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IVD and Bimbo were together for over 17 years. However, it was not all roses for Bimbo as she suffered domestic violence in the marriage. She was often beaten by her husband who was also unfaithful in the union. On one of the occasions Bimbo stood up to her husband, their house was set ablaze. She was seriously burnt while IVD sustained minor burns.

Unfortunately for Bimbo, she lost her life three days after the fire incident due to complications from the burns. Her sister, Mama Jazz, announced her death and IVD was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter. The case has been in court since 31st January and the outcome is not known yet. Find out more about the latest on IVD and Bimbo story.

Who Is IVD?

Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna, also known as IVD, is a Nigerian music executive and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of IVD Autos Limited, a luxury car company based in Lagos, Nigeria. He gained significant popularity in the Nigerian music industry as a result of his collaboration with Zlatan Ibile on the hit song “Bolanle” in 2019. He has since been involved in the management and promotion of several Nigerian music artists.

What Happened Between IVD and Bimbo?

IVD and his wife, Bimbo, had marital issues. Bimbo opened up on her social media page saying that she was a victim of domestic violence. She said that the past 17 years of their marriage had been torture for her and that her husband hits her at any provocation. In addition, Bimbo said that her husband was not faithful in their marriage and that he goes about carrying other women. She came open with this because she didn’t want to die in silence.

In 2019, IVD beat Bimbo into a coma while she was pregnant. She regained consciousness after being hospitalized. Although she usually spoke up on the domestic violence she was going through on social media, her husband would always come with a reconciliation post. This may be the reason she remained in the marriage. These misunderstandings were the problems Bimbo and IVD had that escalated to the incident that eventually took Bimbo’s life.

What Happened To IVD’s Wife?

On 12th October 2022, reports had it that Bimbo confronted her husband over the manner in which he beats her. This confrontation grew into a fight and it was reported that Bimbo set their house on fire. Bimbo passed away on October 15, 2022, as a result of injuries sustained in the fire incident at their Megamound Estate home in Lekki, Nigeria. She was hospitalized for three days before she finally give up the ghost.

Was IVD’s Wife Burnt?

Yes. In one of their altercations on 12th October 2022, Bimbo was burnt. Reports had it that she was the one that set their house on fire. The burns were so severe that she could not survive them. She died three days after the incident. Whereas IVD sustained minor injuries.

When Was IVD Arrested?

IVD and Bimbo
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After the incident and death of Abimbola Martins-Ogbonna, IVD was arrested and the Lagos State Police Command confirmed his arrest on 18th October 2022. His in-laws accused him of domestic violence that led to the death of their daughter. He was released on bail as the matter went to court. In 2023, Magistrate Tella remanded him in custody as the case went on.

Meanwhile, IVD had previously responded to allegations of abuse on his wife, Abimbola, by posting a series of videos in which he claimed his wife had abused him and destroyed his possessions. In one video, IVD pointed to his bleeding head and said, “She just hit me, I’m bleeding, I can’t take it anymore.” In a second video, he showed his damaged car and Abimbola could be heard yelling abuse at him in the background. In response to IVD’s allegations, Abimbola’s siblings took to their social media accounts to make accusations against the auto dealer, claiming he was a drug addict.

Did IVD Have a Blood Covenant with His Late Wife?

Oyindamola, the brother of the late Bimbo Ogbonna, stated that his family members tried everything to keep Bimbo away from Ikechukwu, but she kept returning to him. He said that it was as though they had a blood covenant. But this claim is not confirmed as there is no proof to back it up.

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Oyindamola stated in response to comments on his Instagram page that it all started when his then-18-year-old sister, Bimbo, met Ikechukwu. He said she handed Ikechukwu all of her school fees and finally dropped out of school in the name of love. He said that after repeated unsuccessful warnings to quit seeing each other, Bimbo’s family sent her to Abuja. Ikechukwu, on the other hand, reached out to her and threatened to kill himself if she did not return. He said Bimbo flew down to Lagos to be with him.

Oyindamola also said that their family paid Ikechukwu money to keep him away from young Bimbo at the time, but they continued their connection. He believes Bimbo and IVD had a blood covenant since she continued returning to him despite everything.

Is IVD Dating Blessing CEO?

It is not certain whether IVD is dating Blessing CEO. In one of her posts, Blessing Okoro, alias Blessing CEO, a self-styled relationship consultant, admitted that she was in a love relationship with vehicle trader Ikechukwu Ogbonna, also known as IVD. She stated this in an Instagram post. “IVD can’t stain your white,” she wrote. “The only person you need as a woman to succeed is IVD… stay focused.”

Her message garnered varied comments, with many followers criticizing her for dating the late Bimbo Ogbonna’s husband, whom she protected when he was accused of murdering his wife via domestic violence. One of her fans commented, “You dey follow de@d body drag husband lol stay focused sha.” Blessing CEO replied, “I don’t drag, I own it,” revealing her affiliation with IVD.

However, in one of her interviews, Okoro maintained that the fact that IVD had her name tattooed on his hand was not an indication that they were in an intimate relationship. She claimed that anyone’s name may be tattooed on one’s hand. She stated that just because she has Denrele’s name on her hand does not mean she is dating him.

She also stated that she had the names of more than five persons on her hand, but none of them are connected. IVD also has his (late) wife’s name, her face, and the names of all his children tattooed on his body, according to Blessing. She confessed she didn’t know IVD at the time, but she supported him as innocent.

Where Is IVD Now?

After appearing in court on 31st January 2023, IVD was taken to Kirikiri Prison under the supervision of his lawyer and friend, Blessing CEO. The father of five was arraigned in Lagos State on 31st January 2023 on charges of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of his wife, Bimbo. Mama Jazz, IVD’s late wife’s elder sister, took to Instagram stories on that same day to share new details about IVD’s bail strategy. Mama Jazz alleged that IVD is using his five children as bait to get out on bail.

IVD was to continue his court case from the prison after bail has been denied him. But that same day, he posted a picture of himself in his house with the caption “Super Blessed.” We are not certain whether he is in prison or living his life free. Also, the outcome of the case is still not known.


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