Inside the Life of Kris Asimonye Ugboma, Bovi Ugboma’s Wife

Kris Asimonye Ugboma is a fashion entrepreneur and wife of Bovi Ugboma, a famous Nigerian comedian. She is the mother of Bovi’s three kids.

Kris Asimonye gained popularity when she married the famous Bovi Ugboma in September 2009. She has also made great strides in the fashion industry as an entrepreneur who sells ready-to-wear clothing for women. Here are interesting facts about her.

Summary of Kris Asimonye’s Biography

  • Full Name: Kris Asimonye Ugboma
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: September 18th, 1988
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Bovi Ugboma
  • Children: David Ugboma, Elena Ugboma, Peter Chuchu Ugboma
  • Instagram: @krisasimonye

35 Year-Old Kris Asimonye is a Successful Fashion Entrepreneur

Kris Asimonye, the Wife of the famous comedian Bovi is a successful fashion entrepreneur and CEO of the clothing brand Good Girl Code. Good Girl Code is a female clothing brand that sells ready-to-wear clothes for women of all ages. The brand, which she started over five years ago, has been officially registered in the UK and is making waves nationally and internationally.

Bovi’s wife took to her Instagram handle in November 2022 to recount how her brand was only a dream on a vision board five years earlier. She was overjoyed for the success she had attained in such a short period and was also grateful to all who supported her in her journey.


Kris and Bovi’s Relationship had Humble Beginnings

Like some of their counterparts, comedian Bovi and his wife Kris started life together with little or nothing in terms of finances. This can be seen in the way Kris often gushes at any opportunity, over the way her husband never gave up on his dreams. The couple got married after some years of dating, on September 19, 2009, in a beautiful wedding ceremony graced by family and friends.

This was shortly after Bovi started his career and was on the hustle to gain prominence in the industry. It has been quite a journey for them and Kris always acknowledges this. Kris and Bovi celebrate their wedding anniversary every September 19 and each year the fashion entrepreneur always has something to say to her husband for his resilience and determination over the years.

One of the most remarkable was on their 7th anniversary; Kris threw her memory all the way back to how they started life together in an unfinished ‘bunker’ and with the comedian’s first car, a Cherry QQ. She recalled that all he had to give were his words, his love, and dreams and that she so much believed in him.

Bovi too never disappoints with many humorous ways in which he celebrates his wife. The ace comedian cracked his fans up the most on their 13th anniversary when he chose a rather hilarious way to hail his wife for maintaining her figure even after birthing all their children. The celebrity couple has evidently continued to grow stronger in love as the years go by.

The Couple Now Have Three Children Together

Kris Asimonye and her husband Bovi have three children together – two boys and a girl. David Ugboma is the name of his first son. Elena their only daughter came second and their third child Peter Chuchu, also a boy, was born in October 2016.

The Ugbomas have become endearing in the eyes of their fans and the entire public as they always post beautiful and hilarious moments with their children on social media. One time Bovi put up his son for sale for breaking the TV at home.

On another occasion, their daughter teased her mother about her looks saying that Kris lost half of her beauty while birthing her. Kris in return told Elena that she got her ugliness from her ‘father’s village’.


Kris Asimonye Still Keeps Her Maiden Name

Kris Asimonye counts herself lucky to be married to a man who lets her be a woman of her own. In an Instagram post, Bovi’s wife acknowledged how her husband encouraged her to keep her maiden name even after they got married. Bovi’s reason according to her, was that she should never limit herself because she is married to him.

Kris describes this as one of the greatest gifts the comedian ever gave her and remains grateful for that. Bovi has been described as a feminist man by his wife, and many people concur with this notion.

She Survived a Near-Death Experience In 2022

Kris remains grateful after surviving an ectopic pregnancy in the early part of 2022. In January 2022, Bovi’s wife took to her Instagram handle to explain how an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured in one of her fallopian tubes almost took her life. Kris recalled how she woke up with an excruciating pain that continued to take a toll on her even after taking painkillers.

She had adamantly refused to go to the hospital as she thought she could handle it. She later went to the hospital after her son’s school nurse insisted she did, seeing her condition when she visited the school. After undergoing a scan, it was discovered that she had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and was already bleeding internally. Surgery was arranged and carried out immediately, and it was a successful one.

Kris and her Husband Bovi are Popular for Social Media Pranks

Kris Asimonye and Bovi Ugboma shook the internet in September 2019 as they set out to prank Bovi’s friends. The comedian said he embarked on this hilarious journey as a way to mark his 40th birthday that year.

For the pranks, Kris, who was with Bovi, had put a call to one of his friends, acted oblivious of his whereabouts, and inquired from the said friend as to where her husband was. A clear manifestation of the ‘guy code’ was displayed as Bovi’s friend covered him, saying he was there with him.

Some of their prank videos also featured Kris calling his friends to confirm if her husband was given a condom as a gift at an event. As expected, they all defended him. Kris and Bovi did a total of eight prank videos with friends of the comedian, many of whom started begging for their videos not to be released.


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