Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth and the Houses She Owns

Linda Ikeji is a popular Nigerian writer, blogger, and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $40 million. Thanks to her mouthwatering net worth, she owns one of the most expensive houses on Banana Island in Lagos State.

Linda’s major source of income is her blogging career which she started in 2006. With determination and strong will, she made it to the top and today ranks among the richest celebrities in Nigeria. This piece will trace Linda Ikeji’s career as a blogger, when she started, and how she got to where she is today. It will also reveal other income sources contributing to her impressive net worth. Also, the hoses she owns and other things she spends her net worth on will be discussed.

How Did Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth of $40 Million Accrue?

As we have mentioned earlier, Linda Ikeji makes her money from writing, blogging career,  and business.  Before settling for these, she had tried her hands at several other things without much success. Linda settled for blogging with patience as it didn’t start paying her immediately.

Today, she is a successful blogger who earns from endorsement deals and many other investments. Let’s look at how each of these contributed to Linda Ikeji’s net worth.

The Chunk of Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth is from Her Blog That Started in 2006

Linda Ikeji started her blog way back in 2006. At that time, computer services were not as easily reachable as we have today. She had to write her blogs at a cyber café. It is also important to mention that it didn’t pay her initially. Blogging was a hobby she was developing at that point. With this, Ikeji established other things that earned her money.

After graduating from the university, Linda started a media company called Black Dove Communications and a magazine called FM&B. She managed these for a while but had to let go. After letting go, she went back to her blogging, and this time around, with determination to succeed at it. She turned her hobby into a career and today, makes cool money out of it.

Linda became active in her blogging in 2007 with the subdomain Later on, she acquired her domain with the name we have today From then onwards, Ikeji grew the blog and diversified into other media-related investments that makes her successful and stand out in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji’s blog has made her famous and rich at the same time. The blogger posts about many things ranging from news, gossip, and lifestyle, among other things, and she doesn’t care about whose ass is kicked. Writing about these things brought many visitors to her blog, and left her richer afterward.

She has had issues with some of her posts about celebrities, but she always comes out of them free. Though she may have some enemies from her controversial posts, who cares? She makes her money whether she has enemies or not. Today, Linda Ikeji makes thousands of dollars daily from her blog, which has contributed immensely to her ever-growing net worth.

Other Investments that Contribute to Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth

The celebrity has other things that add more money to her already fat net worth apart from blogging. She is exploring the media industry pretty well because these other investments are also in the media and entertainment sectors.

She is an Author and a Motivational Speaker

In addition to her blogging career, Linda Ikeji is also an author. She wrote an inspirational book with the title It Takes You – A Book of Inspiration. A book she launched at Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Lekki, on 5th May 2010.  The book contains a lot of motivational and inspirational items. And it adds more money to her net worth.

For someone with such a fantastic inspirational book, speaking is not a big deal for her. Linda is interested in inspiring people, especially young women, to attain greater heights in society. Using herself as an example, it is evident what height a woman can achieve in society. With this, she has some platforms and programs through which she reaches out to women.

First is the Linda Ikeji Self-Made Woman Conference, a conference she uses her success story to inspire other women. And the second is the Advocacy for Abstinence Program, where she advocates that women should abstain from sex to concentrate on becoming successful.

Linda Ikeji Media Studios

This is a production studio furnished with modern cameras and equipment in charge of: content production services, video coverage for special events, studio rentals, renting of production equipment, and hiring of production crew services. With these services, Linda Ikeji Media studios bring more money to the celebrity and contribute to the net worth she enjoys today.

Linda Ikeji TV

Linda Ikeji TV (LiTV) is one of the other sources of income for the blog star. It was launched on 9th June 2018. Linda Ikeji TV is a YouTube channel where she posts exciting documentaries, cooking from Laura Ikeji’s Kitchen, hot topics and gossip, and many other programs. This TV broadcasts from Linda Ikeji Media Studio and has more than 66,000 subscribers.

