25 Photos That Make Abuja The Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria where the center of the Nigerian Government is located. Being the FCT, Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria with its beautiful buildings and environment. It houses the headquarters of so many government and private organizations. These organizations, in a bid to build their head office, follow the development structure of Abuja. They go on to create buildings that have made up the photos that make Abuja the most beautiful city.

The buildings, which make the FCT a beauty to behold, include the ECOWAS building, CBN headquarters, Federal high court, and many more. Over the years, Abuja has gotten a new shape that presented the required beauty expected to be seen in a central government. The country has also funded the development of some structures that will aid the projection of the natural and infrastructural beauty of the Federal Capital Territory.

Photos That Make Abuja The Most Beautiful City In Nigeria

1. ECOWAS Parliament Complex, Abuja

The ECOWAS Parliament Complex is located inside the International Conference Center, along Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Business District, Abuja. Depicted as a powerhouse, it is the venue for ECOWAS related meetings, conferences, and official matters. The ECOWAS building is one of the most important structures in Abuja, a building known to be a tie between all the countries of West Africa. The building is one of the photos that make Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

2. CBN Headquarters, Abuja

Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

The Central Bank 0f Nigeria’s corporate head offices are located in the central business district of Abuja. It was built in 1958 and serves as the regulative body for Nigeria’s financial sector. It is located at Abubakar Tafewa Balewa Way, Central Business District, Garki, Abuja. Standing at 308 ft, the architectural design of the CBN headquarters makes it one of the tallest and most beautiful buildings in the country.

3. Federal High Court Headquarters, Abuja

Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

The Federal High Court Headquarters is located on Shehu Shagari Way, by Federal Secretariat, Maitama, FCT. It was established by the Federal Revenue Act 1973 (1973 No.13). The court is charged with the function of preceding civil matters that deal with the revenue of the Government of the federation. The posture of the building showcased the beauty of Maitama and Abuja at large.

4. National Christian Center, Abuja

Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

The National Christian Center, Abuja is located next to Nyanya Suburban District. Construction of the building started around 1989 and was completed in 2005. The church is built in a neo-gothic style and has several pivoted arches with a wide nave leading to the altar. This is a center of religious unity in Nigeria. The building to date stands as one of the most magnificent religious buildings in West Africa.

5. Abuja Residential, Wuse Zone 4

Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

Wuse as a whole is known for its beautiful recreational activities. The Wuse Zone 4 is located at the Municipal Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is currently one of the best residential areas in Abuja, that has all the basic amenities required in a residential environment. A lot of real estate companies took advantage of the development of that area and built well-structured residential houses that are ready for sale.

6. National Mosque, Abuja

The mosque was built in 1984 and is situated on Independence Avenue, across from the National Christian Centre. The complex includes a conference center capable of serving five hundred persons, the office for the Islamic Centre, and residential facilities for the imam and muezzin. 

7. Goshen Villa Estate

Photos That Makes Abuja Beautiful

The Estate is also known as the Parliament Hill Estate and is located a few minutes away from the National Stadium, 30 minutes from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. It is a well-structured estate with two, three, and four-bedroom duplexes. It has a good road network that cuts across the estate as a whole. The estate also has its own guaranteed steady water supply that is well treated for use.

8. Abuja National Stadium

Most Beautiful City in Nigeria

The Abuja National Stadium is one of the sites that make Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria. It serves not only the country’s football team, but is also a center for various social, cultural, and religious events. It was approved by the Federal Government to host the 8th All Africa Games which took place in October 2003. Designed and engineered in compliance with the requirements of international sports associations, the Abuja national stadium became one of the top 50 most expensive stadiums ever built in the world. The average estimate for annual maintenance since its inauguration has been about $7 million.

9. Crown Court, Mabushi Abuja

Photos That Makes Abuja Beautiful

This is one of the Estates that make Abuja one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. It is located in the Mabushi area of Abuja phase 2. The crown court is made up of 106 units of condos, detached and semi-detached houses, with the following amenities; independent power supply, industrial boreholes, clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, laundry mart, recreational area, environmentally friendly neighborhood, underground drains, walkways, and paved roads.

10. National Assembly Complex

The National Assembly Complex was built in the year 1999 at an estimated cost of $35.18 million, more than N7 billion. Located in the Three Arms Zones of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, the complex houses both the Legislative Chamber and the Senatorial Chamber of the National Assembly. The building is equipped with good electrical and mechanical installations that include air-conditioning system, fire detection and fire repelling system, access control system, and CCTV.

11. International Conference Center Abuja

The International conference center Abuja is one of the most beautiful buildings that showcase the beauty of the Federal Capital Territory. It was built in the year 1991 by Julius Berger Nig. Ltd but designed by Albert Speer & Partners. It is used today as a multipurpose hall for national and international events. Facilities found in the International conference center Abuja include the main conference hall, committee rooms, office accommodation, executive session hall, VIP Lounge, mezzanine floor, and gallery. Abuja International Centre is located in the Central Area, Herbert Macaulay Way, Abuja Nigeria.

12. Jabi Lake, Park, and Mall Abuja

Photos That Makes Abuja Beautiful

The mall and park cover more than five hectares of the Jabi Lake environment, which is situated around the Abuja Central Business District, along the Shehu Yar’Adua expressway. It is one of the structures that showcase Abuja as the most beautiful city in Nigeria. It is a unique environment for family hangouts and playgrounds for kids in Abuja.

