Tonto Dikeh’s Net Worth, House and the Cars She Drives

Tonto Dikeh is a Nigerian actress and singer with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Her wealth comes mainly from her career as an actress, singer, endorsement deals, and other businesses and investments she owns.

The single mother of one owns a foundation and spends her net worth on her son and luxurious items like houses and cars. We will look at how she accumulated such net worth and what she spends her money on, including her car collection.

Tonto Dikeh’s Net Worth Is Estimated At $1.5 Million

For an actress with the kind of fame she has, it is not surprising how she accumulated such a net worth. For one, her fame started with her acting career, from where she entered the music industry and then gained many endorsement deals. This career also led to her other investments that today fetches the actress more money.

Here’s a breakdown of how Tonto Dikeh accumulated her $1.5 million net worth.

Tonto’s Career in Acting Contributed to Her Impressive Net Worth

The controversial Nollywood actress started her career in acting by participating and winning in a reality TV show at age 21. She then starred in her first movie Holy Cross, which brought her to the spotlight and earned her more acting roles and popularity in the Nigerian movie industry.

Her acting career was the first career that brought money to Tonto’s pockets. From there, she also gained the fame and popularity she still enjoys today. However, in recent times, Dikeh slowed down in her acting career; meanwhile, she is still in the business.

List of Her Successful Works

Below is a list of some of the successful movies Tonto Dikeh starred in, which brought more money to her pockets and, in the process, increased her fame.

  • 7 Graves
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Missing Child
  • Crisis in Paradise
  • Mortal Desire
  • Family Disgrace
  • Dirty Secret
  • Last Mission
  • Fatal Mistake

From Acting, Tonto Explored the Music Industry

Having enjoyed popularity for some years, Tonto decided to venture into the music industry. She featured alongside Patience Ozokwo on a music video for Amaco Investments. Later, she released her singles “Hi” and “Itz Ova” in 2012. She has a few other songs to her name, including “Crazically Fit,” “Ekebe,” “Jeje,” “Sheba,” and “Sugar Rush.”

The actress-turned-singer was signed to DB Records, owned by the famous singer D’banj for a while. Although Tonto Dikeh is loved by many for her acting career, many did not welcome her venture into the music industry. Many Nigerians criticized her songs, and others ruled her out of the music industry.

Her music career lasted for a few years before she went for a break, and while it lasted, the career added more figures to Tonto Dikeh’s net worth. We are yet to welcome a recent song by the actress.

Other Endeavors That Contribute to Tonto Dikeh’s Net Worth

Apart from her career in the entertainment and music industries, Tonto Dikeh has other things that contribute to her net worth. She has numerous endorsement deals, which she earns greatly from, some political appointments, and many other investments in the agricultural and business sectors. Below are more details of Tonto Dikeh’s other endeavors contributing to her net worth.

Tonto Dike Earns a Chunk of Her Net Worth From Her Agricultural Investments

When the actress took a break from the entertainment industry, she made a huge investment in the agricultural sector. This investment, she claims, is dedicated to her son Andre. Tonto owns and runs a 50-acre farm that houses all her agrarian interests.

On his farm, there is a poultry farm in which she intends to be producing 20,000 birds in a year, a snail farm, a fish farm, and a cashew plantation, among other interests.

All these interests in agriculture contribute mainly to her net worth in recent times as she is not fully engrossed in the entertainment industry at the moment. Also, with it, she has a secured life investment for her son, whom she loves so much.

Political Interest

In addition to her career and investment in agriculture, Tonto Dikeh has an interest in politics. She has shown her interest in politics several times on her social media pages. In 2020, she declared her intention to enter the political sector in 2023. She intended to start from the House of Reps or Senate and then go higher. However, Dikeh says that she does not have an interest in becoming a governor.

In 2021, she posted on her Instagram page again that she would someday rule Nigeria, but at the moment, she is still getting herself ready for it. Tonto went back to school for this purpose. The details of this her academic pursuit are unknown to the public.

Currently, actress Tonto has two political appointments, which add more money to her net worth. She holds the office of the Director of the Women Save Nigeria Project. And she was appointed the Director of Socials and Empowerment to the Community of Youth Mobilization and Sanitization (CYMS).

Endorsement Deals

Tonto Dikeh is a proud ambassador to some national and multinational companies. Her fame and contributions to society have earned her mouthwatering deals, which have in turn enriched her more and added to her net worth.

List of Brands Tonto Dikeh Endorses

Here is a list of some of the companies she endorses.

  • Amstel Malt
  • Silk Road Restaurant – one of the largest Chinese restaurants in Africa
  • Zikel Cosmetics – she signed a deal worth 100 million Naira in 2019
  • Sapphire Scents
  • Pels International – a skincare brand
  • Naturessence – a US-based company
  • National Agency For Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP) – Tonto Dikeh bagged an endorsement deal with NAPTIP on human trafficking on 27th April 2018.
  • Numatville – a property company based in Abuja. Tonto Dikeh signed this deal worth millions of Naira in February 2016.

Tonto Dikeh’s Awards and Recognitions

Due to her contributions to society, Tonto has been offered some awards in the entertainment and agricultural sectors and her humanitarian works in Nigeria and Africa at large. Below is a list of some of her awards and recognitions so far.

  • Global Humanitarian Celebrity Award awarded by iGlobal Impact Awards
  • She was recognized as the United Nations Noble International Ambassador for the United Rescue Services
  • She won the Actor of the Year in 2012 The Future awards
  • She was listed among the 100 Most Influential Women in Africa in the 2021 Women Power Conference Awards

How Tonto Dikeh Spends Her Net Worth

The renowned actress spends her net worth on expensive and luxurious items like cars, houses, charity, and gifts for her son. She is one of those celebrities whose appearance speaks of her wealth. And she never hesitates to spend her money on her only son. Let’s look at some of the things that she spends on.

She Owns a Luxurious Mansion in Abuja

Tonto Dikeh, like most celebrities, owns a luxurious mansion in Nigeria, among other landed properties that are not open to the public. Unlike most Nigerian celebrities who prefer a mansion in Lagos State, Tonto’s house is located in one of the most expensive areas in Abuja, Aso Drive. This house was acquired in 2020, before her 35th birthday.

Tonto Has a Fleet of Expensive Cars in Her Garage 

The Star has a fleet of luxurious cars in her garage. Some of the cars include the following.

  • 2017 Lexus LX 570 worth N49.3 million – This was a gift given to her by her ex-husband when they were still together.
  • 2016 GMC Yukon XL worth N35 million – A gift from Churchill to their son on his birthday
  • Mercedes Benz C 300 worth N6.9 million – A gift from her friend Lisa Ogunboro on her 35th birthday
  • Bentley Continental GT Coupe worth N77.6 million – She gifted herself this car in 2019

Expensive Gift Items for Her Son

The proud mother of one gives her son expensive gift items on his special days. On one of his birthdays, she gifted him a star and presented him with a certificate of purchase. For his 6th birthday, Tonto gifted him some plots of land. She also celebrates his birthdays in grand styles. All these are how and what Tonto Dikeh spends her net worth.

Beyond Her Lavish and Controversial Lifestyle, Tonto Gives Back to Society Through Her Foundation

Tonto Dikeh Foundation is a non-governmental organization she founded in 2000 and served as a means through which she gives back to society. The foundation was established to provide a better life to Africa’s underprivileged and displaced children, women, girls, and youth.

The foundation also organizes sensitization programs on issues concerning the black race like gender issues, rape, women empowerment, child right, climate change, etc. The foundation is still functional and has impacted the lives of over 50,000 people.


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