select retail if you are an individual account holder and corporate if you represent a company.
  • Next, enter your account number along with the first six digits of your debit card and the last four digits of your debit card. You will also be asked for your PIN and the expiry date (YYYY-MM) of your debit card.
  • Next, create and confirm your password (choose a password that’s easy for you to remember but must be secure).


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