Cynthia Morgan – 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Madrina

Long before Cynthia Morgan (now known as Madrina) charmed the music world with her Don’t Break My Heart and Lead Me On singles, she was a backup singer for her mum’s musical band. She started at just 3-years-old.

Today, Cynthia Morgan is numbered as one of the most influential artists in Nigeria. The Nigerian rapper, R&B singer and songwriter’s music is a fusion of Pop, Hip Hop, Rap and Dance


Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan was born on the 23rd day of September 1991. The Nigerian-born songwriter and singer, commonly known as just Cynthia Morgan, grew up in the City of Benin, Edo State, in the South-South of Nigeria.

Reports about Cynthia Morgan’s childhood say her father abandoned them when her mum was just 20-years-old and pregnant. She was then raised by a single mother who is now a top gospel artist in Benin City. That’s probably why Morgan fell in love with music at the early years of her life.

If Morgan truly started performing at age 3, it’s not surprising that she started making her own songs at the age of 7. Those experiences equipped her to lead her school choir in secondary school.

10 years later, Cynthia Morgan was set to record her first debut single. She featured Pype in the debut titled Dutty Stepping. Thereafter, she moved to Lagos to give her music career a push. She subsequently signed a recording deal with Northside Entertainment Inc.

With that deal, she proved her worth soonest. Her Don’t Break My Heart and Lead Me On singles received much attention which essentially, catapulted her to the limelight.

Going into music professionally at the age of 16 and releasing her first single at the age of 17, Cynthia Morgan showed she has a keen ability, enabling her to blend these genres of music together for something unique.

While “Don’t Break My Heart” flows with an upbeat Afro Pop synchronized to represent an ideal song suitable for wedding vow moments, “Lead Me On” exhibits a reggae-dancehall love song beautified with Morgan’s patois accent.

The singles continued to earn Cynthia heartwarming reviews and “Lead Me On” was eventually, nominated for “Best Reggae-Dancehall Single” at The Headies of 2014.

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However, before the “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Lead Me On” were released, Cynthia Morgan foretold that she was about to do some great music when she was featured on the Nigeria Entertainment Awards winning track with Jhybo – Ëjo le Fe Ro; Run Dia Mouth.

Many will argue that the song was what really earned Morgan her recognition. Fair enough, the song was almost a national anthem. Nobody would think it is an exaggeration to say that everyone yearned for more of Cynthia Morgan after the Ëjo le Fe Ro hit the track. It came on July 9, 2012, as High High High and Ojoro. The songs reverberated at street corners, bars, nightclubs, parties, and radio stations. It was a short-lived Cynthia Morgan moment nonetheless.

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Morgan is socially active on the internet and is known to be good at generating discussions about her via the pictures she shares.

Sometime in 2014, reports circulated that a High Court in Lagos restrained the musician from releasing a song titled Popori. It was alleged that the song was a replication of another Porpori song belonging to Queen Ure.

Other Cynthia Morgan songs you’d like to check out are Right Move, I’m Taken, German Juice, Come and DO, Simati Niya, Baby Mama, and Olowo.

Other Facts About Cynthia Morgan

  • In 2010, Cynthia was featured on the NEA award-winning track with Jhybo titled Ejo le Fe Ro Run Dia mouth. This track gave her instant and wide recognition across Nigeria.
  •  She was brought into the music family professionally by P-Square – the Nigerian R&B duo of identical twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, in August 2013.
  •  Cynthia’s hit song “I’m Taken” was released in 2014. It was equally received by a widespread fanbase and it got massive air-plays with the video trending on YouTube same year.
  •  The following year, she released another hit single “German
    Juice” which gained her a massive promotion that year.
  • Cynthia Morgan is worth $1.5 Million and as a fashion freak, she is rumoured to have bought a wristwatch worth 12 million Nigerian Naira.
  •  She has won many awards including at the South-South Music Awards as the Best Reggae/Dancehall of 2015 and The Headies 2015 Best Reggae Single.


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