Wema Bank Transfer Codes: How to Use USSD, Sort or SWIFT Code to Send Money

Wema Bank Nigeria is one commercial bank that believes in collective progress and sustainable success. Founded on May 2, 1945, under the name Agbonmagbe Bank Limited, it is one of the longest surviving indigenous banks in the country. The bank began operations in 1945 after it received a commercial banking license from the apex bank. Wema Bank would later metamorphose into a public limited liability company in 1987 and was subsequently listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in the year 1990.

Famed for its trade symbol – WEMABANK –  the bank was ceded a Universal Banking License in February 2001, after which it became a national bank with a capital base of more than N43.8 billion in December 2015. The financial institution has since gone ahead to win several local and international awards for its contribution to the banking sector. The bank once won the Best Digital Bank in Nigeria for launching the first fully digital bank called ALAT. Launched in May 2017, ALAT presents to clients the opportunity to open or sign up for an account in five minutes, using a personal computer or mobile phone.

With technology advancing, the bank has gone on to improve its banking services to the benefit and comfortability of its customers through the introduction of bank transfer codes. This article provides you with all the details you need on Wema Bank transfer codes and the use of the bank’s Sort and SWIFT codes.

What is Wema Bank Transfer Code?

In order to transfer money from WEMA bank to another bank, follow the steps below;

  • Dial *945*AccountNumber*amount# e.g, *945*1234567890*10000# to transfer N10,000.

The Wema Bank USSD code of *945# is a banking short code service that gives all Wema Bank customers leverage to perform several banking activities at their convenience. They can do so with their mobile phones without necessarily visiting the banking hall.

The introduction of the Wema Bank transfer code has completely eased the long-tasking process of transferring money from one account to another. Prior to this time, you would need to visit the banking hall to make transactions that include money transfers and payment of bills.

Alternatively, customers opt for the internet banking system that would require them to use data and an internet-enabled phone to make the afore-mentioned transactions. But today, with the emergence of the Wema Bank USSD code, money transfers, and other simple transactions have been made easy and stress-free. The bank’s mobile transfer code is basically designed to allow clients to perform transactions via USSD or SMS anytime, any day.

Things To Know About Wema Bank Transfer Codes

  • The services provided by the Wema Bank transfer code are open to any mobile network subscribers – MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel.
  • The USSD code is only open to Wema bank account holders. This means that you must first own an account with the bank before you can access the service.
  • You must have an active phone number registered in your bank account.
  • This service is available 24 hours every day. This means that even at really odd hours, you can still use the service.

What Are The Functions Of Wema Bank Transfer Codes?

The Wema Bank transfer codes provide the customer with different ways of making more banking transactions. It helps to make your day less stressful and allows you to do more with the bank while staying at home. Below is a list of all the things you could do with Wema Bank’s *945# code:

  • Account opening
  • BVN and email updates
  • Bills payment
  • Changing PIN
  • Blocking your stolen ATM cards
  • Money transfers
  • Airtime recharge
  • Check account balances

Benefits of Using Wema Bank Transfer Codes

Using the Wema Bank transfer codes, like every other bank’s transfer codes, comes with lots of benefits:

  1. It makes bank transactions easier, faster, and convenient
  2. The code is compatible with all phone types
  3. You do not need mobile data to operate it
  4. Transaction process is less than 20 seconds
  5. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. The service is available to all networks in the country – Airtel, 9mobile, GLO, and MTN subscribers

How To Activate WEMA Bank USSD Code

Activating the Wema Bank transfer codes makes it easy for you to enjoy the afore-mentioned services provided by the USSD code. It helps you to carry out transactions on your phone using a preset password or PIN which will be needed to invalidate your money transfers, and any other transaction, including bill payment, etc.

 To go on with your phone activation, the following guidelines will help you;

  • Dial *945# on the mobile number that is connected with your WEMA Bank account. This is the same number used for transaction alerts.
  • Follow the prompt that shows up on the screen and choose the option to proceed to activation.
  • Add your bank account from which you want to make transactions.
  • Set a PIN.
  • Confirm your PIN to complete the activation process.

After the pin has been created, you can begin USSD banking transactions.

Note: If for any reason, your registered mobile number is no longer active, all you need to do is to go to the nearest Wema Bank and submit your new number. Once you do this, you are automatically registered for any kind of transaction.

