How GOtv Self-Service Works and What You Can Do On The Platform

GOtv Africa is a product of multichoice Africa, which came into existence in 2011. Since then, it has managed to spread and dominate the Pay-TV industry in Africa. The vast domination of GOtv in the pay-TV sector could be credited to its affordable packages and non-stop entertainment from different channels under different genres. But less is being said about the most important attribute that has managed to put GOtv miles ahead of its competitors, the GOtv Self-Service.

The GOtv self-service has managed to bridge the gap between customers and service providers by making adequate provisions to ensure customer satisfaction. With the GOtv self-service, customers can quickly clear error codes, find answers to frequently asked questions, learn more about different packages and offers from the comfort of their homes with just their smartphones. Let’s discuss some of the challenges or services customers can solve using the GOtv self-service platform.

What GOtv Customers Can Do On GOtv Self-service Portal

  • Activating a new GOtv account.
  • Fixing/Clearing error messages.
  • Make payment for the GOtv package.
  • Updating personal details.
  • Change packages.

GOtv Self-Service Activation of New Account

All new GOtv customers are required to activate their accounts before accessing their GOtv content. Thanks to GOtv self-service, this can easily be done through the MyGOtv app, online, or SMS.

How to Activate a New Account Through the MyGOtv app

New customers can activate their GOtv accounts through the MyGOtv app using the following steps.

  • Download the MyGOtv app from google play store or the apple store for iPhone users.
  • Open the MyGOtv app after installation.
  • To log in as a new subscriber, enter your ‘SURNAME’ or the ‘MOBILE PHONE NUMBER’ linked to your GOtv during purchase.
  • Input your GOtv decoder’s IUC number and click on ‘Log in’ to sign in to your account.
  • After logging in, click on ‘ACTIVATE NEW ACCOUNT,’ and you are all set to go.

How to Activate a New GOtv Account Online

New customers can get their new GOtv accounts activated through the GOtv website by following the steps below.

  • Visit the GOtv website or click here
  • Select ‘ACTIVATIONS’ from the menu.
  • Select your country.
  • Enter your Surname or Mobile Number linked to your GOtv during purchase.
  • Enter your Decoder’s IUC Number and click on ‘SIGN IN.’
  • Then click on ‘ACTIVATE NEW ACCOUNT’ to activate your new account and start enjoying your new GOtv.

How to Activate a New Account Via SMS

The GOtv self-service has made it possible for customers who may not have access to a smartphone that could access the MyGOtv app or internet-enabled device that could access their website to also be able to activate their new accounts via SMS from any mobile device by simply doing the following.

Send a message to 4688 with the following format; accept*IUC Number*Surname*Mobile number*City*Package type# and then press send. Example:accept*2000324248*Kayode*12345678901*Lagos*GOtvSupa# then send to 4688, and your Decoder will be activated immediately.

GOtv Self Service Codes

Like activating new accounts using the GOtv self-service, customers can also do a lot more using the GOtv self-service, including fixing error messages, paying for GOtv packages, changing from one package to another, editing or updating personal details, and more.

Fixing Error Messages Using the GOtv Self Service

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How Do You Clear E16 Error on GOtv?

The E16 Error message on GOtv indicates the expiration of your subscription. It can also result from your decoder not being switched on at the time of subscription renewal. This error code can be cleared from the MyGOtv app, GOtv website, or SMS.

How to Fix the E16 Error Message From the MyGOtv App

  • Download and open the MyGOtv app on your smartphone.
  • Log in using your phone number or surname and your decoder’s IUC number.
  • Click on Menu and select fix error.
  • Click the drop-down menu and select the E16 Error from the list of errors, and the error will be cleared.

How to Fix the E16 Error Message Through the GOtv Website

  • Visit the GOtv website or click here
  • Select ‘fix errors’
  • Enter your decoder’s IUC number and press E16 for the error code.
  • Enter the Captcha code and click on clear Error code to clear the Error.

How to Clear E16 Error Code via SMS

The SMS method is one of the easiest and fastest methods of clearing the E16 Error Code. You can do this by just Texting RESET and your IUC number to 4688. The error will clear immediately if you have an active subscription.

How Do You Clear The E48-32 Error on GOtv

The E48-32 Error code indicates a problem in the signal, which might be due to weather or a faulty connection during installation. This error code doesn’t’ require the use of the GOtv self-service since it is caused by either bad weather or a faulty installation. But if the weather is ok and this error code continues showing on your screen, you have to adjust your GOtv antenna or ensure that the antenna cord is plugged firm into the decoder, and you are good to go.

How Do You Clear The E30 Error Code

This error code usually occurs when the decoder hasn’t’ been used for a very long period or in a case where the decoder has an unresolved E48-32 Error. Fixing this error is very easy and can be done by sending an SMS. To resolve the E30 error, send RESET+IUC NUMBER to 4688, and the error will be cleared within minutes.

How to subscribe via the GOtv Self Service

Users of GOtv Nigeria can choose from a variety of packages. It all depends on their financial capability. The packages and what they offer are summarized below.


This is the most expensive bouquet. For N3600, you receive one month of unlimited access to the 90 channels available on GOtv.

GOTV Jolli

This package was just released a few months ago. Jolli, which costs N2460 and has 82 channels, is second only to Max in terms of luxury experience. The main drawback is that most sports channels aren’t accessible on GOTV Jolli or any lower plan.

GOTV Jinja

GOTV Jinja goes for only N1640. It contains 57 channels and differs in the movie sector from the other two packages.

Customers can subscribe to any of the aforementioned bouquets/packages through the GOtv Eazy Self Service or via the various banking platforms supported by GOtv.

How to Make Payment via the GOtv self-service

There are several ways one can make payments through GOtv self-service. They include the following:

How to Make Payment via the GOtv Website

Making GOtv payments via the GOtv website is very easy and secure. To use this service, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the GOtv website or click here
  • Select PAY from the drop-down menu
  • Then select ‘PAY NOW’ and fill in the necessary details to log in, and then select your preferred package/bouquet and make payment accordingly.

How to Make Payment via the MyGOtv App

  • Download and launch the app.
  • Login with your mobile number/surname and your IUC Number
  • Then select PAY from the Menu and follow the instructions to activate a bouquet of your choice.

How to make GOtv Payments via the various Banks supported by GOtv

Making Payment via FCMB Bank

You can pay for your GOtv Bouquet at any FCMB bank near you. All you have to do is fill out a form with your name, phone number, IUC number, and then submit the form with your money, and your GOtv will be activated.

Making Payment via Stanbic IBTC Mobile Wallet

GOtv customers can make payments using the Stanbic IBTC mobile wallet by following the steps below;

  • Dial *909# on your phone
  • Select 4 from the onscreen menu
  • Press register
  • Enter the correct information required for each field
  • You will be redirected to your Stanbic Mobile’s GOtv page, then follow the instructions to complete your GOtv subscription payment.

What is The Self-service Code for Resetting GOtv Channels?

To reset your GOtv channels is very simple using the Self-service platform. You have to send “RESET + IUC NUMBER” to 4688, and your GOtv channels will reset immediately.


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