Between Peter and Paul Okoye, Who is the Senior?

Peter and Paul Okoye are identical twin brothers that make up the famous music group, P-Square. As much as they are of the same age, Paul was born before his twin brother Peter, making him the senior.

Peter and Paul Okoye made headlines when they announced they were splitting up in 2017. They, however, came back together again in 2021. Besides their successes in their music careers, fans and the general public have always been eager to know who is the elder between them, with many thinking it is Peter because of his bigger body frame. In this article, we cleared the misconceptions regarding their age and seniority.

Who is the Elder Between Peter and Paul Okoye?

Anambra State natives, Peter and Paul Okoye were born as twins on the 18th of November 1981 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. They are currently 42 years old. After the disbandment of P-Square, Peter started going by the stage name Mr. P while his twin brother Paul took up the name Rude Boy.

Regardless of the fact that they are twins and as such share exactly the same age, fans have never ceased to ask questions about who among them came out from their mother’s womb first. Looking closely at their body stature and mannerism, one would easily think that Mr. P (Peter) is the senior while Rude Boy (Paul) is the junior. However, the reverse is the case as Paul happens to be the senior one while Peter is the junior.

Why PSquare Fans Think Peter is Older Than Paul

After Peter and Paul separated, their fans also split and took various sides between the twins. Both fans usually have different opinions about who is the older between them and one of the factors they consider is their bodybuild. Peter Okoye has a bigger body stature and is taller than his brother. He stands at a perfect height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 78 kg while Paul’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, weighing around 68 kg.

Another reason why fans think that Peter is the senior is that they think he acts more mature than his brother Paul. A typical scenario was when Peter announced his new stage name on Instagram following their separation. A fan, in a bid to patronize him, said unkind things about his brother Paul, “Your brother Paul is a dick to just leave like that because of fame,…”

The fan went on to hail Peter and encouraged him to just move on with his career as he is even the better dancer. Peter, however, did not take it kindly to the troll but slammed him, thus, showing that whatever disagreement they had did not affect the love he has for his twin brother. Read his response; “Please don’t insult my brother Paul, he has nothing to do with what so ever”.

Fans were really thrilled by Peter’s response, dropping comments like “Nice one Peter”, “Now, that’s maturity”, “Lovely”, “Blood is thicker than water”, etc.

Who Has More Fans Between The Two?

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Even though popularity has remained a relative term that may be subject to individuals, we can still approximately determine the same via the number of fans on their different social media statistics. Below are Peter and Paul Okoye’s different social media strengths as of mid-2022

  • Instagram: Peter has 11.9 million followers and has made over 7,000 posts over the years. Paul on the other hand has 8.1 million followers and has about 3,900 posts in about the same period of time.
  • YouTube: On this streaming platform, Peter has 515k subscribers and more than 3.6 million views. Paul on the other hand has 1.41 million subscribers with about 4.2 million views.
  • Twitter: Peter has 3.9 million followers on this multi-media platform and has made 28k tweets, while Paul has 2 million followers.
  • Facebook: On Facebook, Peter has 7.8 million followers, while Paul has just about 34,000 followers.

Social media, however, cannot be the only criteria to determine the fans of both artists as several millions of those who love their music across the country are not even active on social media, but still, have their individually preferred artist.


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