Best 40 Random Funny Questions You Can Ever Ask A Girl or A Guy

What do you think are the best funny random questions to ask someone? At first, you can think about questions you would prefer that people ask you. I mean the kind of questions you will be happy to answer; those are the exact questions you should ask someone else. The questions might be funny and probably flirty but must not turn the person off. Knowing the best questions to ask will also save you the embarrassment and stress of trying to get people to answer even when they don’t want to. People will willingly answer your questions when they are okay with it. So before you ask that question, make sure it is a good one.

Here we compiled a long list of the best funny random questions you can ever ask a guy or a girl. These are sure ice breaker questions that guarantee no dull moment with your partner. The good part is that this list can be easily followed by anyone. Therefore, in your next outing with your guy or babe, don’t hesitate to try out is a list of the best random questions you can ever ask someone.

Collection of 40 Random Questions You Can Ask A Girl Or A Guy

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Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

1. What would you do first if you had just one day left to live?

This question will reveal the kind of person she is and what her priorities are in life.

2. What is your favorite emoji?

This question shows a girl’s likes and dislikes. The emoji she loves can either show how funny she is or how boring she is.

3. If you were to be a vegetable, what vegetable would you be, and why?

With this question, you get to know the vegetable she likes the most. This gives her boyfriend a clue on what to surprise her with.

4. If there is something like reincarnation, what would you like to come back as?

This question reveals what the girl lacks or yearns for in this life and would like to have that someday. It may be to change her looks or the kind of family she was born into.

5. If you lost your speech sense and were told to communicate through an animal sound, which animal would you choose?

This is a funny random question to ask a girl. It will show the kind of animal she loves the most and how much she loves the animal. Some people may love an animal but not to the extent of sounding like them. If she loves the animal to the point of sounding like them, then that’s her best animal.

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6. If animals were to start talking, which do you think would be so annoying?

Unlike what we have in number 5 above, with this question, you get to find out which animal she hates the most. The animal she hates would sound annoying to her.

7. If you could choose a new first name for yourself, what would it be?

With this question, you get to find out if she loves her first name. If she is not happy with the name, she will give you the name shoves to be called. If you are looking to date her, you can call that special name she chose for herself.

8. Which food would you love to smell like for the rest of your life?

The food she loves so much that it is her favorite meal will be the answer to this question. This will reveal her favorite food.

9. Would you slap your dad for a hundred dollars?

With this funny random question, you get to know what is more important in her life, money or humanity.

10. If you were to be a man for a day, what would you do?

This question would reveal what she loves men to be doing and how she wants them to behave. It will also reveal if she loves being a girl or would rather become a boy.

11. If you were to be arrested, what would be your offence?

With this question, you get to know how bad she is or what crime she is capable of.

12. If there were two lists, the Nice and the Naughty lists, which one would your name be in?

You can find out her opinion about herself with this question. Her reply will tell you whether she thinks of herself as bad or good.

13. If you have a doppelganger, how would you prove that you are the real one?

She will tell you a secret or a unique thing about herself.

14. Have you ever started a rumor about yourself so that people would talk about you?

This funny random question will let you know how important the girl sees herself to be. If she has created a rumor, know that she wants to be popular and remain in the spotlight. She likes being in the spotlight always. But if she has not, she may be a private person who does not like people meddling in her business.

15. What is the first thing you would do when you wake up in the morning?

With this question, you get to find out what her priorities are and what her routine looks like in the morning. She can either pray first, or press her phone, or work out, etc.

16. Would you give a dying homeless person CPR?

The answer to this question will reveal how humane she is. If she can do it for a homeless person, then she will value all the people around her. But if she cannot, then she has a limit to the kind of love she gives out. She may care for loved ones and near one but not for others.

17. What was the first excuse you made up just so you can skip work?

This is a funny question as many people make up unrealistic excuses just to skip a working day. The reply you get is going to make you laugh.