Things You Can Use The Wema Bank Transfer Codes To Do

Wema Bank Nigeria

1. Transfer Money

You can transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria from your mobile phone using *945#. This transfer code can be used to transfer money either to another Wema Bank account or to another bank in Nigeria.

  1. To transfer money from your Wema Bank account, dial *945*NUBAN Account Number*Amount# (For example, dial *945*123456xxxx*5000# for a cash transfer of N5000 to any bank account)
  2. Enter the 4-digit transfer pin you created during registration to authenticate the transactions.
  3. You will receive a message notifying you that your transaction is successful. It will be followed by a debit alert from your account.


  • Bank charges apply for transactions within Wema Bank (N21) and from Wema Bank to other banks (N52).
  • The daily transfer limit is N20,000. You can increase this to N500,000 via the WemaMobile app or by clicking here to opt for WemaOnline. You can also visit a Wema bank branch near you.

2. To Open a Wema Bank Account

Account opening using Wema Bank’s *945# code is quite simple. It is less stressful and requires no paperwork. Simply dial *945*1# and follow the onscreen prompts to provide your full name, BVN, Date of Birth, account number, etc.


  • You need a minimum amount of N2,000 to be able to open an account with Wema Bank
  • You will receive an interest rate of 1.15%p.a
  • Limited withdrawals – Max of 4 withdrawals/month to qualify for interest
  • No third-party withdrawals allowed

3. Buy Airtime or Data

You can buy airtime on any network from your bank account using the Wema Bank transfer code. What’s more interesting about this is that it is free of charge. You can also top-up your family, friends, and loved ones from your mobile phone without having to move an inch. Data top-up is also made available for self and third-party using the *945# USSD code.

  • To top-up airtime for self, dial *945*Amount#. For example, *945*1000#.
  • Airtime top-up for third-party, dial *945*Phone number*Amount#. For example, *945*08032110321*1000# to top-up for a friend.
  • For data top-up for self, dial *945*2# and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction.
  • Data top-up for someone else, dial *945*2*Recipient’s phone number# and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction.

Note: Your daily phone recharge limit is N10,000

4. Verifying Wema Bank Account Number

To check your Wema Bank account number with the transfer code, use the following steps

  • Dial *945*000# using the phone number linked to your account.
  • Enter your e-banking PIN to authenticate your transaction.
  • Wait for the network to send you a message containing your 10-digit NUBAN.

5. Cardless Withdrawal

Wema Bank allows its customers to make cash withdrawals using the *945# code. This means that you can make cash withdrawals at the ATM even without your debit card. To withdraw money from your account without using an ATM card,

  1. Simply dial *945*8*Amount# on your mobile device.
  2. You will be asked to input a cashout PIN which should not be the same as your USSD banking PIN.
  3. Type in the amount you desire to withdraw from your account
  4. A cashout code will be sent to your phone which will be entered into the ATM at the point of withdrawal.


  • Phone number must be linked to your Wema Bank account.
  • You can only make cashless withdrawals up to N20,000 at a go.

Other FAQs About the Wema Bank Transfer Code

1. Why Should I Sign Up for Wema USSD?

Ans: It is available outside banking hours (24/7). It is secured. It doesn’t require internet. It is easy and convenient to use. It’s a faster mean.

2. Can I Send Money to People Not Registered on USSD?

Ans: Yes, you can transfer money from your Wema Bank account to any bank account using your mobile phone that is registered with Wema Bank.

3. How Often Can Customers Transfer Funds?

Ans: As often as they like to a max of N500,000

4. How Do I Switch Account on USSD

Ans: You can switch Wema Bank account numbers by dialing *945*old account number*new account number*2#.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to switch your Wema accounts

    • Dial *945# from your registered mobile number
    • Select Next Page
    • Select “Change Account”
    • Enter Provisioned Account (the account you currently run USSD on)
    • Enter your Preferred Account
    • Enter your USSD PIN

5. How Do I Change My USSD PIN?

    • Dial *945*00# from your registered mobile number
    • Enter your current USSD PIN
    • Enter New PIN
    • Confirm New PIN

6. What Do I Do If I Forgot My USSD PIN?

Ans: Visit the nearest Wema Bank branch and request for a PIN reset or call 070CALLALAT for a PIN Reset.