13. Magicland Amusement Park and Resort, Abuja

The Magicland Amusement Park is formerly known as Wonderland Park and has been one of the photos that make Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria. It is located at No.1, Kukwaba Hills, Constitution Avenue, Wuye, Abuja. It is made up of a relaxation ground for families and friends, play centers for kids and adults, good restaurants and resorts. The magic land maintains a serene environment and guarantees 24/7 security. The park attracts visitors from all over Abuja and beyond who are interested to get a unique relaxation and amusement experience.

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14. Abuja Airport Road

The expansion of the Abuja airport expressway was awarded to Julius Berger. The project also involved the construction of three junctions which have the shape of two shamrocks and a trumpet. The beauty of the 27-kilometer road added drastically to making Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Each of the roads is built to have a dual carriage-way with many lanes of traffic in every direction. The likes of this road in Europe is known as Autobahn.

15. NNPC Tower Abuja

The NNPC Tower is one of the magnificent buildings located at Herbert Macaulay Way, Garki, Abuja. Its position along the Herbert Macaulay road brought out the beauty of the road and Garki as a whole. It was designed by Arc. Ibrahim Bunu and was built in 1996. Each of the twin towers is 246 ft high and they are linked together by an elegant hall. The view of the building at night shows beautiful colors coupled with lights from the road lights. The building is the Head office of the NNPC.

16. The Ministry of Defence Building Abuja

The Ministry of Defence building is also known as Ship House because of its ship-like shape. Located along the Olusegun Obasanjo way, one of the beautiful areas in Abuja, it is one of the structures that make Abuja the most beautiful city. The building took a professional design to come to its admiring outlook.

17. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport which is located in the western part of Abuja is the first sight of the beauty of Abuja. The Federal Government invested a lot of funds in getting the beauty and standards seen currently in the airport. The airport ushers foreign visitors into the beautiful structures, lifestyle, culture, and environment of Abuja. They start enjoying the beauty of Federal Capital Territory from the good views around the airport facilities.

18. Zuma Rock Abuja 

According to history, the rock got its name from the Zuba people who lived at Shinapa and migrated to the location of the rock. The name Zuma Rock came from two words: Ezhu and Mwa which means guinea fowl and catching respectively. The Zuma rock has to a large extent enhanced the natural beauty of Abuja. It is one of the places that contribute to making Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria. It has been a must-visit tourist attraction for visitors. Even without coming too close from a far distance, one can have a good view of the rock.

19. Fraser Suites Abuja

Located in the Central Business District, Fraser Suites Abuja is a luxury hotel that has been in existence since 2017. It is a subsidiary of the Royal Pacific Group. The hotel’s massive building observed to contain over 92 rooms for guests adds to making Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

20. Nigerian Communications Commission

The Nigerian Communication Commission is located at the Cadastral Zone, Jabi-Airport Road, Mbora District in the Federal Capital Territory. Being at the heart of Abuja, the magnificent building displays a beautiful shape. Its night view is very adoring and colorful which added towards making Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

21. Ariel View of Maitama

Photos That Makes Abuja Beautiful

Maitama is one of the places that has made Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria. It is located in the northern part of the FCT. Maitama is mainly a residential area, as the neighborhood has found itself to be a choice area for prominent Nigerians. There are a lot of relaxation centers located in Maitama, like Millenium Park, IBB Golf Club, Amusement Park, Traffic Bar, and the Maitama farmers market.

22. Federal Secretariate Complex Abuja

This is one of the buildings that is a must-see as long as you have any dealing in Abuja. It is located in the Central Business District. The building covers over 1,000 sqm of office space and also 800 spaces for cars. It was designed by Arc. Isaac Fola-Alade to house the office of the Head of Service of the Federation and Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC), with the motive of improving the well-being of civil servants and their efficiency in the workplace.

23. Abuja Metro Station

Photos That Makes Abuja Beautiful

The Abuja Metro Station remains the first light rail system in West Africa. Built by the China Civil and Engineering Construction Company (CCECC), the metro station is located outside the airport facilities which is in the central area district of Abuja. As a reliable, safe and fast means of transportation, it is a preferred means of connecting to the city center as its price is cheaper than a taxi. It is expected that as patronage increases, the number of trips will increase also. The metro station added to making Abuja the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Its round trip includes Abuja airport to Bassanjiwa to Idu, Wupa to Kukwaba II, Kukwaba I, Stadium, and then the Abuja Metro.

24. Dunes Centre Abuja

There is no way Abuja can stand as the most beautiful city in Nigeria without the presence of one of the top-notch places to go for vacations, hangouts, and romantic dates. The Dune Center is situated at 44 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja. It is one of the places that projected Maitama as the best Abuja urban area. It houses a relaxation center, restaurant, and supermarket. It is a place in the heart of Abuja that defines luxury, with its magnificent buildings and other facilities.

25. Usuma Dam Abuja

Photos That Makes Abuja Beautiful

The Usuma Dam is located at Ushafa in Bwari along the Dutse-Bwari road. It is a 25 kilometers distance from the Abuja city center. The Dam has over time turned into a tourist area because of its beautiful surroundings. From the dam, one will see the amazing beauty of the hillsides and the mountains. The vegetation noticed in this area is the shrub savanna, because of its landscape covered by trees.


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