168 Cute Nicknames For Girls Or Girlfriends

As a lady, what name do wish your boyfriend calls you? And for guys what name do you think is the best nickname for your girlfriend? It’s a good feeling to love and to be loved, at that point you want to make everything sweet for the both of you and one way to do that is by introducing some cute nicknames especially for the ladies.

You will find out, interestingly, that there are many cute names that you can call your girlfriend than there are those that your girlfriend can call you. But it is all allowed. More so, many of these names could be used to call both guys and girls.

Here are some cute nicknames for girls or girlfriends.

Cute Nicknames For Baby Girls

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1. Angel Eyes (Most especially when she has very cute eyes)

2. Angel Face (when she has all the beauty that easily appeals)

3. All Mine

4. Angel Baby

5. Babe (This is regular but it is still a good one)

6. Baby Cheeks (When she is among those girls that have very beautiful cheeks)

7. Bubbles

8. Baby Bear

9. Baby Boo

10. Bad Kitty

11. Bunny

12. Baby Doll

13. Baby Angel

14. Butterfly

15. Butterscotch

16. Buttercup

17. Boo Bear

18. Bub

19. Boo Boo

20. Boogie Bear

21. Baby Love

22. Bae

23. Button

24. Babylicious

25. Bright Eyes

26. Brown Eyes

27. Brown Sugar

28. Bubble Butt

29. Baby Cakes

30. Canoodle

31. Care Bear

32. Cheesecake

33. Chocolate Drop

34. Cookie

35. Dearheart

36. Devil (Really? Yeah, there are people that call their partners Devil, and I don’t know why that is.)

37. Dimples (When she has very great and enchanting dimples)

38. Doll Face

39. Cinderella

40. Cool Breeze

41. Cowgirl

42. Cuddle Bear

43. Cuddle Bug

44. Cuddle Bunny

45. Cuddle Cakes

46. Cuddles

47. Cupcake

48. Cupid

49. Cherry

50. Cherry Pie

51. Chickadee

52. Chocolate

53. Chocolate Bunny

54. Cutie

55. Cutie Head

56. Cutie-pie

57. Darling

58. Dear

59. Dearest

60. Dearest One

Cute Funny Nicknames For Girls

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61. Pooh Bear

62. Sweetums

63. Lumpy

64. Fritzie

65. Prudy

66. Puppy Love

67. Miss Mischief

68. Whiney

69. SweePea

70. Fuzzkins

71. Corky

72. Fuzzly

73. Nilly

74. Ninty Minty

75. Honeybuns

76. Mitzy

77. Dixie

78. Bubblegum

79. Chiclet

80. Cutie Pie

81. Gorgerella

82. Gory Florie

83. Cream Puff

84. Twinkie

85. Pancakes

86. Tinkerbell

87. Stumblebum

88. Swiggy

89. Pumpkin Pie

90. Shamy Amy

91. Poo Poo

92. Snuffly

93. Franny Granny

94. Libster

95. Daffodil

96. Marmalade

97. Butter Lips

98. Cudlly Wuddly

99. Silly Lilly

100. Birdykins

101. Gorgi Porgi

102. Babywilkins

103. Mammy Chops

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104. Snugglebear

105. Zwinky

106. Itty Bitty

107. Shorty (Emm, she doesn’t have it when it comes to height? This may just be sweet and the right one)

108. Skiddles

109. Bubble Ray

110. Poochie

Cute Couple Nicknames For Girls

Cute Nicknames
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111. Fruity

112. Buttercup

113. Joy

114. ButterflyPie

115. Birdie

116. Charmy

117. Cherry

118. Gorgeous

119. Candie

120. Dimples

121. Diamond

122. Heartbeat

123. Dollie

124. Cookie

125. Cuddly

126. Cutie

127. Curly

128. Beautiful

129. Flower

130. Daisy

132. Bubbles

133. Dove

134. Blossom

135. Juicy

136. Jelly

Cute Nicknames For Girls From Their Names

Another easy way to get a name for your girlfriend is when you decide to shorten her name or even just give her a nickname you feel will go for her. Here are some examples:

137. Nina

138. Elle

139. Zoe

140. Rose

141. Faye

142. Ella

143. Eva

144. Ruby

145. Lily

146. Dara

147. Opal

148. Lila

149. Lola

150. Lulu

151. Sara

152. Tara

153. Anne

154. Amy

155. Mia

156. Anna

157. Ava

158. Aya

159. Anya

159. Bree

159. Cora

160. Dia

161. Emma

162. Leah

163. Lynn

164. Rae

165. Ren

166. Isla

167. Eve

168. Evie

At the end of it all, any name that works for you guys best is what you should use, but if you are looking for some ideas, you can as well pick any from the list. By the way, if there are special names in your dialect like Nkem (which means My Own, in Igbo), Iya wo mi (which means my wife or my woman as the case may be in Yoruba), and Massauyiya ta (which means my lover in Hausa), there is nothing wrong to use those if that is what brings the spark for you.

Idea on how to pick a nickname or pet name for a baby girl or your girlfriend

Some people may find it very hard to pick cute nicknames, and the truth is that it is not among the easiest things to do. Most especially when it’s your girlfriend. For babies, you can decide to even keep changing names for her, which you can also do for your girlfriend.

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To get a name, you can decide to pick based on the way she looks, how she makes you feel, the things she likes, the things she likes eating or taking, her sweetness, the way she behaves, a character in a movie, how she does things, the place you first met, and in fact any other thing. Your options are as wide as the sky, only make sure she loves it. She will most times love it, of course.


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