18. What would you do if a girl hits on you and asks for your number?

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This question is funny but reveals a lot about a girl. Her reply to this question shows whether she is homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual.

19. What is your favorite character in a cartoon?

If she loves cartoons, she will be so happy to give you an answer. But if she is not a cartoon fan, she will just wave the question off.

20. What is the most useless talent you have?

This question will get her cracked up. Everyone has this unique talent that comes to play once in a while. This is a private question, and if she answers it, you are important to her.

Random Questions to Ask a Guy

Random Funny Questions
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1. What would be harder for you to do, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?

This question shows how sympathetic a guy is. If he finds it difficult to say “I Love You,” he values those he loves the most and won’t joke with them. Also, he is a committed guy who does not want to disappoint anyone he falls in love with. On the other hand, it could mean that he has another person out there and wouldn’t want to deceive you. If he finds it difficult to say “I don’t love you” then he doesn’t want to break your heart.

2. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?

This reveals what he likes most and would never want to give up on them.

3. Between your mother and your grandmother, who is the best cook?

Most times, guys find it difficult to rate who the best cook is because they are enjoying the cooking of the two. It could also be that they don’t want to disappoint either their mother or their grandmother. Also, some of them just eat food without knowing what it tastes like. He may give you an answer, but it is better kept a secret.

4. What makes you bored?

With this, you find out the things that bore him and keep away from them.

5. Have you ever told a small lie that eventually went out of control?

If he has done this and wants to let you know, he will talk; others would rather keep this a secret.

6. If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

We all have that bad side we are not proud of any day, anytime. Asking him this question will reveal his weakness and things he is not proud of and wishes he changed. When you find out, you should try to let him know you are there for him to help him get through it.

7. How big is your bed?

This is a funny question to ask a guy, and it will just crack him up.

8. Do you like to shop?

Most guys don’t like shopping, and they feel it’s a girl thing. But some of them enjoy it. The answer reveals the group he belongs to.

9. Tell me about someone you really admire?

Most people have admirers, both male and female. It will reveal the kind of people he likes.

10. Have you ever been in love?

At some point in life, he must have felt something he had never felt before, and that could be when he felt the power of love with someone special. What’s more, if you are that special someone, just know that you’d already won his heart. Even though this is a sensitive question, it will reveal more about him.

11. What is the one thing you always notice first whenever you see a woman?

The one thing he notices first is actually what he likes most in a lady’s body, the thing that attracts him.

12. What is the cutest name you have ever called your girlfriend?

There are funny names people give their loved ones, especially if they are in a relationship. Some of these names disclose how they view their girlfriends.

14 What is the cheapest pick-up line you used on a girl that worked?

Asking this question would lead to a more fun-filled answer as this is one of the funny random questions to as a guy. However, you might be surprised at how those pick-up lines worked like magic, even though they sound silly or flirty.

15. Do you sing in the shower?

If you ask him this question, his countenance will disclose the answer to you. Ife does sing, he will smile, but if he doesn’t, his countenance will speak also.

16. If you were to babysit someone, and the kid is you as a baby, would you cope?

This question will reveal the kind of kid he was, whether good or naughty. The reply you get shows the group he belonged to.

17. If your woman makes more money than you do, will you be intimidated?

With this question, you get to find out if he is the type that will be okay if their woman progresses more than them. Or he belongs to the group of those that would prefer to lock up their women in the house and allow them no source of income.

18. What is the first thing you hate about women?

We all have things that attract us to someone and others that turn us off. Asking this will certainly reveal what he dislikes about women. Whether in character or attitude.

19. If you saw me flirting with another guy, would you be jealous?

This is one of the funny random questions that discloses whether a guy is a jealous type or not. The reply will also reveal how much the jealous guy dislikes it and what he would do if it happens.

20. When you’re bored, what do you do?

Different people venture into different things to kill boredom in our free time. While some will stick to their hobby, others might want to do something they have never done just so as not to feel bored. His reply to this question discloses more about him and helps you understand him better.


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