Linda Ikeji TV App

The Linda Ikeji TV app, rated 3 stars, is an app that deals mainly with videos and documentaries. The app brings African movies and TV series to the world. With other 10,000 downloads and monthly subscriptions, the app has contributed to the net worth of the celebrity, making her rank as one of the richest celebrities in Nigeria.

Online Radio Station

Linda owns an online radio broadcasting station that airs on LiTV. This radio station operates also from Linda Ikeji Media Studios, adds to the sources of her wealth, and enriches the content of her TV.

Linda Ikeji Social

This is another media platform the celebrity established with the intention of penetrating the social media platform. With this, she aims to combine blogging with social networking. It was launched in November 2016 under the domain name and days after its launch, over 86,000 accounts were created and went live. The platform was up for a while, but it dwindled with time.

Linda Ikeji Has Bagged Some Endorsement Deals

As a celebrity, Linda Ikeji has signed many endorsement deals, which have contributed to her impressive net worth. Here is a list of some companies she has signed endorsement deals with.

  • Dettol
  • MerryBet
  • UBA
  • Konga
  • Jumia
  • MTN
  • GLO
  • Airtel
  • Hyundai
  • Origin
  • Nokia
  • HP
  • Naturessence
  • OLX
  • Guinness stout
  • Paxful
  • Gidi Agents
  • Dealday, etc.

Linda Ikeji’s Net Worth Compared to Other Bloggers in Nigeria

Linda Ikeji is among the first bloggers to rise in Nigeria and is now the richest of them all. Compared to all other bloggers, Linda has made a name for herself from her blog. The contents she posts are true, unique, and exclusive, which explains why she has so many visitors to her blog.

She does not dwell on posting false and unjustifiable content. Although some of her content may be controversial and harsh, she has always come out of all the controversies stronger. Some other blogs even copy content from Linda Ikeji’s blog but this has not fazed her.

Other Nigerian bloggers like Omoyele Sowore of ($10 million net worth), Uche Eze Pedro of BellaNaija ($4 million), SisiYemmie ($200,000), Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog ($118,000), Stella Dimokokorkus of ($450,000), etc are all doing well in their rights. However, Linda Ikeji’s Blog ranks number one in content and the number of visitors to the blog.

Linda Ikeji makes thousands of dollars daily from her blog, and with other investments she has, her net worth has grown to $40 million, a height that makes her stand out as the richest blogger in Nigeria.

How Linda Ikeji Spends Her Money

There are so many things that Linda Ikeji spends her net worth on. For someone with her kind of wealth, she sure knows how to show off. The star owns a multi-million naira mansion in Banana Island, fleets of cars, an expensive wardrobe, and most importantly, she spends on women empowerment. Let’s take a look at how much she spends on each of these.

Linda Ikeji’s Self-Made Woman Conference

The Self-Made Woman Conference (SMWC) is an annual conference through which Linda trains and empowers women in various skills. She collaborates with banks and other sponsors to see that these women are empowered. The conference started in 2013 (I’d Rather Be Self-made) with the aim of educating, mentoring, and providing financial help to young female entrepreneurs and intending ones.

She started the project with not less than N10 million. In 2021, Linda partnered with Ecobank Nigeria to empower these women. The conference has produced many financially free women. It has empowered many to start up small-scale businesses and imbibed in many others the skills to succeed in their various businesses.

As a successful woman, Ikeji wants many more women to become successful as well. She says that she wants to see more women heading conglomerates. This is the spirit behind the Self-Made Woman Conference and she has successfully impacted the lives of many women entrepreneurs.

Scholarships and Grants

Apart from empowering women, the self-made entrepreneur also gives grants and scholarships to a list of less privileged in society. There may not be a long list of the people she has given scholarships and grants to in the past, but we can say that someone who is very much interested in helping women will also have a long list of people who benefit from her.

