Wasiu Ayinde: Biography, Age and Net Worth of K1 De Ultimate

Wasiu Ayinde is a 67-year-old Nigerian Fuji musician, hotelier, and politician who was a member of the Supreme Fuji Commanders band and has an estimated net worth of ₦800 million. He was born on 3 March 1957 and his career has lasted over 5 decades.

The multi-award-winning artist has released over 40 albums and was conferred a national award for the rank of the Member of the Order of the Niger (MON). Some of his popular songs are Omo Naija (2023), Fuji Collection (2022), and My Dream Come True (2013).

Summary of Wasiu Ayinde’s Bio 

  • Full name: Wasiu Omogbolahan Olasunkanmi Adewale Ayinde
  • Nicknames: KWAM 1; K1 De Ultimate; Marshal
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1957
  • Wasiu Ayinde’s Age: 67 years old
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign:  Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Islam
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wasiu Ayinde’s Wives: Emmanuella Aderopo, Titi Masha, Alhaja Shalewa (ex), Labake Kaosara Anifowoshe, Mujidat Adedotun Fetuga, Yewande
  • Children: Kabir Femi Ayinde, El-Amin Ayinde-Marshal, Damilola Abike Ayinde, Fatima Adeshola Ayinde, Ganiyat Ayinde, and many others
  • Ayinde’s Parents: Alimat Shadia (mother), Mr. Anifowoshe (Father)
  • Wasiu Ayinde’s Net Worth: ₦800 million
  • Famous for: Fuji music and politics
  • Wasiu Ayinde’s Instagram: @Olasunkanmimarshal
  • Facebook: K1 De Ultimate

Who Is Wasiu Ayinde?

Wasiu Ayinde was born on March 3, 1957, and is currently 67 years old. He is from Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State but was born in Agarawu on Lagos Island. His real name is Wasiu Omogbolahan Olasunkanmi Adewale Ayinde but he is popularly known as Kwam 1 De Ultimate or Marshal.


His birth father was a polygamist that left many children and wives behind. However, he was informally adopted by Otunba Samson Aremu Rufai, a community leader of Ago-Iwoye and the Mefu of Igan who ruled for 43 years before his death.

Wasiu’s mother, Alimat Shadia Omo Alegenibi, is an indigene of Illupeju in Ondo State. She was a singer who used to belong to a singing band in her youthful days right before her marriage to Wasiu Ayinde’s father. Before her retirement, Wasiu’s mother was a trader who sold fabrics in the heart of Lagos State. The musician claims he got his musical talent from his mother.

With respect to his education, Wasiu Ayinde attended Jamatu Islamiya Standard School for his primary education and Government College Isolo, Lagos, for his secondary education. He later transferred to Oyo State to finish secondary school and had plans to become a lawyer before the death of his father forced him to quit his academic pursuit.

Wasiu Ayinde Net Worth

Wasiu Ayinde’s net worth is evaluated at ₦800 million. He is often regarded as the richest fuji musician in Nigeria. He has accumulated his wealth mainly from his music career which started in the 1970s. The musician has also made wealth from business ventures, politics, and endorsements.

As a musician, the sales of his records and musical appearances are at the forefront of how he earns his income. Wasiu is well known for his appearances at political protests and posh gatherings such as the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) Festival, SOB, and Troxy. Additionally, he has presented foreign programs.

His music career side, Wasiu Ayinde is also a businessman. He owns several companies among which are a confectionery company, a real estate firm called Mayegun Royal Court, and most recently, an opulent hotel worth millions of Naira. In addition, Wasiu earns from endorsement deals. He has worked with brands such as the United Nations and Geely Cars.

The Entertainer Started His Professional Music Career at the Age of 18

Wasiu Ayinde’s interest in music was kindled when he was just eight years of age, but his parents’ skepticism of his career choice was apparent. Luckily, his passion remained untamed and slowly, he started to become a rising sensation in his community. By the time he was 15 years old, he was already boasting of several wins from music competitions organized locally.

