Did Paul Walker Have a Wife or Girlfriend Before His Death?

Paul Walker was never married to any woman as a wife but at the time of his death, he was in a relationship with Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. The former couple met in 2006 when Gosnell was only 16 years old and Walker was 33.

Paul Walker was a very successful American actor whose fame spread abroad after he featured in the movie “Fast and Furious.” His role as Brian ‘O Conner in the movie greatly led to the widespread of his name in the Hollywood industry. He also featured in some other movies where his roles were very much glaring, such as “varsity blues.”

Meanwhile, Paul Walker’s love and relationship interest has been one that remained complicated and controversial. He was severely accused of dating underage girls. Despite the height of success Paul attained in his career, he did not get married but had engagements with many women.

Paul Walker Was Never Married But was Involved in a Few Relationships

The Fast and Furious star was never married, but he had a series of relationships, of which one of them produced a child for him. We can say that his relationship life was very controversial. Paul Walker did not date only one woman; he had a series of relationships ranging from women who were very much younger than him to those who were his age mates. However, it is noticeable from his dating timeline that he maintained only one woman at a particular period. He was never found nor accused by any of his women of cheating or double dating. Let’s look at his relationships below:

His Only Daughter was Birthed From His Relationship with Rebecca Soteros

Paul Walker and Rebecca met in California in early 1998 and started having a relationship that year. Rebecca intended to marry Paul Walker, but he did not take the relationship seriously as Rebecca did. This was probably because he had other relationships and was not ready for a marriage commitment.

When Rebecca noticed that she had taken in for Paul later that year, she approached him for marriage, but he refused. After much persuasion, Rebecca saw that he was not ready for such a commitment and walked away with her child to Hawaii. It was unknown exactly how long they dated, but from the look of things, they dated for barely one year.

Rebecca gave birth to Meadow on November 4, 1998. It is believed that the pregnancy and the birthing of Meadow were what majorly caused their separation. Even though Paul Walker did not marry Rebecca, he was responsible for his daughter. Meadow left her mother and moved to California to stay with her father in 2011 when she was 13 years old. Paul accepted his daughter wholeheartedly, and they lived together till he died. He also left the whole of his estate worth $25 million.

He Had a Controversial Relationship with Jasmine Pilchard 

Paul Walker and Jasmine met in 2006 when she was only 16 years old, and Paul was 33. It was unknown where they met or how the relationship started, but their relationship lasted from then till his death in 2013, which was a whole 7years. They were very open about their engagement, appeared together in open places, and lived together within this period.

How controversial was their relationship?

The relationship between Paul and Jasmine was considered very controversial by his fans. This was because of the young age of Jasmine at the time they started dating. The 17 years age gap between the two parties was considered weird and abnormal. Also, according to the American constitution for relationships, the girl was still underage as of the time.

However, this did not affect their relationship negatively in any way, as the duo believed that age is just a number. They never reacted to what people said about them nor tried to defend themselves against their fans; instead, they kept their personal lives as private as possible.

Jasmine’s reaction to Paul’s death

The death of Paul Walker on the 30th November 2013 met Jasmine as a shock and left her in a very devastating state for a very long time. She allegedly collapsed when she got the news of the fiery crash from Jim Torp. She later broke the sad news to Meadow Paul’s daughter.

Jasmine was spotted in the public five days after Paul’s death when he visited his family house in California. Her condition that day and choosing to spend time with Paul’s family shows how devastated she was. After five months of his death, Jasmine’s father had her enrolled in grief counseling as she could not imagine living a life without the actor.

Jasmine was never found talking about Paul’s death openly except for a few times when she made posts on her wall where she talked about how lonely she felt and how much she missed him. In some of her posts, she said, “I walk the streets of one” she was captured taking a lonely walk with her family dog. The other time she said, “Every day, in some small way, memories of you come our way. Though absent, you are ever near, still missed; still, I will always love you. Rest in peace. Love…”

Where is Paul’s only child, Meadow Walker, Now?

Meadow Walker was the only child Paul Walker had from all his relationships. He had her with his ex Rebecca when he was 25 years old. As of when he died, Meadow was already 15 years old. She lived with her mother from when she was born till when she was 13 years old, then she moved down to California to live with her father until he died in 2013. During this period, she bonded with Paul’s girlfriend Jasmine, who also joined hands with the father to raise her, and they got very close to each other. When Jasmine broke the news of Paul’s death to her, they drove off together to an unknown destination.

After her father died, her mother Rebecca came down to live with her in California. Walker’s family tried to file for her custody, but she and Rebecca didn’t like this, so it did not work out. Her father willed the whole of his estate to her, and from there, she set up Paul Walker’s Foundation. Meadow is very much like her father and is following in his footsteps in so many ways. She has grown to become a model who has taken up the acting role as both her passion and profession.

She holds the responsibility of honoring her father’s name through her speeches, actions, and philanthropist lifestyle. This shows that she and her father bonded the few years they lived together. Meadow recently got married to an actor Louis Thornton-Allan in 2020. At the time of their wedding, she was 22 years old; she currently lives in New York City with her husband.

Other Women Linked with Paul Walker

Paul Walker had a series of other relationships besides that of the mother of his child Rebecca and his longest-time girlfriend Jasmine. He met Amanda Paige in 2004, and they dated for a year through 2005; there was no detailed information about their dating life. She was a model, and he was older than her by just three years.

Paul also had a brief date with Aubrianna Atwell in 2003, and the relationship lasted only less than a year. Aubrianna was considered his best friend before their dating interval and remained so even after breaking up. She was a model and a real estate broker. She was also underaged when they dated as she was also 16 years old, just like Jasmine.

After he broke up with Rebecca in 1998, Paul met with Christina Milian and Walker, and they dated till 2000. Their relationship was kept secret and hidden from the media. Therefore nothing much was known about their dating life. There were other people that Paul had intimate relationships with, but these were the ones that came to the limelight, especially that of Rebecca and Jasmine Pilchard.



Who was Paul Walker Married to Before He Died?

Paul Walker was never married to any woman before his death, but he was in a relationship with Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. They started seeing each other in 2006 when Gosnell was only 16 years old while Walker was 33.

 Who did Paul Walker have a Child With?

Paul Walker had a child named Meadow Walker, with Rebecca Soteros, a famous American philanthropist and former teacher whom he met in California in early 1998.

 Who did Paul’s Daughter Live With When he Died?

Paul’s daughter Meadow is currently living with her grandmother, prior to Paul Walker’s death, she was living with him in Califonia at the time of his death. She left her mother to live with her father when she was 13 years old.

Who is Paul Walker’s Only Child?

Paul Walker’s only child is Meadow Rain Walker Thornton-Allan. She is an American model and actress born on 4 November 1998


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