Zenith Bank Loan and the Code For Borrowing Money

The USSD code to access Zenith Bank Loan is *966*11#. Dial *966*11# to get your Personal loans, Business (SME) loans, and Mortgage loans.

It is without a doubt that life has gotten better and banking has become easier since technology came into play in the banking world. Gone are the days when customers needed to crowd the banking hall, fill out loads of paperwork, and still be required to bring a guarantor and collateral just to process a loan. These days, with the use of advanced technology such as the Zenith Bank Easy Loan, customers can skip all of the above long and stressful processes of applying for a loan by making use of the USSD system provided by Zenith Bank.

This process isn’t only time effective, it is also instant. What could have taken you weeks and perhaps months to process in the past, now takes just a few minutes. Check out the easiest way you can take a loan or borrow money from Zenith Bank.

How to Borrow Money From Zenith Bank

Currently, borrowing money from Zenith Bank is only possible through two methods. The methods do not include the Zenith Bank mobile app, online banking services or any related social media platform.  The two methods Zenith Bank customers can access quick loans are:

  • Through Zenith Bank Easy loan USSD Code
  • By visiting any Zenith Bank branch closer to you

What is Zenith Bank USSD Loan Code?

The code used to get loans from Zenith Bank is *966*00#. It is a unique USSD code that enables customers to get easy access to loans from Zenith Bank. The USSD code used to undergo the process of acquiring loans from Zenith Bank is *966*11#.

How to Borrow Money from Zenith Bank Using USSD Code 

  1. From your mobile device, dial *966*11# and send.
  2. A prompt screen will appear, where you will then fill in the last four digits of your ATM card number.
  3. The next screen will have your account name displayed, confirming the authenticity of the card details provided in Step Two above.
  4. In the next screen, you will be required to create a four-digit pin.
  5. Finally, confirm your pin and get your Easy Loan.

What is the Interest Rate of Zenith Bank Easy Loan?

The Zenith Bank Easy Loan is a fast loan the bank offers to provide monetary aid to its customers who probably could not process the regular loans.

The Zenith Bank Easy Loan attracts a low-interest rate of not more than 5% of the loan acquired. This loan is also termed unsecured because it requires no collateral.

How Can One Repay a Zenith Bank Loan?

To repay a loan you collected from Zenith Bank is as easy as it was getting the loan, perhaps even easier. All you need to do is have the repayment funds in your Zenith Bank account used to register for the loan. No document is required to be filled, on the expiration date of the loan, the bank would deduct the payment directly from the customer’s account.

What is a Zenith Bank Loan Calculator?

A Zenith Bank Loan Calculator is a financial planning tool that helps customers evaluate the following:

  • Amount to be paid monthly
  • Total principal
  • Total interest payable
Zenith Bank Loans calculator

How to Use the Zenith Bank Loan Calculator

  • To use the Business Loan Calculator, use the link: https://www.zenithbank.com/SME-Calculator/ilc-web/loan/, fill out the form on the page and click on “Calculate”. The result will provide figures for each of the loan repayment to be made monthly, total principal, and total interest payable.
  • To use the Mortgage Loan Calculator, click on the link: https://www.zenithbank.com/SME-Calculator/ilc-web/mortgage.html/, fill out the form with the necessary details, and click on “Calculate”. The result here is no different from what you get from that of a business loan; amount to be paid monthly, total principal, and total interest payable.
  • To use the Personal Loan Calculator, visit the link: https://www.zenithbank.com/customer-service/bankingtool/, fill out the form and complete the process by clicking on “Calculate”. The result produced here is total repayment (principal + interest), monthly payment, monthly principal repayment, and monthly interest repayment.

Types of Loans You Can Get From Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank loans have proven to be useful, especially when the need for financial aid is urgently required. Without discrimination of any kind; by social status or location, you will be able to get a loan as long as you are a Zenith Bank account holder.

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Basically, the loans Zenith Bank offers to its customers can be categorized into any of these three types of loans: Personal loans, Business (SME) loans, and Mortgage loans.

Personal Loans

These are the type of loans customers of Zenith Bank can take in order to fulfil responsibilities such as payment of children’s school fees, payment house rent, and other basic expenses. This type of loan can also be used to fulfil personal wants such as paying for your vacation, travel trips, honeymoon, and other personal expenses.

Business Loans

Of all three categories of loans offered by Zenith Bank, this type of loan has the widest range. Business Loans are offered to Zenith Bank customers who need money to start up a business, support an already established business, or/and expand their business.

Types of business loans offered by Zenith Bank include MSME loans, export finance facility, import finance facility, LPO finance, creative industry financing initiative, syndicated loans, receivable discounting/invoice discounting, overdraft, bonds and guarantees, project finance, z-woman business package, lease, and term loan.

Mortgage Loans

Zenith Bank offers its customers mortgage loans, so they can start and complete building projects. These loans are also used to pay off mortgage debts.

Zenith Bank Loan For Salary Earners

With Zenith Bank salary advance, Zenith Bank customers who are salary earners can get a loan of up to 60% of their net monthly salary to address short-term financial needs. Using the bank’s USSD code *966*11#, you can apply for the bank’s salary advance loan and you will be credited with your desired amount at an interest of less than 5% with an easy repayment option. This loan type is categorized under personal loans.

To access Zenith Bank Salary advance:

  • Dial *966*11# with the mobile number on which you receive bank alerts
  • Follow the prompts to input your debit card numbers, PIN and the loan amount you want.
  • After successfully completing the requirements, wait to receive a credit alert on your account.

Note:  This is one of Zenith Bank’s quick cash loans that do not demand collateral and provide financial help to individuals in need who are unable to obtain standard loans for various reasons.

Who is Eligible For Zenith Bank Loan?

To be eligible to access loans from Zenith Bank, the following criterion has to be met:

  • You must have a Zenith Bank account.
  • Your Zenith Bank account must be the account in which you receive your salary and allowances.
  • The customer must be at least 18 years old and not more than 60 years old to apply for a Zenith Bank loan.
  • You must earn a minimum monthly income of ₦10,000 for you to apply for a Zenith Bank loan.
  • You must not have any outstanding loan debts with Zenith Bank or any other bank.

If you meet all of the above requirements, you should be able to process your loan instantly. Also, customers are eligible to request loans of up to 60% of their monthly earnings.

In situations where the customers fail to repay back loans, loans issued by Zenith Bank have a repayment clause that offers Zenith Bank the right to collect loan payments from any other bank accounts the customer possesses using BVN. This particular clause in the loan contract is known as the Indemnity Clause.

How to Borrow Money from Zenith Bank App

Currently, you cannot borrow money from Zenith bank using the bank’s app. The only two ways to apply for the Zenith Bank quick loans are through the bank’s USSD code *966*11#, or by being physically present at any nearby Zenith Bank branches.


Does Zenith Bank give Loans?

Yes. Zenith Bank offers loans of various types, including personal loans, Business loans and mortgage loans

What is Zenith Bank Quick Loan Code?

The Zenith Bank quick loan code is *966*11#

Is There a Realtime Zenith Bank Loan?

Yes. Zenith bank offers realtime bank loans

How Can I Get Loans From Zenith Bank Without Collateral? 

Dial *966*11# to apply for the Zenith Bank Easy Loan


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