He eventually went into music professionally in 1975 when he joined Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s band; a music band called the Supreme Fuji Commanders. While he was part of the band, he lived with Ayinde Barrister who is considered the creator of Fuji music, and worked as an instrument packer till 1978.

When Wasiu left the Supreme Fuji Commander, he inherited his boss’ name “Ayinde” and also made it his stage name. His most popular album titled Talazo 84 was released in 1984, four years after the release of his first album, Iba Agba (1980).

List of Wasiu Ayinde’s Songs

  • Omo Naija (2023)
  • Timeless( 2022)
  • Fuji The Sound Fuji Hip(2020)
  • Ade Ori Okin (2020)
  • Majo Nisho (2020)
  • Thinking About You (2020)
  • Awade (2020)
  • Vivid Imagination (2017)
  • Solo Makinde (2017)
  • Won Tun-Nna(2017)
  • Canada 98 (2017)
  • 22 Dec Fuji Ep Let Music Flow  (2017)
  • Olorun Mi Otito (2014)
  • Rora Se (2013)
  • Bode De Way (2013)
  • Instinct (2012)
  • Fuji Time (2012)
  • Flavour (2006)
  • Big Deal (2003)
  • Gourd (2002)
  • New Lagos (2002)
  • Statement (2001)
  • Faze 3 (2000)
  •  New Era (2000)
  • Fuji Fusion (1999)
  • Legacy (1996)
  • Faze 2 Global Tour ’96 (1996)
  • Consolidation (1995)
  • Reflection (1995)
  • Talazo Fuji Party (1995)
  • The Ultimate (1993)
  • American Tips (1991)
  • Fuji Collections (1991)
  • Jo Fun Mi (Dance For Me) (1990)
  • Fuji Rapping (1989)
  • Achievement (1989)
  • Sun – Splash (1988)
  • Fuji Headline (1988)
  • My Dear Mother (1988)
  • Talazo In London (1987)
  • Aiyé (1987)
  • Adieu Awolowo (1987)
  • Ori (1986)
  • Tiwa Dayo (1986)
  • Baby Je Kajo (1986)
  • Talazo Disco (1985)
  • Elo-Sora (1985)
  • Pomposity (1985 )
  • Ijo Olomo (1984)
  •  Talazo ’84 (1984)
  • Igbalaye (1982)
  • Esi Oro (1981)
  • Iba (1980)

He Joined Politics in 2013

Although he has never sought an elective office, Wasiu Ayinde is an ardent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the ruling political party in Nigeria. In 2013, he ventured into politics under the Action Congress of Nigeria party and rumours had it that he was interested in vying for the seat of the House of Representatives under the then-unregistered APC party.

However, in 2020, he stated that he could not run for any political office due to his fear of failing on the mandate promised to his people. Nevertheless, he was one of the key supporters of Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the 2023 General Elections. He served as a singing minstrel at many rallies hosted by the APC such as rallies in Ogun, Osun, and Kwara States as well as a host of others.

Wasiu Ayinde does not hide his passion for politics and his party, as he is often at the forefront of philanthropic activities organised by the party such as donating gadgets to supporters of the party.

Wasiu Ayinde’s House and Cars

As one of the wealthiest musicians in the Fuji genre, Wasiu Ayinde lives a luxurious life. He owns several luxury cars, including:

  • Rolls-Royce Ghost (worth ₦200 million)
  • Bentley Flying Spur
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Mercedes E-Class
  • Toyota Siena
  • Lexus LX 570
  • Mini Cooper

List of Wasiu Ayinde’s Net Worth Sources

  • Music
  • confectionery company
  • real estate (Mayegun Royal Court)
  • Opulent hotel worth millions of Naira
  • Politics
  • Endorsements (UN Ambassador, Geely Cars)

Wasiu Ayinde’s Wife and Children

Wasiu Ayinde is publicly known to have three or four wives. However, some reports have it that he shares some of his children with some whom he is not married to. Here is what to know about his wives.