Linda Ikeji Spent a Chunk of Her Net Worth on Her Banana Island House

Linda Ikeji Net Worth
image source

Linda Ikeji owns one of the most expensive houses in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos State. She acquired this luxurious Banana Island mansion in October 2015. The house cost her between N600 and N800 million at that time. The interior décor and furnishings of the house is further worth close to N1 billion.

Lida took to her blog to inform her readers of her new acquisition with details and pictures of what the mansion looks like. Also, she emphasized the fact that she has never slept with any man for money and is not planning to, meaning that the house came as a result of her hard work.

The two-story mansion has 3 floors made up of a master suite with a separate walk-in, closet or dressing room, and a massive bathroom suite. In addition, it has 6 en-suite bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a laundry room, a media room, a gym room, a cinema room, and a fully fitted kitchen with a large pantry.

It also has a gatehouse, two-room boys-quarters, a swimming pool, a waterfall wall, a changing room, a cabana, and an amazing water view. These are the unique features of Linda Ikeji’s Banana Island house that cost her a fortune.

Before acquiring her house in Banana Island, in 2013, the internet sensation built a five-bedroom duplex for her parents in her hometown in Nkwerre, Imo State. These are some of the known houses she has.

Is Linda Ikeji’s House the Most Expensive on Banana Island?

Linda Ikeji’shouse is not the most expensive on Banana Island. Banana Island is one of the most expensive places in Lagos State, and celebrities and wealthy men in Nigeria have landed properties there. Mike Adenuga, the CEO of Globacom, owns a ₦10 Billion house on Banana Island. Other celebrities are Davido, Peter and Paul Okoye, and many others.

Linda Ikeji’s house is such a good sight, but it is not the most expensive house on Banana Island. It cannot be compared to the houses of some of these other celebrities and elites.

Linda Ikeji’s Cars Comprise of Luxurious and Expensive Fleet

Aside from her expensive Banana Island house, Linda also has an eye for fancy and costly cars. She never ceases to treat herself to the latest luxurious cars. Currently, she has at least five cars in her car collection. And she has gifted not less than 10 cars to family and friends. Below is a list of the cars in her collection and how much each of them is cost.

Linda bought her first car in 2007/08. She had to pay for the car in installments, and when she couldn’t keep up with the agreement, the owner took the car back. Later on, she completed the payment and collected her car back. At that time, this car was worth ₦700,000.

Toyota Camry – ₦2.5 million

image source

Linda purchased this car in 2011, making it her second car.

2011 Infinity FX 35 – ₦8 million

Linda Ikeji Net Worth
image source

In 2013, Linda bought a 2011 Infinity FX 35 worth ₦8 million. This was her first luxury car and it cost her a fortune at that time.

2014 Range Rover Sport – ₦24 million

This car was a birthday gift she gave herself on her birthday in 2014. It was the first brand of Range Rover car she bought for herself, costing her ₦24 million.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography – ₦70 million

The celebrity purchased this luxurious car in 2016. And at the time of purchase, it cost her ₦70 million. She loves luxurious cars, and she goes for them whenever she wants. There wasn’t an occasion for this; she just treated herself with the car.

 Bentley Mulsanne – ₦108 million

Linda Ikeji bought this expensive car in 2018, the year she gave birth to her son. The car cost her ₦108 million. It was a gift she gave her son, and she used it to welcome him to the world.

2020 Range Rover Autobiography – ₦125 million

Because of her love for the Range Rover brand, she has continued getting the latest models. The star bought this car in 2020 on the occasion of her birthday. It was a gift she gave herself at her 40th birthday celebration.

Linda Ikeji Spends a Chunk of Her Net Worth on Her Flamboyant Lifestyle

Ikeji is one of the Nigerian celebrities who spend lavishly on themselves. On occasions like her birthdays, she buys extravagant items for herself not minding what her fans will say about it.

On the occasion of her 40th birthday, Linda bought 85 pairs of shoes for herself. She also got herself 35 designer bags in addition to the 2020 Range Rover. When it comes to making herself happy, Linda Ikeji sure knows how to do that without being affected by people’s criticisms.


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