Meet Helen Paul’s Husband Femi Bamisile and Children

Helen Paul’s husband, Femi Bamisile, is a legal practitioner and Doctor of Law and they have four children together. Bamisile became popular when he bagged a Doctorate degree in Law at Heart International University, USA on the same day his wife Helen also became a Professor at the school.

Not many know Helen Paul’s husband as he leads a quiet life away from the media. People however see the beautiful photos that the comedian and actress often post of them on social media. She often tags him in her posts too, making it easier for the public to access information about him. Here are some important facts about Femi Bamisile.

Helen Paul’s Husband, Femi Bamisile, is a Lawyer

Femi Bamisile started off with a science course but along the line switched to Law after he found out it was his passion all along. According to him, he fell in love with Law because it ‘strengthens his jaw and sharpens his pen’. The legal profession to him is all about service to humanity, fairness, equity, and justice.

Femi made this remark on the day he got his Doctoral degree at Heart International University, in the US. Bamisile has had no regrets since choosing Law. In fact, he became more successful when he threaded the path.


The Couple Got Married in 2010

Femi Bamisile was a friend of Helen Paul’s former boss at the radio station where she worked at the time they met. The comedienne also known as ‘Tatafo’ reveals that she was the first to make a move as she asked for his number first.

According to her, she would make fun of Femi for not getting things like refreshments (doughnuts and drinks) for the staff at the radio house, like other friends of her boss would do when they visited.

She had boldly confronted him on a particular day to get refreshments for her and he did.  Things grew from a platonic level to a romantic one as they started going on romantic dates thereafter. They became closer as the days went by and soon made the decision to tie the knot. Helen Paul and Femi Bamisile got married in 2010 in the presence of family and friends.

They Have Four Children Together

Helen Paul is still married to her husband, Femi Bamisile. The couple has been together for over a decade now. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2020 with beautiful loved-up photos with each other on social media.

There’s little information about the couple’s children but many sources say they have four kids together – three boys and a girl. So far, we’ve been able to gather that they welcomed their first child, a son in 2011, and their second child also a son, was born in 2014.

The couple is known for bantering with each other online. Helen once posted that she is married on credit to Femi as his dowry has expired and is yet to be renewed. She has also posted a beautiful video of her with her three sons as they argued about who her favorite son is.

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Helen Paul and her Husband achieved New Heights in the Academia on the Same Day

Femi Bamisile and Helen Paul attained new heights in academia as the comedienne was promoted to Professor while he got his Doctorate degree in Law. This epic event happened at Heart International University in the US. Professor Helen Paul on the same day, became the H.O.D Department of Arts, Music, and Entertainment in the school.

It was a double celebration for the couple who were overjoyed with their noble achievement. The ace comedienne and her husband took to their respective Instagram handles to celebrate with a photo of both of them in their academic regalia and a heartwarming congratulatory message to each other.

This was followed by tons of congratulatory messages from fans and colleagues that endlessly poured in on the posts. It was indeed a proud moment for the couple who achieved a rare feat in academic history.


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