K1 De Ultimate’s Youngest Wife is Emmanuella Aderopo

Emmanuella Aderopo “Ropo” is believed to be Wasiu Ayinde’s present wife. They were married in November 2021. The light-skinned celebrity wife is a graduate of Estate Management from Yaba College of Technology and runs a gift and children’s store in Lagos State.

Ropo is also a Christian and holds the title of Otun Iyalode of Igbehin in Abeokuta. She has a child from her previous marriage but does not currently share a child with the artiste.

Emmanuella and Kwam 1’s marriage has suffered public scrutiny in its few years of existence. In 2022, there were claims that Wasiu was cheating and it led to an alleged public slap by his wife. Also, in March 2023, a video surfaced where Wasiu rejected a kiss from Emmanuella.

The public was quick to assume that perhaps the marriage may be crashing. However, the Fuji musician’s team debunked any wrongdoing and said that the marriage was intact.

Wasiu Allegedly Married His Ex-Wife’s Neice, Titi Masha

Titi Masha, Ayinde’s wife (allegedly ex-wife) is reportedly his ex-wife, Alhaja Shalewa’s niece. Shalewa is said to be Wasiu’s ex-wife and he met Titi through her.

The couple started dating in 2011 and in 2012, they were already expecting their first child. Although Titi’s family was said to be against the union, she went ahead and became the musician’s wife and bore him three children.

The marriage lasted only a few years before Emmanuella came into the picture. As the story goes, Emmanuella, Ayinde’s most recent wife, was Titi’s customer as she (Titi) runs a fabric store in Lagos. This led to the mother of three feeling betrayed and as such purportedly left the marriage.

In June 2022, a peace mission on behalf of the estranged couple was called and their rift settled in the presence of friends and well wishers

One of Wasiu’s Oldest Wives was Shalewa, Titi’s Aunt

Shalewa is one of the first women publicly known to be associated with Wasiu Ayinde. Their marriage was in the 90s and she recently brought attention to herself for allegedly being Titi Masha’s aunt.

Whatever the case, their union lasted a while before they parted ways. There are suggestions that she has been married again and lives outside Nigeria.

The 67-year-old Musician Was Married to Yewande Before Titi

Known for his love for the female gender, Yewande also known as Wendy is another wife of Wasiu Ayinde. The couple is known to have two daughters, one named Isabella who lives with her in the upscale side of Toronto. She was said to have relocated overseas before her marriage to Titi Masha.

Wasiu Ayinde’s Wives Also Include Labake Kaosara Anifowoshe

Labake Anifiwoshe is another wife of Wasiu Ayinde. She is also the mother of Farouk and Sultan Marshal. Labake owns large fabric merchandise in Lagos Island and sells clothes for a living. The relationship between Labake and Ayinde was hardly made public.

Mujidat Adedotun Fetuga Died Shortly After Giving Birth to Wasiu’s Daughter

Mujidat Adedotun Fetuga is the late ex-wife of Wasiu Ayinde. She reportedly lost her life a week after her daughter, Wasilat, was born.

Meet Wasiu Ayinde Children

While Wasiu has many wives, he has even more children. Many are not known to the public but here is a list of those known to the public;

Kabir Femi Ayinde is a Businessman

Among Wasiu Ayinde’s publicly known children is Femi Ayinde. He is a 2013 computer science graduate of the North American University, Benin Republic. Just like his father, he seems to have his hands full of many trades, some of which are photography. He works in a construction company and runs the affair of his father’s entertainment band outfit.

Damilola Ayinde Marshal is a Legal Practitioner 

Damilola Marshal Ayinde is a legal practitioner and principal partner with Damilola Marshal & Co. She is also the daughter of the popular Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde and legal adviser to Naira Marley, the Nigerian Afro-pop artiste.