7. My Transaction was Declined, What Can I Do?

Ans: Please check your account balance to confirm the sufficiency of funds in your account. If your account balance is sufficient and still the transaction was declined, kindly check your email for notifications from the Bank communicating the reason for the decline and the steps required to rectify the issue.

List of All Wema Bank USSD Codes

1. Account Management  

Account balance *945*0#
Change PIN *945*00#
Change primary account *945*2*oldacctno*newacctno#
Account opening *945*1#
Account Registering on 945 *945*01#
BVN management *945*4#
Account restriction *945*911#

2. Airtime, Data, and Transfers Codes

Airtime (self) *945*amount#
Airtime (others) *945*phoneNo*amount#
Airtime/Data – *945*9#
Transfers (Wema account and other banks) *945*accountNo*amount#

3. Wema Bank Quick Loan Code

Loan *945*65#

4. Cable TV Codes

Cable TV menu *945*10#
DSTV *945*11# and *945*11*smartcardNO #
GOTV *945*12# and *945*12*smartcardNO#
Startimes *945*13# and *945*13*smartcardNO#

5. Internet Service Codes

Internet service menu *945*15#             
Smile *945*16#
Spectranet *945*18#

6. Electricity Bill Codes

Electricity bill *945*24#
Eko *945*25*meterno*amount#
Ikeja *945*26*meterno*amount#
Ibadan *945*27*meterno*amount#
Abuja *945*28*meterno*amount#
Enugu *945*29*meterno*amount#
Jos *945*30*meterno*amount#
Kaduna *945*31*meterno*amount#
Kano *945*32*meterno*amount#
Portharcourt *945*33*meterno*amount#

7. Schools and Exams Codes

WAEC (result checking) *945*70#
JAMB (result checking) *945*71#

8. State Collections  

Lagos state collection *945*40#

9. Cardless Transactions  

Mcash *945*57# and *945*57*merchantcode*amount#
Coralpay *945*58# and *945*000*REFno#


What Are Sort Codes and SWIFT Codes?

A sort code is a number used to identify both the bank and the branch where an account is held. The sort code is usually used when transferring funds from one account in one bank branch to another branch of the bank or another bank. A sort code can be located at the bottom of a bank’s cheque booklet.

A swift code, on the other hand, is an alternate format of a Bank Identification Code (BIC). It was created by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication network and is used to identify a bank location, country, and branch number when initiating an international transfer.

How Wema Bank Sort Codes and Swift Codes Work

While sort codes are made up of 6 numbers divided into 3 pairs, for example, 12-34-56; swift codes are a bit more complicated as they can range from 8 to 11 alphanumeric characters.

Wema Bank, like every other Nigerian bank, uses an eight (8) character swift code that is meant for a bank head office while the eleven (11) character codes are for the other branches of the bank.

Sort codes are used to transfer money between domestic banks and financial institutions only. They work by identifying accounts and providing instructions needed to route money transfers domestically within the clearance organizations.

Swift codes are passed between banks and non-financial corporations in a secure, encrypted way. Funds are not physically transported using the SWIFT network, only the instructions; this communication facilitates the money transfer.

Where Can One Find Wema Bank Sort and SWIFT Code?

Wema bank has more than 100 branches in the country, and each of these bank branches has its own sort code. You can find Wema bank’s sort code on bank-issued cards, statements, and on the online banking platform. The code can also be seen in the bank’s cheque books.

The SWIFT Code for Wema Bank Nigeria is WEMANGLA. This code, which is valid irrespective of the branch you opened your Wema Bank account, can be found on bank statements and by logging into online banking accounts. Alternatively, you can contact Wema Bank customer care directly to confirm the SWIFT code.

