Is Phyno Married and Does he have a Child?

Phyno is not married and does not yet have a child. The 37 year old Nigerian rapper and record producer has been rumored to be expecting a child with an upcoming female Nigerian singer named Rita Edmond but the story appears to not be true.

With a flourishing career in music, Phyno has turned out to be one of the most sought-after celebrities and has been linked to several other women. His relationship life has been one of the things that most people are eager to know about.

Phyno Has Kept His Love Life Secret Since His Rise to Fame

Phyno started his journey into the music industry during his days at university, but garnered his breakthrough in 2014 after releasing the album No Guts, No Glory. Since his meteoric rise to fame, the Igbo rapper has been linked to a number of women. He revealed in an interview that he is single and not yet ready for marriage but will get married when the right time comes. Despite his revelations, the musician has not been left out as he is usually involved in relationship controversies.

Phyno is Allegedly Expecting a Child with Rita Edmond

It has become a trend for successful Nigerian musicians to be linked to women in one way or the other, and Phyno is not an exception. Though the Igbo rapper keeps his love life private, it has been claimed that he is in a romantic relationship and expecting a child with Rita Edmond, an upcoming Nigerian singer, in 2014. The pregnancy rumors started circulating when one of Rita’s friends told another that their friend was pregnant with Phyno’s child.

It was also gathered that Phyno has been treating her to lavish vacations in luxury resorts in Dubai and other places as well. It was revealed that the female singer wanted to abort the baby to focus on her career, but Phyno was determined to keep the baby, though he was not yet ready to settle into marriage. Rumors have it that the duo had been in a secret romantic affair for a long time.

Further revelations had it that Rita helped Phyno when he wasn’t financially stable. And that the Igbo rapper always spent the night with her in a guest house in Lekki Phase 1 in 2013. The female singer took part in an interview with The Sun to clear the air on the rumors. She stated that the rumor hit her hard because she did not know where it was coming from.

The female singer thought it was a joke when the first person called her to confirm it but saw how serious it was after it made headlines with her picture and that of the Igbo rapper. It hit her hard at that moment, leaving her heartbroken because of the dent it would leave on her image, but she still had to move on. She cleared the air by stating that she was not in any relationship with Phyno and never intended on doing so.

Rita stated that though he is handsome and nice, she doesn’t want a relationship with him but crushes on his style of music. She made it known in the interview the qualities of a man she wanted and talked about how the rumors affected her positively. The female singer said that she got special treatment from people wherever she went because Phyno is loved by many.

Phyno, on his path, also reacted to the pregnancy rumors. He stated that he doesn’t know anyone that goes by the name Rita Edmond. He further stated that he hasn’t put any woman in the family way and that if anyone wanted a few seconds of fame with his name, he was happy that he could be of help.

Phyno Has Been Linked To Other Women

As a celebrity, Phyno has not been left out of allegations concerning his love life. He has also been reportedly linked to other women in the entertainment industry. Below are the women to whom he has been allegedly linked:

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Phyno and Genevive Nnaji

It was reported that the Igbo rapper dated Nigerian actress Genevive Nnaji several years ago. Phyno cleared the air on the allegation that he had a huge celebrity crush on her and was not in any relationship with the actress. This explains the reason why he repeatedly mentioned her name in his music album, No Guts, No Glory. He further stated that he can’t deny that he would like to date her because nothing is impossible.

Phyno and Chidinma Ekile

Phyno was also alleged to have been in a romantic relationship with the Nigerian musician Chidinma Ekile. The two paid deaf ears to the claim and never accepted nor denied the claim. The two had a collabo in Phyno’s hit song titled Bless My Hustle. Their onscreen performance made many see them as the perfect couple.

Phyno and Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is another Nigerian celebrity that was alleged to be in a relationship with the Igbo rapper. She admitted to having a crush on Phyno. Yemi also revealed at an MTV Base real talk that she has also fallen in love with the musician. She went further to state that she is open to dating the Igbo rapper. This led to more speculation about the duo being involved in a romantic affair.

Is Phyno Gay?


Phyno was alleged to be gay when pictures of him in a compromising position with Nigerian musician Kcee circulated online. The photo showed the Nigerian rapper posing as if he was kissing Kcee in the picture at the MTV Award Nominees party in 2014. Due to the fact that Phyno has never publicly talked about his relationship life and Kcee at that period denied being married by calling his wife his sister, the picture made headlines and got many people talking.

Phyno, however, took to his Instagram page to blast the paparazzi. He further cleared the air on the issue, stating that on a normal day he wouldn’t respond, but for the sake of his fans, he made it known that he is straight and not gay. He went on to state that the picture was taken from the wrong angle.

The Igbo Rapper Does Not Have a Child

With the pregnancy rumors and relationship rumors relating to Phyno, many would think that he is already in the family way. Though he has been spotted severally with photos of him with children, the Igbo rapper does not have a child, nor does he have a baby mama. He has decided to keep his relationship life private, unlike many Nigerian celebrities.


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