She is a law graduate from the North America Univeristy Houdegbe, Benin Republic. Damilola was called to bar at the Nigerian Law School in December 2015. She has worked as a Legal officer at Brampton Gizzalink Nigeria Ltd. since 2017 and shares a close relationship with her father, Wasiu Ayinde.

Four of Wasiu Ayinde’s Children are into Music

Some of Wasiu Ayinde’s children took after him and are into music. Although they may not be as popular, Oyindamola, Farouk, and Sultan Marshal share a passion for good music just like their father.

Oyindamola Ayinde Marshal is the daughter of Wasiu Ayinde and bears the stage name Honey Bee. She was born in Nigeria but relocated out of the country with her mother when she was only three months old. Honey Bee attended the same music college as international star Adele and Jesse Jay and is vast in knowledge of Rock, jazz RnB, and hip-hop music.

Her brother, Sultan Marshal, on the other hand graduated with a degree in Dentistry in the United States. He is into the Afro-pop genre, unlike his father’s Fuji genre.

Wasiu’s other child who is into music is Farouk Marshal. He was born on 2 December 1995 and like his siblings, lives in Chicago. The rapper was born in Lagos and spent some of his life in Nigeria before relocating overseas.

Mustapha Adetunji Ayinde Mashal is also one of Wasiu Ayinde’s children who share the music trait. He is a graduate of English and Business at York University, Toronto, Canada, and a Canadian citizen. He owns the Marshal Reord Label and has released songs like Loke and My Way which he featured Terry G.

Wasiu Ayinde’s Other Children

Some of the musician’s other children are; Olori Ebii Abdul-Azeez Alade, Idayat Ashake, Shukurat Adebisi, Sekinat Olatanwa, Aminat Oriyomi, Olabode Mohammad Sikirulah, Idera Nimatalah, Sulaiman Iluyomade, Ibrahim Abiola, El-Amin Ademola Adio Ayinde-Marshal, Fatima Ayinde, and Ganiyat Ayinde

Rumors have it that Wasiu Ayinde has over 30 children. In 2017, he, unfortunately, lost one of his daughters, Wasilat Olaronke Ayinde, who was born on 17 July 1983. She died in Canada where she lived with her mother.

K1 De Ultimate’s Controversies

Wasiu Ayinde Supposedly had an Affair with Alafin of Oyo’s Wife

There are suggestions that the fuji musician had an extramarital affair with Queen Ajoke Badirat Adeyemi, the youngest wife of the late Alaafin of Oyo. The rumor got out in 2020, shortly after the Fuji veteran was bestowed the traditional title of the “Mayegun of Yorubaland”.

Ayinde, however, has claimed his innocence. The father of many also insisted he could never imagine having an illicit affair with the wife of the ruler.

Quees Badirat, at the time when the Alaafin of Oyo was alive and still married to her, was once ranked the Alaafin’s favorite wife. Unfortunately, many have claimed that the rumors of the affair may have led to the separation between she and the Oba. In her defense, she, alongside Wasiu denied the existence of an affair between them and described it as a rumor by enemies.

K1 De Ultimate Was Arrested for the Shooting of a Student

In 2015, news circulated that Wasiu shot a 21-year-old undergraduate student of the Department of Education from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye.

The shooting was said to have occurred at a party that was ongoing by 1 am. Ayinde’s bodyguard who was at the party in the company of the Fuji veteran was said to have released a barrel into the lady’s buttocks. The situation which occurred in 2015 got the victim hospitalized and the shooter on the run. Wasiu was also invited by the police for questioning.

The case died down but it was not the last the musician would see in relation to guns. He was attacked and shot by unknown gunmen on his way home from a political rally. Also, in 2022 at an event graced together with his wife, Emmanuella Ropo, Wasiu Ayinde was captured with a well-strapped gun to his waist.


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