A Complete List of Wema Bank Sort Codes

State Branch Address Sort Code
Abia State 103, Azikiwe Street, Aba 035230544
Abuja (FCT) 264, Central Business Area, Abuja 035080778
Oyo House, Ralf Shodeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja 035081421
Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja 035080862
Le meridien Hotel, Abuja 035081528
36, Herbert Macaulay Way, North Wuse, Abuja 035080804
Adamawa State 19, Jimeta Road, Yola 035091110
Akwa Ibom State 16 Eket/Oron Road, Eket 035010971
Plot 179, Aka Road, Uyo 035011158
Anambara State 21, Old Market Road, Onitsha 035031187
Bauchi State Opposite Ultra Modern Information Centre (Bauchi State Library Board), Bauchi 035031138
Bayelsa State Mbiama Road, Opp. State INEC Office, Pansha, Yenogoa 035321505
Benue State 30 (Former No 11), Railway Bye-Pass High Level, Makurdi 035051147
Borno State Jos Road, Opposite Borno State Secretariat, Maiduguri 035061098
Cross River Sate 39 /113, Murtala Mohammed,  Highway Calabar 035071198
Delta State 407, Nnebi Road, Asaba 035241724
33 Effurun/Sapele Road, Warri, 035240945
Edo State 39, Mission Road, Benin City 035041186
12, Akpakpava Street, Benin City 035041458
University of Benin, Ugbowo Campus 035041681
Ekiti State 2, Orere Owu Street, Ado-ekiti 035340890
2, Orere Owu Street, Ado-ekiti 035341417
Aiyedun/Omuo Road,Omuo) Aiyedun Ekiti 035340557
Ilao Quarters Aramoko Roundabout 035341239
3, Inipa Street, Igbara-odo 035340159
Oke–Aodu street, along Ado-Ekiti road, beside Ikere Central Mosque 035341802
Oja Oba Road, Ise-Ekiti 035341747
Kota-Omuooke road, Omuo-ekiti, Ekiti State 035341815
University of Ado Ekiti, Iworo-ekiti Road 035340612
Enugu State 10, Ogui Road, Opposite ACB, Enugu 035251167
IMO 106 Okigwe, Texaco filling Station, Owerri 035101178
Kaduna State New Nigeria Newspaper Building, Imam House, Ahmadu Bello Way 035111045
22, Bida Road, Kaduna 035111430
NNPC Depot, Kaduna 035111511
1, Bank Road, Military Cantonment, Jaji 035111443
Kano State 13 Bello Road, Kano 035120382
Kwara State 171, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin 035140605
NNPC Depot, Oke-Oyi, Ilorin 035141011
Lagos State 15, Lagos/Abeokuta Express Road, Abule- Egba 035150475
185, Old Abeokuta Motor Road, Agege 035151335
2, Rasmon Close, Off Osolo Road, Ajao Estate 035150747
3A,Ojo-Igbede Rd.Alaba Int’l Market, Ojo 035150815
33, Allen Avenue, Ikeja 035151319
32, Warehouse Road Apapa 035150569
2, Commercial Road, Apapa 035151306
Block 9 (Zone D), Aspamda Market, Int’l Trade Fair Complex, Ojo 035150966
Joseph Dosu Road, Badagry 035151636
23, Broad Street, Mamma Kontagora House, Lagos 035150792
41/45 Broad Street, Lagos 035151283
6, Davies Street, Lagos 035151296
Lagos/Abeokuta Express Road, Dopemu 035150077
Aluminum Cash Office Village, Dopemu 035151241
52/54, Murtala Mohammed Way, Ebute-Metta 035150080
117, Idimu Road,Orelope B/Stop , Egbeda 035150954
60, Jagunmolu Street Bariga 035151623
Wema Towers 54 Marina, Lagos 035150103
Wema Towers 54 Marina, Lagos 035150116
60, Ikorodu Road, Ijede, Ikorodu 035150226
Ijora Fisheries Terminal, (Behind NEPA Workshop), Apapa 035150624
24, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, 035150271
23/24 Ikorodu-Sagamu Road, Ikorodu 035151254
35 Awolowo Road,  Beside Total/Hunger Burster, Ikoyi 035151212
Iponri Shopping Centre, Surulere 035150598
24, Abimbola Street, Abimbola House, Isolo 035150750
33, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu 035150938
Lagos Airport Hotel,111, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja 035151610
Lapal House,241, Igbosere Road, Lagos Island 035150297
89, Itire Road, Lawanson, Surulere 035150721
Wema Towers 54 Marina, Lagos 035150925
2, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos. 035150695
236, Agege Motor Road, Mushin 035150323
1st Floor Nahco Building Off  Murtala Mohammed Airport Road, Ikeja 035151021
Shed 6, NPA Terminal, Apapa 035150831
Plot 30, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja 035151322
Plot 45, Omole Industrial Layout, Isheri Road, Ogba, Lagos 035150488
Odu’a Int’l Model Market Complex, Ojota 035151050
107, Alakoro Street, Oke-Arin, Lagos 035150763
29 Badagry Express Road, Okokomaiko, Lagos. 035150734
Lagos/Badagry Expressway, (By Opere Street), Orile- Iganmu 035150352
Shops 5,6 & 7, Block 2/3, 1st floor, Agric compound Old,Alaba, Orile, 035150983
455, Agege Motor Road, Bolade, Oshodi 035150705
Pelewura Shopping Centre, Adeniji Adele Road, Lagos Island 035150666
Wema House,27, Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, Lagos 035150420
University of Lagos Campus, Akoka 035150844
8, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria 035151270
Nger State SW 35, Bosso Road, Opposite Afribank, Minna 035161082
Ogun State Lagos/Abeokuta Road, Lafenwa. P. O. Box 209, Abeokuta 035170015
28,Obafemi Awolowo Avenue, Abeokuta 035171344
Fibigbade Street, Ago-Iwoye 035170031
Idi-Iroko Road, Ajilete 035170057
Ilaro Road, Aiyetoro 035170044
Behinde Fanta House, Ilishan Remo 035171496
Ewekoro Cement Factory,  Ewekoro 035170099
Idi-Iroko/Lagos Road, Idiroko 035170125
Abeokuta Motor Road, Ifo 035170141
Adeboye Road, Ijebu-Igbo 035170196
Odonopa Quarters, Old Benin Road, Ijebu-Mushin 035170206
201, Folagbade Street, Ijebu-ode 035171069
Leslie Street, Ilaro 035171645
Olofin Road, Ilisan Remo 035170219
1 Ibrahim Babangida 035171263
Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye 035170345
Idi Iroko/Lagos Road, Sango Otta 035170361
Fashina Square, Owode Yewa, 035170332
Panseke, Ibara,Abeokuta 035170905
Akarigbo Street, Akarigbo Street, 035170413
WAPCO Factory, Sagamu 035170675
54A, Oba Adesida Road, Akure 035180063
34, Oyemekun Road, Akure 035181392
Federal University of Technology, Akure 035180500
P. O. Box 66, Igbara-oke 035180160
Ifofin Road, Iju 035180238
Jubilee Road, Ikare 035181677
4, Yaba Street, Ondo 035180584
Old Market Road, off Ondo/ Sabo Road, Ore 035181033
Idimisasa road, Opposite Olowo’s Palace, Owo 035181790
1 Owode Market Road, Ede 035291774
Ewekoro Cement Factory,  Ewekoro 035290513
Osogbo Road, Ibokun 035290241
Oke Awona Street, Ifetedo 035290131
Imo Roundabout, Ilesha 035291389
8, Market Street, Iragbiji 035290254
6, Station Road, Iwo 035290652
Joseph Ayo Babalola 035291651
Ondo Road, Modakeke 035290306
Obafemi Awolowo University, Campus, Ile-Ife 035290872
Offa-Osogbo road, beside king’s Palace, Okuku, 035291758
10B, Awolowo Way, Ikirun Bye-Pass Igbona,Osogbo 035290717
169, Station Road, Osogbo, 035291363
Oyo State Agodi Gate Ife Road, Ibadan 035190024
Secretariat Roundabout, Ibadan 035191353
Behinde Fanta House, Ilishan Remo 035190574
Oba Akinbiyi Shopping Centre, Bodija, Ibadan 035190684
Sijuwola House, Plot 5, Old Dugbe Layout, Ibadan 082190820
New Gbagi Market, New Ife Road, Ibadan 035190642
Igbetti 035190176
1, Comprehensive Health Centre Road, Igboho 035190189
Opposite Methodist Church, Tapa Street, Igbo-ora 035191667
Kishi 035190396
Mokola Roundabout, Ibadan 035190312
Abeokuta Road,Apata, Ibadan 035191007
Ibadan-Ilorin road,Apake, Ogbomosho 035191761
New Ife Road, Ibadan 035190435
Near South Campus, The Polytechnic, Ibadan. 035190379
Plateau State  11 Beach Road, Jos 035201104
Rvers state Plot 11, Trans Amadi Industrial, Layout, Port Harcourt 035210852
66, Olu Obasanjo Road, Bics Mall, Port Harcourt 035211466
Plot 11, Trans Amadi Industrial, Layout, Port Harcourt. 035210852
Sokoto State 18, Maiduguri, Road, Dogo Dagi House, Opposite Afribank, Sokoto 035221074



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